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I used to think that giving students more problems was rigorous teaching I feel like as teachers a lot we don't ever watch ourselves in practice we talk about practices and strategies and what we should do but we never really have time to reflect and see what we really do year after year teachers who are enthusiastic and well-intentioned but actually pretty underprepared are much more likely to be found in communities of color and low-income community so children who actually deserve to have teaching that has great positive power are repeatedly having teachers who are not actually ready to help children grow into fleurs it's about making teacher education much more about the practice of teaching directly much more about learning the subject matter content in a way that enables you to actually help a child learn with teaching works we're able to really look at what is the conceptual thinking behind math and how can we as teachers instruct our students so that they really understand and develop a sense of math as well as a love of math we meet about once a month to talk about our mathematical practices and how we are teaching how to lead a discussion with students how to make each student feel competent in the math classroom my ultimate goal is that we're all on the same page so that our kids transfer from grade to grade as they move it's a continuous process [Applause] not only were we working on math we got to work on disrupting social injustice –is within the classroom learning how to be culturally competent and reach all my students it's about the population of Michigan it's about the young people of Michigan that is why we're here as a university I hope that they're able to say you know I can do whatever I want when I leave this classroom you

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