So what is going on guys,this is Ryan here and welcome to Obsolete: after the accident. (clap) this right here Looks like a very, very cool looking 3D FNAF fan-game. I think it’s like a free roam thing(with applause in the back) So basically everything the series needs right now. I’m not gonna spend long speculating about this apparent(intensifies) After the accident Okay? I think if we go before we can see that little bird thing(saaee’s gaming:audience gets worried? i think??) pecking our eyes out When you play so many fnaf games you kind of become the ahh…. (epic transition) ULTIMATE DETECTIVEH! Yeah, you really don’t(ryan marry me plz!) I saw my friend dawko play this game(S.G:check out his channel plz!) It did look very very unique with some of the mechanics is trying to introduce I also know a few of you guys were saying that Jolly chapter 2 has come out and I havn’t I’ve even finished chapter 1 because it was so difficult Maybe we’ll still check it out though guys, but for this one, let’s go ahead and I guess play our memory What kind of memory are we about to experience? I got a feeling its one (S.G/saaee’s gaming: ok i cant sub this part someone please help me!) RYAN: wut? So this is the accident… maybe? A MOTHER PERHAPS: what happened to her?(sobbing) Good question What?… all these characters !like what!? (sirens get louder and sobbing turns into crying) I see that bird foot, probably the one responsible, right? DUN……… ooooh Act one:broken dream So far so good, you know if it’s like the game kind of knows the direction it’s going it’s teasing enough. Aah Whoa, and we’re in why is it so awkwardly silent know who? You know second of all sort the lightin out ma guy like you look down this corridor for two seconds Look what it’s gonna do to your retina. Ok? (RYAN ASCENDING!) Ahh!ahh! my eyes! ahh! (slap) I basically just went blind,I can’t believe that. Secondly why the freak are we barefoot in this place?(probably following the rules???) You know, this is apparently I guess a flashback. I don’t got no.. (aye?)(ryan whispering) flashlight or anything… Okay, there’s some light source over there,a button. I don’t know if I want to press that just yet You know we go over to this door. We can’t interact with that thing just yet So I suppose the only thing we’re gonna do is press the big ol red button with the big ol arrow pointing towards it Okay Okay Okay seems fair so far that says “restaurant entrance”. All right, there you go back up Do I really want to Okay, so I feel like maybe I should Guys This is terrifying. Look at that thing. This game is crazy so far. Okay. Look she said walk down the corridor and ignore everything whoa, whoa! This game is scaring me so far and we haven’t even seen like things in motion so we don’t even know This is weird, dude, I don’t know if I trust this, you know, it feels kind of unsafe This may be par the restaurant experience but it don’t feel safe Olivia. I’m just saying. Sure I’m dead right? Let’s finish Right.. with what? Yeah. Okay, this is important right now Hide This you can hide in the locker, okay Are you freaking kidding me right now? I’m gonna hide in here so Are we good? That’s you That’s a quadrupedal animitronic it’s like an ant * holy crap* That is crazy,that comes through the right part of the area Thank you With the green light above it. Well, that’s like a purple light, but I think he means this Okay ,oh my god yep were closing that thing, goodness Are we barefoot still? this thing Okay, wait this thing Holy crap, this game is intense. We’ve got those two dealt with okay, but what about the rat thing down there? This dude This thing here,go ahead and click this,alright what the heck is this what,ok so go ahead and grab the cheese Why do I want to do that? What so,Oh Okay Guys like if we don’t beat this we’re gonna really try I think I kind of get what’s going on So when that dudes eyes are red we uh I guess then gotta go freaking back out or something the rat moves up if We don’t play the mini game and this is for checking out the animatronic But do not leave that open ever and we hid in there if we see it too close Okay, his eyes like a sort of yellow. So it changes gradually over time. This one’s gonna be all about that management You know, we’re just got to try and put things into motion. We can try and play this but can we back out at any point Yeah, we can check again for that That thing is coming up. Oh my god, so I don’t know how much time I got Thankfully that does save every time so its got like a yellow go an orange open that bro this game is crazy! Besides I’ve gone red There you go. dodge that guy. Thank goodness. Alright, you can turn off now. No one’s here,1:00AM Ok got progress and then we go I’m done. You know, I’m gonna go sit in this thing. I Should have been playing that game, shouldn’t I. Basically the whole thing about this night is playing the game. Now’s the Yeah, the rat gets annoyed look I don’t know if we can hide from the rat and it resets or you know If he just like checks everything in the room. So we’re gonna wait So basically you die no matter what this is cool. I like this very unique I don’t know how it could last for like multiple nights though, cuz that would be insane Oh, so you can’t hit those are you got to jump over the spikes got it Let me go ahead and get the cheese Does that maybe reset him back to the start resource management check that his eyes are like yellow,Let’s try this one more time ok,Get that cheese lets get it! Check him. Alright, so back up You know
I might let the rat move up somewhat and then I think what I’m gonna try to do is then play the game and see if it Resets so I behind this this dude’s eyes are going pretty much red. We got this in good timing here This is good. You see these are the sort of FNAF games which are fun because this is trying to do stuff differently It’s a unique concept. It’s also very simple. It’s like the right amount of We’re gonna try and then beat this one and I think it was hide and then after that, I don’t know maybe death again But that thing’s getting too close to my comfort. Now, I can hide in here. Here it comes It is janky old neck get the freak out of here. Alright look so that’s gone. Now that thinks eyes are red So we move here then I gotta play the games Instantaneously after we do this to am one third of the way through I can’t even check the rat meter, you know Hurry up and it’s just kind of- Ok, dude he’s about to get in. I gotta get at least like two games on this done and he’s gonna get in Give me a second. I’m gonna play your game. Uh, oh, uh, this is really not good. This is really really not good I dont really know if it’s good to get more levels on this Does it slow the rat down more and more as time goes on? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Like if there’s a fine balance between all level three All right. Let’s go taking it. Nice and easy up over there check on this guy So we probably get level three done as well. It’s a bit of a spike fall. There you go. Level four. Let’s do this. His eyes are like orangey, Amber Now’s the time we hide behind the screen,Ok 1:00AM as well, Nice open this,Right he’s getting kind of close You know what, Let’s finish this game off here. Get that cheese. There you go. Now we go ahead and hide in here. Let’s go Oh, that’s probably bout as optimal as I need to be, In comes this thing So about the right amount of time and the bird doesn’t wait long after the ant thing,Ok let me check the eyes uh the rat What’s why is the right stuff speeding up? I thought am I not doing good, but am I doing this thing wrong? Why is he so close? Like I’ve done so good I feel like, You know did the levels not really matter? So hit the cheese, okay. Look I’m already running before I even know the lay of the land I don’t even have the time to check on the right thing. Let’s just go one more cheese Let me see what actually does it is slowly but surely definitely pushing him back There’s three the cheese his eyes a bit yellow. Go ahead and check that uh oh. Can we close that, please? Thank you Get the cheese. Okay, get a little jumping. We’re on level 9 for that. Let me check this what hold up Oh my god, his eyes are red. Go. Whoa, I gotta get straight in the locker after I’ll some done Hurry up Literally, you can’t slow down the ant or this guy. So I feel like this is the order come on finish up sweeping Let’s go and we get in here. There you go Literally one second later and that ant I mean it would have probably given us like two legs, you know Like shredding them off. Okay, I’m gonna stop there. Give me that cheese. Let me just check on this guy, dude He’s so close. Like this isn’t even slowing him down. It feels like I don’t know I don’t understand how I could be this hold up the rat is about about What the freak the light then are like dipped out. So 4:00AM. You alright my dude your like glitching out there Well, 4 a.m. Is pretty good progress. Okay, he’s done. Look we got literally one second to check this guy open man I got to finish at least this game. Here we go. This will push it back one. Okay Now I’m gonna make one small jump just to get us started get back in here This is stressful. This is a stressful FNAF fan game. It’s like a calm odd stress. I can’t explain it Dude, he’s gone. Oh my god the rats, how!? I’ve done this in perfect timing,That is insane Oh my god the eye’s! I’m taking too many risks right now I feel. I’m very close though to getting the second part of the rat thing done He’s halfway toward the door let me just check on the ant a sec as I push him back. Yeah, he’s way far back So we got loads of time to get these done maybe if you start failing the levels too often That’s what angers the rat So he almost like knows, you know, let me check on the and again, yeah so this time round you got to get basically over here and Yeah, the rats going to kill me.Starting to feel like maybe because I keep jumping in this thing That’s what’s get me killed cuz when you fall you fall fairly slow only jump when you need to and then fall all the other times perhaps That’s not cool. What was that moving before the game loaded like trash game one thing. I’m noticing as well It’s the fact that these levels are kind of randomized You get some easy some hard this game is unfortunately tapping into the R.M.G side, which I mean it kind of spoils it, you know Like now I’ve just had two back-to-back Humungous levels. Yeah, this is about to be a trash run again. Oh my gosh. Look at this level Hold up hold up.Managed to get the cheese on that one No idea how hold up he’s like that. So I think what do I do first? Check on this guy again Yeah, so he’s there the eyes are red So it’s gonna be I think this is where I hide from the bird first and then I’ll follow up and get straight away Back in the locker this part kind of gives you no choice. This is how you have to play it I’ve kind of aligned myself up with the rat game. So I’m opening them right is cool with that,The dudes Probably got like an out go somewhere hooked up to this machine. He’s watching on the other side. Look be fair Okay I’m trying, Where’s the ant? Every time I’ve been in the situation the ant arrives straight after Where’s the ant, A lil bit late Probably cost me my uh my life bar. Okay? So I’m gonna just try this one thing here right bit risky but I’ve got too mini games done then on the little arcade thing in-between the first phase of the bird and then the ant and I’ve still got some time you see this but I feel like I’ve pushed him back. I’ll probably join you more like 3 a.m And we’ll see what happens from there resource management manage your time Versus risk that’s what this is. It’s a risk versus reward scenario right here The rat is way further back than last time. He didn’t like halfway down the hallway So what’s the case of ok, he’s left now. I got time for maybe two games on this to push him back What whoa, look at that thing. It’s busted up I never know is that I haven’t even been able to check on the ant yet, but I gotta do that Get straight back to the mini games if I make 5 a.m I’m good because this is getting this is literally insane guys. Honestly checking out the ants way far back So, why does he keep doing that? Oh my god This is nuts. This is freaking insane Wow, that’s the 5 a.m. Alarm chime. So once I leave here, I gotta see what the condition is with the bird I’m assuming though. It’s gonna flash read it straight away And if so, it’s gonna trap me with the right scenario and I think it’s a done deal straight up and the bird is red Yeah We’re done. I mean I could probably push the right back if I’m very lucky. No R.N.G. Got the worst level Test it out for this run. So basically if we actually do some damage to ourself the rat seems to gain exponentially on us So maybe it’s almost best to do some of the minigames much slower As opposed to try and rush them and then risk dying all I know is for this one,I freaking hate the rat Now we’re back at this point. It is 5 I’ve got none of the games wrong with the rat so this guy’s gonna scan and I play the game because I know the ant has just been in here so we got time to Get maybe three or four levels done. The game wants you to panic at this point Alright, that’s what the game wants you to feel. We got a hurry up get these things done do not die on any of them seems like now mainly it’s Game over. Alright guys, I’m gonna leave this here because I’ve been playing for like 80 minutes so far This game is like so fun, but that rat thing is just like what is it doing to be honest I’m probably just salty because I can’t beat it, The thing that ruins this is the R.N.G Because sometimes you have like a straight jump to get the cheese and then all of a sudden you’ve got like one two Three you’ve got like ten rolls. You’ve got a dip down I feel like there needs to be so much more structure to the rat side of the mini games because I like how everything out plays with the resource management, but you can’t Forcefully manage, you know what type of game you’re gonna get next You might get like the worst one or the best one. It all depends on R.N.G and unfortunately, that’s the thing That’s some people I feel like use way too much in games like this. Let’s talk about the positives. Anyway, the game looks great Okay it plays really well the Developer clearly knows what he’s doing as well with the story and like the way he wants to portray the messages But again, my love what the Freak is that rap? I don’t know how to make these games guys. It’s probably really difficult So I’m gonna respect what it was for this episode and I think that’s about all I gotta say if you did enjoy this video Why not drop me that like rating and hey if your new around here, why not subscribe for more videos just like this one Right here So thank you so much for watching this video guys I of course if you did enjoy and I will of course see you on the next one

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  1. I think the ant thing is the one talking to u because it says his friend and talks about the door and says something like “u can see how close I am”

  2. I think I know why the rat meter goes down so much because I think in the game you cross the rats eye. Which are the 2 purple dots. If you cross them he gets angry which makes the meter go faster

  3. 3:32
    "I'm about to come through the green door. Hide!"
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