This Is NOT What I Expected / Learning How To Ride

she’s not in her desk . oh there she is!
Cheryl what are you doing? I got the mini bike down here I see that now remember clutch in a little bit of
gas find a sweet spot and let it roll let’s go find Cheryl we’re going to surprise miss Cheryl with
a little minibike lesson y’all have asked about it we’re gonna give it to
you it’s a little on the trail 70 a lot of you commented about adjusting this
clutch on the last video with her but as you can see there they’re actually
welded from the factory so there’s really not much adjusting it you just
got to work with what you got she’s not that all there she is Cheryl
what do you do it what is it the guys were taking a tree down and when it fell
to the ground still hungry she wants more so I became a mom to triplets in
one day look at these little fellas their eyes
just opened today you see that they looked a burrow down in Kayla so these
little guys are going to be local squirrels here at the campground they’re
probably pretty friendly you’ve set out on our deck oh here come take a look
you’re probably all sit on her deck come here and feed these guys for years to
come they should end up to be some pretty friendly squirrels so cute
Cheryl’s doing a great job so Cheryl I got the mini bike down here I think the
people wanted another mini bike lesson will you give it to him well of course I
will you know that I don’t have all my padding on you’ll have to go get it
whenever you’re done feeding them alright
in the meantime I’m gonna go check on our little buddy
oscar the pig oscar what you doing in there man what you got all over your
face dude you buried up now hey there’s miss Annie
but today were playing with Oscar I just might get a little bit of a snack for a
little fella let’s see here it should be good buddy yeah so Johnny would you jealous a little bit left here come on buddy good
boy still a little skittish we’ll get you though I think he’s pretty
close to full-grown I don’t think he’s gonna get too much bigger of course I
could be wrong sometimes they’ll tell you they’re gonna be small and they end
up big but I saw his mom and I saw his dad and so I suspect he’s not gonna get
a whole lot bigger than what he is oh you’re a good boy Oscar so if y’all ever
want to come up to the K River we got a little petting zoo
he let me pet him too much today the food will get him low every time now
Oscar made me kind of new be a little skittish yet but eventually he’s gonna
be like these guys at our petting zoo who just love the attention right you
don’t mind you at one bit handsome she just tried to come out here with a
half helmet guess you guys know she let me get it pushed out here on some flat
ground for you do you want to try to kick-start it or do you want me to start I think good out there
oh yeah and I just give it a little bit of gas when you do that ready
give it wait no wait okay give it good swift kick all the way down you got it
oh you almost blow you think don’t want to wind up one more time put your leg on
them already just drive it to the go one more time driving through your squats you’ll get there decided no blood
we remember how all this work that’s great yeah break career break it up one night by complaining remember that friction zone find that
friction zone where it just starts to move the bike and then give her a little
gas let it all flow and get it down to the same time another magnet to pull the
club yeah you want to stop all that country Oh I think she’s got it now remember clutch in a little bit of
gas find a sweet spot and let it roll this is where you want to control the
starting and stopping this is a good job you do now I thought you might’ve gone
down I remember you’re gonna go down playing
go don’t worry we’ll play I mean if you get to that boy yeah oh wait yes it’s chicken she’s dry your players will blow he’s doing so good listen y’all no
matter what your fear is in life you gotta tackle it you can’t let fear stop
you from doing what you want to do early in mine and Cheryl’s relationship she
told me she always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle and now we’re working
on it we’re just doing a little off-road little dirt riding here this is not
official training for the street or anything like that is learning how I
learned and frankly probably many of you learned just get out a little mini bike
get out in the dirt and you get your feet wet and sometimes you fall but you
always get back up and you always keep going in you’ll learn a lot I personally
think learning like this helps you a lot when it comes to going to the street
there’s a lot of stuff to learn on that street but this right here I think this
is a good way to start this my friend I was going to do a dramatic burnout I’m
sorry next the next video the video tomorrow
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15 thoughts on “This Is NOT What I Expected / Learning How To Ride”

  1. WELL DONE CHERYL !!!🎊🎉🎊👏👏👏👏👏👏 SO PROUD!! Love her smile and her snort laughing hahaha
    You're a fantastic teacher Adam 🤟😎well done man 👌

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