This is my story in 3 objects: Postgraduate perspectives at City – Margaux Isbecque

I took two years out, the first year was
traveling and I lived in New Zealand for a while and worked there and travelled,
then I went to Australia, travelled the East Coast. My passport was definitely the sort of most
important thing in my life at that point, If I lost my passport I’d be absolutely stranded, it was really the thing that kind of kept me going. Came home, lived with my parents, worked for a while, saved up and then applied to my postgraduate diploma. I’ve always been interested in healthcare and that was part of the reason that I went into virology for my first degree but I really missed the
human contact side of things. When I first put on my nursing uniform it was a mixture of fear, being like I really hope nobody asks me to do anything because I’m completely oblivious at this point but also quite a lot of pride because it’s a good University and I was proud to represent the University but also just proud that I was doing something that I believed was sort of a good job and you know you come home at the end of the day, and you feel like you’ve done something good. The book I brought in is ‘Mountains Beyond Mountains.’
by Tracey Kidder and I read it when I was travelling as well, and it was something that’s inspired me to choose a sort of direction with my career. Eventually what I’d really like to do is work for an NGO abroad and be able to travel and work at the same time and then possibly work in places where they don’t have a health care system, that’s as good as ours,
to be able to see what I can do to help. City as an institution has got this sort of family feel, everybody was really friendly and the lecturers are really enthusiastic. Most of them are nurses themselves, still practicing, so it’s great to be able to get advice from people who were actually still in practice and and also very enthusiastic about what they were teaching you.

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