This Is A Real Life Hitman

‘Dirty deeds done dirt cheap’, so goes the
classic AC/DC rock song, but throughout civilization there have always been real men and women
perfectly willing to do dirty deeds, but not so much dirt cheap. From witness intimidation, to full on assassinations
of political and criminal enemies, hitmen have routinely been the go-to for getting
a messy situation sorted out favorably. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show- today we’re taking a look at some of the world’s most notorious real
life hitmen. Bugsy Siegel Born into a family of poor Jewish immigrants,
Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel’s criminal career began early with petty thefts as a teenager,
culminating in a protection racket he ran along with childhood friend Moe Sedway where
they threatened to burn up pushcart owners’ merchandise unless they paid the duo a dollar. Charged early with armed robbery, rape, and
murder, Siegel began making a name for himself and he and Sedway formed their own gang, seeing
a need for the Jewish kids to organize like the Italians and Irish had. Becoming involved in bootlegging during the
Prohibition, Bugsy also worked as the Bugs and Meyers mob’s hitman, and was often hired
out to other crime families. Siegel would go on to form Murder, Inc.- a
hitman for hire service utilized extensively by different warring factions to eliminate
rivals. After a disagreement with the Fabrizzo brothers,
the duo tried to kill him, and in retaliation Siegel murdered both. After the death of his brothers, Tony Fabrizzo
then wrote a memoir detailing Murder, Inc.’s national operations and gave it to an attorney,
but the mob discovered his plans before Fabrizzo could make the information public and Siegel
murdered him- avoiding suspicion by checking into a hospital and sneaking out. With many enemies and his hospital alibi in
jeopardy, the East Coast mob sent Siegel to California. Once on the west coast he began setting up
gambling rackets with LA family boss Jack Dragna. He also established a drug trade route from
Mexico to the US, and its thought Siegel was largely responsible for laying down the foundations
for the massive drug trade we have today between South America and the US. A charismatic man, Siegel was nonetheless
welcomed into the innermost Hollywood circles, and even considered acting himself, arranging
for a screen test. Striking up a relationship with Dorothy DiFrasso,
the wife of an Italian count, Siegel traveled to Italy in 1938 and met Benito Mussolini
whom he tried to sell weapons to. On that same trip he met Nazi leaders Hermann
Goring and Joseph Goebbels, whom he instantly despised and even offered to kill- but relented
only after DiFrasso’s desperate pleas not to. Imagine how different history may have been. After being implicated in the murder of a
would-be informant by one of the co-killers, the newspapers began to reveal Siegel’s past
publicly, much to his dismay. They also took to calling him “Bugsy”
in the press, which Benjamin Siegel hated as the term was slang for “bugs”, which
meant crazy. Seeking to reinvent his image, Bugsy went
into legitimate business with William R. Wilkerson by helping him finance the Flamingo Hotel
in Las Vegas. It wasn’t long though before the allure of
running a legal front for mob gambling would prove too much for Siegel and his associates,
and so Wilkerson was eventually coerced into selling all stakes in the Flamingo under threat
of death. The Flamingo Hotel and Casino would now be
fully mob-owned and operated. However in a rush to open his casino, Siegel
launched a disastrous opening with work half-finished. Dreaming of hosting the biggest celebrities
and luring big gamblers in with decadent luxury, the sound of construction and jackhammers
were all that welcomed the few celebrity guests that showed up. The unfinished casino very quickly went into
the red, but bailed out by mob money Siegel was given a second chance. Finally reopening a year later in 1947, the
casino began to turn a profit, but mob bosses above Siegel were tired of waiting. On the night of June 20th, 1947, Siegel sat
with an associate in a Beverly Hills home reading the Los Angeles Times when an unknown
assailant shot him twice in the head and numerous times in the body with a .30 caliber M1 carbine. Theories on why he was killed differ, but
most believe that Siegel was murdered because of his excessive spending and potential theft
of mob money. As they say though- you live by the sword,
you die by the sword. Charles Harrelson Most people know of beloved American actor
Woody Harrelson, but have you ever heard of his estranged father, Charles Harrelson- the
real life hitman? Born in 1938, Harrelson lived a relatively
normal life, even working as an encyclopedia salesman and a professional gambler, but in
1960 he was convicted of armed robbery. It seems this would signal a change for Harrelson
who would go on to murder Alan Harryberg on the 28th of May, 1968. Acquitted by a jury, Harrelson was then tried
for the murder of Sam Degelia Jr., where he was paid $2,000 ($14,000 in today’s money)
for the job. His first trial ended with a deadlocked jury,
but on his second trial in 1973 he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in jail. Released after 5 years for good behavior,
Harrelson was immediately hired to kill federal Judge John H. Wood Jr. by a drug dealer. Wood hard earned the nickname “Maximum John”
for his harsh sentences for drug offenses, and was scheduled to have the dealer who hired
Harrelson to kill Wood appear before him on the day of his murder. Apprehended with the aid of an anonymous tip
and a tape recording, Harrelson initially claimed he didn’t kill Wood but simply took
credit for it in order to secure payment. A jury was unmoved however and Harrelson was
sentenced to two life terms. In 2003 the dealer who had hired Harrelson
to murder Wood recanted previous statements and claimed that Harrelson had in fact not
shot Wood. His son, Woody, tried to have his father’s
conviction overturned and secure a new trial but was not successful. Harrelson would go on to die at the hands
of the ultimate hitman- heart attack- on July 2008. Interestingly during an armed stand off with
police as they attempted to arrest him for the murder of Judge Wood, Harrelson claimed
to have killed both Wood and US President John F. Kennedy, though he’d later claim that
he was simply really high on cocaine. Kim Hyun-hee Everyone is familiar with the Marvel superhero
Black Widow- trained from childhood to be a deadly assassin, Black Widow was ripped
from her family’s arms and taught to be a master of weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and
all matter of spy techniques. Yet while the Black Widow is a piece of fiction,
a real life Black Widow was carefully groomed for years by the North Korean government. As a young pre-teen, Kim Hyun-hee saw a black
sedan roll up to her school one day and party officials exit. After a brief conversation with her teachers,
the officials informed Kim that she would be coming with them and that she had to go
home and pack her belongings. She would be allowed one last night with her
family before becoming property of the North Korean state. Leaving her family and childhood behind, Kim
was taken to a remote and secret mountain spy school- Batman style- and given a new
name. There she was trained for eight years in martial
arts, gunplay, spy techniques and various languages. When South Korea was picked to host the Olympic
Games in 1988, Kim Jong-Il was determined to prevent it from happening, so he picked
his new secret weapon to travel to the South and stoke fears of terrorism that would force
the Olympic committee to rethink their decision and scare foreigners away. Kim was teamed up with an older North Korean
spy, Kim Seung-il, and the two disguised themselves as Japanese father-and-daughter tourists with
fake passports. They boarded a South Korea jet to Baghdad
and planted a bomb inside a transistor radio, setting it to blow nine hours later. Arriving in Abu Dhabi for a stopover, the
pair disembarked, and as the plane turned back to Seoul it exploded in mid-air, killing
all 115 passengers onboard. Realizing they were traveling on forged passports,
the spy duo were arrested in Bahrain. As they were being searched however, the two
swallowed secret cyanide pills- Kim Seung-il died but Kim Hyun-hee was later revived. Tried and sentenced to death in South Korea,
Hyun-hee began to realize that she had been brainwashed about South Korea by the north. After thorough psychological examination,
South Korea decided that Hyun-hee had been brainwashed as a child by North Korea and
pardoned her. Today she lives in hiding and under protection
of the South Korea intelligence service with a husband- a former South Korean intelligence
agent- and two children, 56 years old and still fearful of retaliation from North Korea
over her defection. Hitmen specialize in doing the dirty work
that their organized crime, or murderous regimes, don’t want to do themselves. However unlike Hollywood movies, most hitmen
aren’t highly trained killers, merely thugs with a willingness to commit the violence
the rest of us rise above. Also like Hollywood movies, the vast majority
of hitmen are taken down after their first killing thanks to an extremely efficient criminal
investigation system, and if the long arm of the law doesn’t get them, hitmen are typically
done in themselves by others they’ve angered or offended in their often very short and
violent careers. Who was the most prolific hitman of all time? What would history be like if Bugsy Siegel
had really killed two of the most important Nazi figures? Also, be sure to check out our other video
The United States (USA) vs The World – Who Would Win?! Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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