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  1. Sure,the average is over!but,the creator has not endowed every one with that "intelligence" that the scientists in that area of "artificial intelligence " are crying so hoarse!because,the most "intelligent ". "human on earth is yet to come out and uniquely define what constitute human "intelligence"!also,the cost of education ,say undergraduation in an average university in US costs around 60k $ and in a good university costs anywhere between 100-150k $.this makes the youth to shy away from higher education!

  2. I Always thanked Tom Friedman for sharing his ideas anywhere he goes, I hope one day Tom visits the Philippines and tell something about our country. Listening to him is always worth the time.

  3. The most important thing that happened in 2001 was CHINA joining WTO and not what this Guy is saying . With China joining WTO suddenly there were 800 million Chinese working in manufacturing 12 hrs a day at 3.5$ an hour as a result American workers became overpriced even though they got goods cheaper at Walmart but what use is cheaper goods if you don’t get a proper salary.

  4. This was a very fascinating presentation. I truly enjoyed it. And of course the biggest take away from him is to always remember this, his 5 advise to prepare for this world:
     1. Think Like An Immigrant And Stay Hungry. – To be a paranoid optimist with more energy, vigor and greater persistence than anybody else in the hyper connected world.
     2. Think Like An Artisan And Take Pride. – Take pride on your work, bring much unique value-add to your work, bring much extra into your work in order to be proud marking your initials into your work.
     3.  Think Like A Starter-Upper In Silicon Valley And Always Be In Beta Status.  – Everyone need to think of themselves to be 'work-in-progress', and never think of yourself as 'finished'. It requires the ability to learn and relearn in a world of constant change. It's about your mindset that you are a 'work-in-progress' or beta. 
     4. Pick You + Seek You is always better (>) than IQ. – In a hyper connected word, one with a high passion, high curiosity and high motivation is always better than a person with a high IQ of intelligence. 
     5. Think Like A Waitress And Always Be Entrepreneurial.
    His 5 advise to be above average is much needed, because it not enough anymore to be average and to do routine works.
    It was wonderful to listen to him, and I did it twice at least. Thank you.

  5. Awesome talk!!

    Big thank and respects for Mr. Friedman.

    Hopefully more and more my fellow Taiwanese people, especially the youth, can learn from the advises given by Mr. Friedman.

    And hopefully the isolated Taiwan can be more globally-aware in the future.

    God bless Taiwan.

  6. The Keillor quote should be "all the WOMEN are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average."

  7. If educators are paid on the number of students succeeding in the class (K-12 or higher-ed), then the first test any educator will have their students take in class will be an intellectual assessment, then cull those from the class who undrperform since their inability to perform will negatively impact my ability to get paid.

    Now the big question, what will students and their parents do when their child is cut from the herd and not allowed to participate? On the other hand, an academic can increase the academic rigor of their higher-ed classes so those who can pass will and those who can't will drop the course.

  8. So what happens to all those not involved in this new society who wont have jobs, food, housing and too old (40+) to be retrained and then rehired since people are not the same as interchangeable parts? Where will they go and how long will it takes for them to become angry enough to violently strike back (think French Revolution) ; if I don't eat, you don't ether!

  9. There should be a policy for a company that makes over a certain amount of capital, they must have philanthropy mandate. Where its benefits the masses in new job creations, education, and charities. That should create a economic equality.

  10. Put your Political Differences Away for a Moment and Give the Future a Listen

    Power and Politics are being displaced by the emerging Hyper-connectivity of Individuals.

    Suppress your need to agree, disagree, or take action with the solutions, but listen to Thomas Friedman as he accurately describes the present configuration of the Information Revolution.

    "The world will only pay for what you can do with what you know. The world does not payoff on effort. It pays off on results."

    #Globalization   #ThomasFriedman   #JeremyRifkin   #InternetofThings  

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