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it's important to work hard and to be really useful but you can have fun at the same time Marian loves to enjoy her favorite game guess what's in my shovel but it doesn't stop her doing her favorite job and her favorite job it is digging at first Gordon was worried that getting the giggles would stop him being able to pull the Express but he learned he could do his job and have a laugh at the same time sometimes it's hard to stop laughing but when you're happy it can help everyone around you feel happy too it's time to go see you next time hello it's me Thomas the number one blue tank engine I've learned so many new things on my worldwide adventure that I love sharing let's discover more

7 thoughts on “Thomas & Friends | Gordon Gets The Giggles | Life Lessons | Kids Cartoon”

  1. Thomas sounding like Marion was like how he did it in Whoā€™s Geoffrey when Thomas played an unnamed engine named Geoffrey himself.

  2. (0:22) Good job doing Thomas's voice version of Marion and we can be happy with your cute blue paint and you working hard being a useful engine. And James makes us laugh too by playing jokes!

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