Tigers for Little Ones: Preschool Learning about Tigers for Kids – FreeSchool Early Birds

Are you ready to learn about tigers? The tiger is a member of the cat family. They are big cats. Tigers are the biggest cats in the whole world! Most tigers have orange fur with black stripes,
but sometimes tigers are white instead. Tigers are hunters, and they eat meat. They have big, sharp teeth, and big, sharp
claws! Most cats do not like to swim in the water,
but tigers do! What are you doing, tiger? On a hot day, tigers love to go swimming. Tigers are curious animals, and like to play. They like to climb and explore. Tigers live in Asia, mostly in forests. They live where they can find places to hide,
water to drink, and enough animals to eat. You may be able to see a tiger close up if
you visit a zoo near you! Goodbye, tigers!

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