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  1. Hope you consider the most advanced structures in modern English which I have collected while was reading English newspapers and English news channels like ndtv India today Republic tv. Cnn18 news

  2. I hope
    As such
    No longer
    No sooner
    Make sense
    In order to
    Get to

  3. Most Advanced sentences

    1. Obsessed with
    Allude to
    Destined to
    Entitled to
    Sort of
    Bent on
    Akin to
    By all means
    Menace to
    Freak out
    Revert to

    Feel up to
    Stoop to
    Amount to
    On the pretext of
    Verge of
    Atone for
    Soon to be
    As a matter of fact
    Consider to be in
    As for
    It ain’t
    By dint of in
    Refrain from
    By all means
    Equipped with
    Bent on
    Like anything
    At the expense of

  4. L i kely to , unlikely to
    Likely to be , unlikely to be
    Likely to have , unlikely to have
    Likely to have been , unlikely to have been

  5. Passive voice cheppandi sir pls ill Send the list
    Passive voice
    Should be + v3
    Could be+ v3
    can be + v3
    Shall be + v3
    Must be + v3
    Must be + ing (form)
    Will be +v3
    Would be + ing
    going to be + v3

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