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  1. Who brought lenin to power? Germany did! Who created marxism? German Marx did! Who started world war and subduing russia with bullshit left ideas? Germany did! Who started second world war resulting in genocides of jews and slavs? Germany did! Who genocided 100mil chinese? Japan did! I don’t think Russian communism is the worst thing that happened in the 20s century, although it is pretty bad and is up there at the list

  2. Listen Stalinist russia and moaist china were some of the worst crimes again human beings and their libertys. However the story of their economies is a tremedousoy understated one. All socialist and others of the same ilk say is that we can do better. Capitalism is not perfect it too has caused untold suffering. How many people have died or worse due to capitalism? The numbers are so blocked from you that we will never know.. We can do better.. I love you all.

  3. 1:05 of course not , the Russians were with the mongol system , in movies those people are Germanic goths , who fight for Attilla (At ill meaning the father) , this is of course made up history because there wasn’t a attilla , no huns , h’un means ‘someone entering like me/us’ , meaning the so called sultanates who were indistinguishable from the rest of the empire , this according to you , they had the same speech race identity and the double headed eagle like you , those people misused prophecy , the events that are in progress now , they pretended to be happening then , meaning h’un , the huns , those who enter like me , meaning they weren’t themselves, they were playing like somebody else , these events happened with the so called ottomans who weren’t called so at first , the Russians were part of them , until the central whites (balkans) were pushed west by the eastern whites (obviously mixed (at first only matriarchal)) , after this , for example one noble family called Spani , so called Roman or Byzantine (same thing , the byzantines called romans were sent back in time through fabricated history) took back Iberia never called Andalusia , because there are no arabs , the later muslims are the ottomans , turban people took also Africa and parts of europe , the Spani took iberia and named it Spain , by their name , the Angeloi Angels , took Italy (the flag was all over Italy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) later went to England (Engel is german for angel) later became America , some who i can’t identify, most likely another noble family became the germans or Austria (holy Roman empire), and another family the ROMANovs took what became Russia , when the time came to bring down the fake father , the imposter called sultan , the Russians had only one thing in their mind , taking Constantinople , the capital , why the hell do you have to lie and say they wanted to take europe when they were european, i guess you killed a lot of your own people under the sultanate and to play it down you invented the first world war and the second and the gulag and holocaust etc in order to play down the Albanian loss of lives , you’re Albanian too , they stayed with the sultan when you didn’t, this was the reason , they were worked and indoctrinated, half brained illiterate peasants , but you have to live with that , they were yours , because as you know , the others run away from battle , they don’t mind that , to explain how the ‘inventing’ of ww1 ww2 and communism cold war etc works , even though movements might be performed , the numbers are swelled and the destruction also , that’s why you have old buildings all over Germany that never were destroyed , the holocaust already was took down , telling everyone it was staged , now , it is very possible that you hid this to not be remembered ashamed and maybe because of me a little , or maybe to let open the possibility of rising again , the problem is the Albanians , i think they did something extraordinary, they treated me like trash , now i think they did this so i may talk to you without hating to much , letting the possibility open to rise again , for that shame you did i thought that’s why you dropped honor and shining and being white , but than why you geared up so much , preparing for a fight, weren’t you , do you actually understand that when you went away , direct brothers of yours at that time stayed in their own lands , meaning you had to kill your own , this is your burden , you shot yourself , i won’t say in the foot , rather shoulder , stop these childish games and pay for this by remembering , talking telling about this bathing in shame , can you take it , it must be like receiving a lighting strike, than again you already did somehow , history tells how Albanians brought down the sultan after they saw it was fake , than you struck , why , of course making them hurt like you were hurt back than (when it was established) , and than the Albanians didn’t seemingly take it personal , they still worked with you and established all new nations , so where is the problem , don’t tell it’s me , i have to suffer some more , don’t i , what if it’s not my fault and you go down in this , i mean mercy is shown , but to much mercy (no action taken) means ‘it was my fault’ and i’m justly enduring .
    Anyway , the Russians can’t be a problem , the Chinese staying put till now , stared looking for white woman to come back , even though i would say wait , i do that , thanks for the sign though , now you become the problem , europe and america , yet you left all kinds of signs open for this to happen, where is the problem , are you afraid talking to me , is that it , i am , i won’t lie

  4. It's kept quiet because they don't want people to know the severe harm that bad governments can bring about to their own nations.

  5. Amerikan propaganda always starts with their only one anti Russian propagandist Solzhenitsyn))Nazis tried the same,to demonize Stalin and change history,amerika is modern Third Reich.And notice how he doesnt dare to bark about Gulagtanamo concentration camp

  6. I’m all for exposing the evils of the old USSR, but let’s get real: unprecedented income inequality, declining purchasing power and the general fall in living standards / health care / etc…. these are the things pushing our populations towards socialism. These must be addressed and as conservatives we are guilty of glossing over these factors, instead we blame the education system, the media, etc. That’s not the whole story.

  7. 7 min of speading nazi propaganda about bad bad Soviets that had prisons.Peterson,will you dare to tell us about Archipelago Gulagtanamo?no?

  8. This cunt compared Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy with their propagandist Solzenitsyn lol.And this lies about 60 or 1600 millions killed people lmao….so weak

  9. Same with millions killed by US, capitalist system still has its adimrers in the Eat,thats why we dont know much about amerinazi massive crimes.

  10. USSR! My Homeland! There was a very decent life in the Soviet Union! everyone had a good job, and a salary! Had the opportunity to rest in sanatoriums on the Black Sea! There were no unemployed! In the Soviet Union, workers were given apartments for free! Comunal payments were minimal! And the most important thing between people of different Nazis was real friendship and help to each other!

    I 'm proud to be a Soviet man!

  11. The version I'm more inclined to believe is that all the attendants charged with looking after Stalin, were so terrified of the tyrant, that they did not dare to check on him until he had been lying on the floor for a long time. Also, there is a reason to believe that the real killer of Stalin by poisoning was his chief of the Secret Police, Laurenti Beria. By all accounts, the "Iron Man" was afraid of this sinister character, who knew where all the cadavers were buried.

  12. 0:05 I don't know why but the thought of being the cameraman for Jordan Peterson's lectures is crazy. The way Peterson smiles and nods, is just so genuine…

  13. https://yourstory.com/2014/08/bengal-famine-genocide – British rule under Churchill – the millions starved to death under Churchill's rule. (not communism). I am not a communist FYI.

  14. I only learned of these great crimes against humanity via my own quest for knowledge.. Churchill was %100 correct along with Patton in wanting to continue on to Moscow after the fall of the nazis, the weren't incorrect in calling communism a rotten structure and waging full war against Stalin.. they were very wrong in ideology and exercise though.. Stalin killed more people than the Nazis could dream of, and Mao followed suit.. I remember reading a part of why starvation was so cast under these regimes.. since people were forced to produce food for everyone, the communist powers would punish those who didn't produce as much as they wanted, so the people producing the food would fudge the numbers of crops… And then millions starved unecessarily.. and that just scratches the surface..this happen with litterally every product that was forced to be produced.. we could have ended the cold war before it started and saved 100's of millions.. communism on large scales kills.. hippies and idiots think it works just because it works with 22 people in a commune..

  15. When you can kill a third of your population in 30 years but the total population grows without interruption… 60 million plus 30 million in ww2, go fuck yourselves those numbers are bullshit .Stalin killed traitors not Russians, I may not agree with soviet communism but if I’m in charge I’m going to make life miserable or outright kill everyone who attempts to dethrone me and give their food and land to those who are loyal to me.

  16. “The Gulag Archipelago” is powerful but it’s a long tough read. For a more concise yet equally powerful experience read “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.” A short novel about how a “zek” (slang for a prisoner in the Gulag) copes with daily existence in the camp. I read it decades ago and can’t forget it. Like I said, powerful.

  17. Communism and socialism came about because of the far rights atrocities and tyrannical treatment of the common man by their enablers and enforcers ( sycophants ) the majority rose up against the privileged fascist few and their cronies …the enforcers were defeated so the tyrants fled with their wealth leaving chaos and their land in shambles ..the evil left behind used the same system of oppression and called it communism and socialism .These are still practiced world wide including in the USA ..socialism for the rich and powerful thru capitalist money hungry tactics ..mandatory tax breaks for life , big business entitlements and bailouts ..deregulation.. funding for the military industrial complex industry . etc. etc.

  18. Hey, if Jordan Peterson says anything intellectual in this video can someone point it out to me? Thanks.

  19. unfortunately, Jordan Peterson thinks that book is anywhere different from Harry Potter… Stalin is so hated by the west, under his rule Soviet Union changed from aggrarian country into a world super power, there is so much propaganda against him, killed TENS millions, INPRISIONSED MILLIONS… but somehow the USSR population grew at an insane rate. Lets compare compare Soviet union's GULAG (which is a correctional facility system or just JAIL) – in the worst years had half the size of inmates of TODAYS (2019) USA… HALF!!! yet.. the western propaganda is full of shit and keeps trying to equalize Hitler with the one who liberated europe from fascism – Stalin. It's like comparing wolf who eats sheep with the Dog that protects them, sure they both have teeth and 4 legs, but that doesn't make them the same. And for some reason nobody gives a shit about millions of Indians killed by Winston Churchill (who was the greatest inspiration of Hitler himself), or when the west kills by millions, enslaves millions or drops atomic bombs on cities – "nothing to see here, move along!"

  20. This "not widely talked topic" is basically the only talking point from Nazis and conservatives alike since centuries so you will not find anyone who isn't educated in this.

  21. Students do not know this part of history because
    A) Profs are very busy teaching "diversity is our strength", how all minorities are victims, the LGBTQP indoctrination, climate hysteria, Trump is a Nazi, everything is hate speech, etc etc.

    B) It goes against their leftist narrative to talk about the repression of leftist regimes because this is what they want to impose on western societies.

  22. Do americans not learn about the great purge and the atrocities of the gulag camps? In Canada we learn this, or at least in my part?

  23. This is where I have to disagree. I do not think that Peterson understands that the form of Communism we see today and throughout history has ANYTHING to do with Marx, the Manifesto, and the Socialist workers platforms which led to things like the 40 hour week, sick time, and so much more that we take for granted today. Of course, those who call themselves Communists today do not understand how tainted that word is, but that is a different argument.

    People wearing the communist symbol is what bothers me. Not those who are influenced by Marx.

  24. Famous Stalin saying: "The death of one individual is a tragedy; the death of a million persons is a statistic."

  25. Greatest literary figures that ever lived: Obviously Professor Peterson does not read ancient Greek — Homer, Plato, Aeschylus, etc.

  26. In sa the whites are decimated thanks for yeara of instgation by white and yewisg communists – and never a word is said

  27. I highly respect Jordan Petersen and his courageous stance against foolishness and hypocrisy of the modern world. However, his understanding of Solzhenitsin’s book is surprisingly uncritical. He accepts every claim this book makes at face value, which is a mistake: it claims to be a documentary but it it not – it is a highly biased work of fiction. To regard a work of fiction as a documentary is plain wrong, that what they taught us at U of T. What happened to Petersen”s famous critical thinking? BTW, there are scores of serious works dedicated to the GULAG phenomenon which are less emotional and more factual, and many of them have proven Solzhenitsin factually incorrect.

  28. These are wrong numbers, the real numbers are much lower http://www.demoscope.ru/weekly/2007/0313/analit02.php

  29. "This is not wide-spread knowledge"

    Offers up information that literally virtually every student is told multiple times throughout secondary school

  30. https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3342999,00.html
    "And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the "bloodthirsty dwarf.""

  31. America believes that American slavery and our treatment of the natives were the worst things committed on the Earth trust me slave owners were either good or bad the bad ones were completely awful . But trust me when you are blind to only one culture then being introduced to new ones and hearing about them in negative ways will make your mind racist and this is what happened but trust me racism and in justice has been everywhere and it’s been here since the dawn.

  32. I was taught this in high school. I think at least a part of the problem is the fact that students typically don’t try to learn it. I know I chick that graduated highschool thinking 9/11 and Pearl Harbor were the same thing, and I know that wasn’t her schools fault.

  33. Right. More people have been killed in the name of universal brotherhood than in the name of racism. The Left always had a romanticized view of communists. Nazis, or white supremacists were completely evil and there was no justification, but communists were basically decent guys who went a bit too far sometimes, though their hearts were in the right place.

  34. more realistically, both the Soviet Union and China were Allies of the USA during WWII, so naturally our media opprobrium would focus on Nazi Germany… there is also a strong nativist viewpoint of USA media, so the tendency is to under-report all international affairs..

  35. Here is the whole of Juri Lina's letter:
    OPEN letter to the news paper Metros columnist Johan Norberg:

    Would Stalin start war or not?
    (translated via Google translate from Swedish)

    You consider yourself as an historian of ideas but your ignorance is alarming. Your column "The bloody ideologies" (June 21, 2012) abounds with fax faults.

    Have you acquainted yourself with Russian sources? Can You Russian? If not, how can you be an idea historian and objectively write about communism when you cannot even study the original sources.
    You wrote, "Adolf Hitler represented the most industrial and ruthless genocide in history."

    Have you visited Kiev and been to the Holodomor Museum, showing the scale of the three starvation disasters caused by the Communists? Around this museum there is a park, where you can find stone slabs in the grass with quotes from Lenin. These quotes foil your claim. It was the psychopath Lenin who systematically and industrially began to eradicate entire peoples by means of induced starvation as weapons. It was he who built concentration camps and demanded that 90 percent of the Russian population be exterminated.

    Here is a handwritten secret document by Lenin, which highlights his tremendous insanity in the organization of the famine in Ukraine in the years 1921-22:

    "To Michailov

    The Politburo points out to the Central Committee of Ukraine's Communist Party that the collection of all foodstuffs, that is, 100%, plays an absolutely crucial role for Soviet Russia. The most effective measures to achieve this goal must be found. Notice must be given of all decisions. Report by phone twice a month how the collection and transports to Soviet Russia are in progress.
    Lenin, November 9, 1921. "Lenin," Полное собрание сочинений "(" Collected Works, "Moscow 1970, Volume 44, p. 241).

    Then Lenin let grain be sold to foreign buyers. Five million people died during this famine disaster.

    You mean that Adolf Hitler threw the world into the bloodiest war ever and that Stalin did not want war. What is that stupidity? It only shows one thing, that the Swedish historians have slipped behind in the correction work after the Soviet lies. You repeated Soviet myths.

    In Eastern European school and history books, it is already stated that the Soviet Union planned attacks against Germany. For example, in Estonia: "Germany attacked the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 to present the planned Soviet attack on Germany on July 6, 1941." (M. Laar, M. Tilk, E. Hergauk, "Ajalugu V Classile" / "History for year 5 ”, Tallinn 1997, p. 190).

    Historian M. Laar is identical to Estonia's former Prime Minister Mart Laar. In Sweden, one continues to repeat old communist propaganda flocks, while in Eastern Europe one has begun to say the truth.

    Stalin prepared the secret military plan Grom (Thunderbird). It was the draft operation Groza (Åska), which would lead to a massive offensive first against Romania, then against Germany and throughout Western Europe, including Sweden. The intention was to conquer new areas for the Soviet empire. Stalin prepared these plans. The document is preserved in the archives of the Russian General Staff, Collection 16, List 2951, Dossier 237. Find out!

    The fact that Hitler really could not start an assault war, but only a defense war is shown by the fact that he had only 3,500 obsolete tanks, while Stalin had 24,000, including 1861 very modern of the type T 34 and KV, which had no counterpart in the world .

    When on June 22, 1941, Hitler appeared in Stalin's plan, which would have been realized on Sunday, July 6, 1941, he rescued Europe from a communist attack.

    The most important proof is the Russian-German phrase book that Stalin had printed for the Red Army soldiers in May 1941. In this phrase there is a very grave meaning: "Don't be afraid, soon the Red Army will!" There are similar words in other languages ​​as well.

    The Russian war historian Valerij Danilov stated a few years ago: “We intended to attack. When we were attacked, we could neither attack nor defend ourselves. "

    The latest Russian documentary on the subject is called "Stalin's Second War". There, various historians determined that Stalin wanted war and that he was preparing for a big war. His intention was to take the whole of Europe and turn it into "Communist Paradise". Stalin emphasized: "Taking Germany alone, would not be enough. ”It would have been his revenge after his failure in Spain in 1936-39.

    If Stalin had attacked Europe on July 6, 1941, Sweden would also have turned into a Communist state. But even in Western Europe you have come to the truth on the track. German historian Dr Joachim Hoffmann published an excerpt from Stalin's speech of May 5, 1941, when, at a meeting at the Military Academy in Moscow, he praised the imminent attack on Germany (Hoffmann "Stalin's Vernichtungskrieg, 1941-1945. Planning, Execution and Documentation", Herbig, Munich 2000. 6. Auflage). This important book is also translated into English ("Stalin's War of Extermination"). You probably don't know about it.

    Have you visited the NKVD-KGB Prison in Lviv (Ukraine)? I do not think so. You, as an historian of ideas, should familiarize yourself with the communist evil that cannot match any other ideology. You should have seen Communist ice cells where you let naked Ukrainian patriots and nationalists freeze to death. Visit the communist citadel (slaughterhouse), a concentration camp in the middle of town! Get Ukrainian films about the NKVD terror wave in June 1941 shortly after the outbreak of war, when security troops killed everyone, including children, found in the streets of various cities in Galicia. In one week, there were 21,000 victims. The city of Lviv was extremely bad. All political prisoners were killed. Is that what you mean when you wrote, "Stalin wanted to match Hitler." But Hitler's soldiers never did anything like that.

    Have you visited Slovakia's capital Bratislava and its monument to the sacrifice of communism? There you can read information about the millions who were affected. Also about the women and men who were killed when trying to escape from the communist paradise.

    Learn something and avoid repeating old (official) threats that have nothing to do with reality.

    I hope you now understand why your letter was flawed.

    Jüri Lina,
    author and film director.

  36. So many errors in this little lecture, it's not worth your time. But, in his defense, nothing can do justice to the book other than reading it. It's terrific, a gripping read you'll have trouble putting down, even though it's 3 fat volumes.

  37. mr peterson and who made and those revolutions and who gave money to lenin , where from lenin come to russia? who sponsored red vs white russia? why you dont touch this staff .. marxism or bolshevis revolutions in russia was not self made !its was england …sometimes with helping hand of america cos they are both the same coin! england just let the america to think they are free but they are just army to the england!

  38. I think Jordan Peterson knows much more, but does not dare to speak out all of it, you know: the Jews. Why so little people know of these terrible facts done by Stalin and Mao? Because in our school system, in the media, in films, in books, on TV etc. we are constantly told the Zionist propaganda (part of it is true, but much of it is propaganda) story of "the Holocaust". We are not allowed to hear or know of any other horrible thing that happened in WWII and afterwards, because Zionists claim to have suffered the "Ultimate Suffering": the Holocaust. They do not want competition, their suffering was the greatest and unique, never seen before and will never endure by mankind again. It's the new religion: the Holocaustianity, like Norman Finkelstein says in his book: The Holocaust industry.

    That's the reason so little people have ever heard about the Gulag Archipels and the terrible things that happened to the people. No wonder Hitler wanted to fight these Bolsheviks. The Soviet union was an enourmous thread to Germany, to Europe and to the rest of the world. But offcourse, that's the last thing these Zionist wants to come out: that Hitler was right, that Hitler was not the enemy of the West, but Stalin and communism. There are others who realised this too, for instance General Patton. For that reason Patton was killed in a so called "car accident". I am also happy that Jordan Peterson says that Stalin was preparing, in the 1930, for an invasion of Germany and Europe. Read the book of Victor Suvorof "Ice Breaker" or see his video here on YT. This man, former KGB agent, explains this all.

  39. Same way we " under examine " the effects of slavery and Jim crow followed by unchecked aggression on all fronts experienced by the descendants of slavery in America……

  40. You are a great man, but pleeees, don't talk about the Soviet History, because you show yourself to the people who lived in Soviet Union like victim of cold war propaganda… Totaly brainwashed… I agree with you about the femminism (that in Soviet Union was seen like a borgese ideology and was not wellcome) The same about Stalin period… Soviet Union had nothing to deal with what do you have in your poor contry now. Soviet Union was a very conservative state with basicly a cristian values… So talk about something els or put your attention on Other books… Otherwise you have just one point of vew created by USA propaganda of cold war times… Very dull… P.s. Im your fan anyway! 😉 but… change the topic….

  41. Speaking on massive deaths in the 20th century, why is it that the fire bombing of German and Japanese cities filled with women and children and old people never gets mentioned. Experts says the fire bombing of Tokyo with a thousand planes was equivalent to the first nuclear bombed city Hiroshima. Over a hundred cities of the axiss powers were incinerated. Why do we not heard about these events. JP, you are always upholding the narrative. Grow up and smell the Sabbateans.

  42. I read the rise and fall of the third reich and the amount of history I learned was stupendous. Im no where near this guys level, but oh my god its unbelievable. Interesting to hear Stalin wanted to start ww3. Thinking back now, maybe Hitler saved us from that in a way by attackig Russia. Odd to think about.

  43. Communist countries managed a nine-digit bodycount during the 20th Century, but liberals were always on hand to rationalize, minimize, sanitize communist history.

  44. Stain seems to be not a very nice man. Kruschev may have been a commie. But with his big fat happy face, probably was a degree less sadistic. Russian Folk are alright.
    It is just that they were tortured for generations under their Masters.

  45. I can't understand how USA didn't make everyone aware of this despite they made so much anti communist propaganda during cold war. It is like saying moon landing is fake and Soviets kept quiet about it

  46. "200 years together" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn is another must read book which Peterson refuses to talk about because of the implications.

  47. Hitler invaded pre emptively because he knew communism was going to take over Europe. Now communism is taking over the world. Its called globalism. Agenda 21.

  48. Another video bashing the USSR. Very unoriginal. I hoped that after such a title something more original than just another "uncovering bad things about USSR" would follow.

  49. As I watch so many of Dr Peterson’s videos, I am most amazed by the low but still surprising number of people who have selected “thumbs down” so as to say they did not like or agree with the Dr. While many people may not like Dr Peterson on a personal level, there is no disputing the facts & information he, thus far, has discussed & shared with people, especially in videos like this which are purely of historical facts & significance. Such people must so lost as to be deniers, and haters, of truth to the degree that they must “thumbs down” the Dr’s videos or risk having to accept the truth.

  50. Stalinism and genuine Marxism are two completely different things. Right wingers like Peterson will never acknowledge this. Stalin murdered nearly all of the 1917 party, and aimed to build a totalitarian form of state capitalism akin to Nazi Germany in Russia. Mao was a deciple of Stalin and believed the peasantry rather than the working class was the revolutionary class. The gulag system was not dissimilar to the Nazi concentration camp system other than it was based on labour rather than deliberate mass murder. And also if you look at the numbers inside the mass incarceration and modern america or other western countries the stats wound not be disaproportionate.

  51. Why are we taught to hate the man who fought to free his country from the crippling debt theft by one group of people yet these bastards are still free to cripple and enslave the entire world with made up debt.


  53. I think half the problem with communism is that it has never been held accountable for its actions. Fascism and Nazism both came to a very public messy end whereas the fall of the Berlin wall allowed communism to slink off lick its wounds and come back for another crack at it.

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