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Yeah, I was I was taught to count 2 or 3 you count 1 2 3 NOT HOW THIS WORKS BOI DECIDE TO LEARN MATH KIDS IF YOU DONT THE MATH MONSTER WILL EAT YOU (it won’t) dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnn dooo yeeeeeeeeeeeey subscribe or Baldi will get you EDUCATION IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH (YOUR CARRER IF YOU WANT DAT MONEY) Hey guys, thank you Bijui Mike here welcome to baldi’s basics In educational learning. I just really would love to learn today. How do you how do you guys do? How are you doing today? You guys want to learn with Bijui Mike? (certainty not) Let’s do it, real quick guys before I get started with this video I just wanna let you guys know that I’m looking for artists to help draw thumbnails for the channel Okay, follow me on Twitter and check my pin comment Okay, just real quick if you’re interested and make you some money, you know, perhaps a part-time job (moneeeyyyy) I believe it would be a part-time It’s not definitely not a full-time job but if you’re interested to make you some money and you have a PayPal and you’re actually an artist that loves to draw, please Send me an email. Okay? That’s why you need to check my Twitter (I need thumbnails) All right. I just want to say that real quick now believe it or not This game is supposed to be a horror game (spooky) Why do I know that because when you go to the download page you got this over here? (what is dat boi) You know in what other games does this remind you? you know remind us of that don’t look like horror games that are horror games, huh anything into my I mean What about this text does that remind you of anything? I never know what to expect these kind of games. So without further ado Let’s just start it. Let’s start learning. It’s – I didn’t learn anything at school. (Mike’s educated, hopefully) So it’s let’s just learn here look it’s a freaky bald guy spooookyyyyyyy Who voiced this?! What the heck this reminds about PlayStation like one game like a really bad PlayStation 1 game Uh, it reminds me of a certain game. I don’t know what it is though. Okay Alright, dude, please. Don’t scare me. Just teach me. He looks like he’s got claws You can walk to the okay school rules when you follow the school rules, no running. No entering faculty. No eating no drinking No, escaping detention. No fourth wall breaks Well, hey, I I think he’s gonna break that rule the the fourth wall breaks All right. I don’t want no fourth wall breaks either. Okay, cuz that’s when it gets scary Alright, I don’t want it to be personal here. How am I supposed to not enter the facility? Or no eating no drinking. Did you now have a cafeteria? This is a prison even if prisoners get to eat *sadness* That seems so unfair, yOu nEeD tO cOlLeCt 2 NoTeBoOkS before yOu UsE tHeeeSe dOoRs. Oh Okay, let’s go like the notebooks guys are the notebooks Elsa notebook. Oh My guy he’s kind of following me. It’s got a creepy the way I can see how this before a game already They just keep staring you need to read. I have a stamina part. Oh my god. That’s kind of scary right there Don’t you think what the heck you can look behind you? Okay, oh you clicked open the doors Oh Baldy I’m going in here. Hope you don’t mind Sorry right out of time to add more subjects Actually like you look behind you Hey, wow, thank you. That’s the best offer I’ve ever gotten Okay de Guiche, oh my I seriously I mean Okay, not the music’s so loud, okay, do I just can’t hear you over the musi Okay Thank you. I actually didn’t hear you though. I mean, I appreciate I kind of what you’re saying. Sorry I ran out of time So you add more subjects? That’s fine. I can do basic math, right? I mean that’s about it. Thank you give me more math than that, and I just pretty much just Just shut down at that point, okay Can’t stay in school, right? Because I just What the heck is there’s a coin is it a coin? I get money. It was a quarter. Oh Man, I look quarters. You know, that’s the best coin in my opinion man. Ho oh, there’s another George, okay Let’s go to the other door. All right Baldy. You are my favorite teacher. Seriously. I’ve never had to teach it better than Baldy There’s really patience. Okay, what does it says math equals more math? I hate math Okay, we get the plunger Sesame Seven – that’s not it that’s not a question that’s not Okay one I hear every door you open it oh my god Make noise, this is Ricky. Okay. This is not supposed to be this way. Oh Oh my god, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I need to rest. I understand the stamina bar now Holy crap What is in that door, oh, okay. I Both II baldy baldy. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay stamina frickin go up Okay, you stop. Oh no. No, no. No guys. What? Oh, he is the ruler He’s gonna hit me with the ruler Okay, I understand the slapping noise. Now. This is really creepy This is a okey-dokey old-school addition. Seriously is it? Okay. Alright, this is not so bad. Okay, I school facility only I mean, oh Oh, oh oh Bali’s coming with this roller. Okay. Just let’s just gonna go this way. What in God’s name? Is that oh Did we get I do we get the ruler okay. Okay. Just get it get it get it get it Oh, you have to solve? Oh My god I get angrier for every problem you get wrong wait why for me? What does that say, what does that say? I don’t even I don’t even know I don’t got time Detention for you. Okay, despite her She’s always looking for a playmate. Let’s play. Oh, no, I don’t know baldies here Open them. Okay, you can’t leave What You know why I didn’t know what to expect in this game but it’s definitely a freaking breath of fresh air Okay, it’s much like doki-doki literature club in the fact that it’s like you don’t expect it But much difference. Let’s Anna me Up, I don’t want to hear it. Okay. So now I see that there’s zero out of seven So you have to collect all of the breaking things. I see that’s that simple right negative five He sounds like yeah, I’m Smosh The shiny corners I said, okay has answered okie dokie. I can’t put it all right See now. At least I have a better understanding. He’s not that fast And you gotta watch out for the teachin Okay. Oh crap. Oh No, no, no No, he okay. So we chase you Oh for you. Okay, no better If I see you anyone breaking the rules, I’ll make sure justice is served tastes good and fills my tummy. Oh That’s weird a little bit. Why do you do? When what do you do in the school up into seven hours and you haven’t hired a gender hire a broom. It sweeps everything Wow That looks like Clarence tell me that doesn’t look like that is Clarence in this game Clarence has finally come for revenge. Oh It’s a glasses case, why do you want to kill me Clarence? Why you want to kill me Clarence why you want to kill me tell me this doesn’t look exactly like the dude in there That’s probably why he scares me though I mean so I can honestly say I didn’t know what you expect and I’m glad I played it So this is like really reminiscent of the old school games that really sucked in school Your kids probably have no idea now in school. You have no idea how bad it was This is literally how the the games looked. Although I kind of wish that they wouldn’t have advertised this as a horror game that really ruined it the whole point of doki doki Like the whole good thing about Doki Doki said no one like advertised as a horror game Yeah, but I could understand maybe from a developer standpoint that maybe they would want you know There has to be something to make people download. Oh, I got her. I got it wrong He’s getting angry. I just kind of wonder what happens if you just get them wrong from the beginning No running in the halls. I’m not running in the hall. Oh My God, look at Clarence’s like you your parents will hear about this one Let’s play HE JUST CAME IN HERE OUT OF NOWHERE What are these symbols mean shut up I’m getting them all wrong for the beginning foreigner. Oh He just gets so disappointed in me, I’m tired of say that look from everybody. Oh he just autumn Okay, so you don’t have to do that get him right? It’s just automatic. I’m very just a point Hey, baldie is disappoint me. You need to collect two notebooks Ooooh That’s that’s why you need to collect the notebooks great teacher due to his incredible hearing abilities. He can not only tell Where any sounds is coming from but who made it too! Baldy is amazing. He’s so fast. He so has I want to read more about you Baldy I remember those scissors from school those like ones that don’t cut you. Okay, so I get get the first ones, right? All right, so we’re gonna take it nice and slow. He’s not fast in the beginning so we good right we good But we need a freaking hurry. Oh My gosh GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP That’s that was the broom. They were talking about. This is a janitor’s closet. Okay. All right. All right still on the running. Whoo What the heck? Okay. All right. That was a beautiful picture a globe in a lock What is up with this game? What? (I don’t know?) Do I have to get this thing It’s a bully here at here at the school, we believe every good school needs a good bully Well, I will it is a great school. I love the school system. This is where my tax money’s going school faculty only Yeah, right. Okay. What’s this thing pair of keys Oh Today’s lesson on how to eat CHEESE Oh Man, my favorite subject. Okay, so that was one of the items that we needed. He’s coming. I got to recover my stamina though Okay. All right. We’re on time. Oh, that’s one of the books. Okay. All right. All right. All right All (still don’t know..) laughs G healthy, okay Four one eight stupid hurry. It takes so long. I don’t know if he keeps going though, okay Hurry hurry, okay Okay, he’s get a little faster, oh, please don’t be a dead end as you can see with my Teeth what? Okay. Okay. All right. All right, chill so just attach it to Terrell Okay, Oh, oh we didn’t get hit My god detention for you. You were so stupid. Why are you bare footed that’s a problem School is freaking on acid. Oh, it’s okay. This is explaining the characters. I get it. Okay hurry Baldy baldy ball. Okay. Is that way? He’s that way. Oh my god. I think I seen the bully. Oh, that’s the bully Okay. Okay, so we don’t go there I guess We just tried to ignore that if we gotta recover our stamina a little bit well wait The heck is a sock puppet. Oh, okay SM we need a candy bar So I got three items. What is it? What does it mean? Okay, I think we can chill a little bit baldi is right there Okay, so I’m guessing we can hide behind these lockers if a bully oh Wait, you see actually moving around Literally in the home. Are you crap 30 seconds? Oh body Holy crap Okay, but still stand by the door. I don’t know what else to do. You can’t escape from once they’re in the room, right? There’s no yeah, there’s no just running around the desk. Oh Okay, all right we got to be very fast with this (…) (panic intensifies) Okay. All right. That’s a great mechanic to have in this game. By the way Can I take your CCCCCCandy What thanks for the generous donation He stole one of my items This game is so freaking odd Okay. So at least you could dodge the freaking hall monitor. I guess you could say Baldy is into slapstick comedy huh? (no please..) Lets Play! Ready Go! ooh you messed up 1 2 3 4 Wow! Lets Play again sometime ya know. Baldies coming (I don’t caption the principle cause he sucks) That’s it we’re dead for you we’re just dead maybe we can get this thing it doesn’t even matter because he’s coming in here (funny noise) spook You can’t you keep once he gets called a fidget spitter are we gonna get arrested for having a Fidget Spinner In School It doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter I don’t know what it is, but we’re getting it look like a cassette tape I think I actually think that’s exactly what it is. Ladies and gents I shall open it as you can see. This is my mailbox With my teeth best story, okay There’s the bully who I want to ignore the bully you did basically what I ignore anything then it’s not You actually just would ignore anything. I take everything back. Oh notebook All right. Nice. Nice. Nice. Okay All right, we have to get everything right this time. Seven minus two, that’s five Zero plus zero is zero, ok (im to lazy to do this part) 10/10 I’m a little confused too. Like why do you need the the candy bars and jump? It’s gonna be a reason Please remember to recycle your foods already the cafeteria. I suppose Oh, what is this a can of soda? It’s just kind of here, isn’t it Oh Baldy is getting faster. That’s right. Oh, no, we’re actually gonna get us . So we don’t worry do we get to use item? Wait, what if we do and I just don’t know how to do it. I think that’s probably the case Oh, there’s another notebook. But if we get it, he’s gonna catch us. Oh, this sucks. It’s so unfair. Okay Okay, run write my name. Why do these chairs all messed up? It’s like so freaky odd. I will run anyway So does he only care if you are running in the halls? Okay, we should be better to second For you, what’s in here? Oh another notebook. Okay. All right. All right. All right. I just need him to get faster That’s what I really need 8 9 10 11 12 13. I wasn’t counting on my fingers you you were you stupid. I stupid No running in the hall 30 seconds. What? Oh, yeah, here he comes we’ll fight out of seven guys fan. Oh my god So unfair, he just walks the doors We almost did it that time and you can change your item selection right? Click to use selected item We have been able to use items or the story. There is a story, okay? Oh, no school is out, but your friends has a problem He left all this notebooks in school But doesn’t have time to go get them because if he does he’ll be late for eating practice. I Love eating practice to help him out You have to go back in the school in final seven. If it’s no books for him. It won’t be easy though Baldy loves challenging you student. So it’s fun trivia problems. Whenever he can each time. You find a notebook. You’ll have to answer some questions Answer all three correctly and you’ll earn a prize find all seven notebooks and then exit the school to win So all we had to do is right click i’m guessing whatever the items but yet probably gives the stamina Their voices are so creepy So dude Oh it does give us stamina to eat a chocolate bar. Okay, we had like three of them last time. Oh Wow, you just keep on running Wow Oh and you used to quarter all your supporter to give the bullies, so they let you pass Wow That’s actually really smart Too cool. It’s actually good gameplay mechanic. You can’t use them. Okay, and then sewed it What does a soda do we probably should wait though? I don’t know what it does Let’s just take advantage of this Bob we can do this I totally would have passed last one if I would have known that you guys probably screaming at me in the comments and the keys What the keys do know it during school faculty only rooms in the hall. Oh the keys Oh, I’ll bet you the keys to get out of it you did to Your parents well here it does work. Oh my god in the halls Corner if you wanna let me out of here, dude, no no stay away I was I was taught to count to three you count one two, three, I Just taught you something new stupid. No 32nd detention for you. Is he here will you? Today’s weather today goes to Sibbi cue plays I have been trying to get noticed lately and I don’t know why I don’t know why either but There you go. Congratulations to Vika. All right, you want to be scripted today? Well, you know what? You gotta do right guys. You got to leave the support. All right, leave the comments You got to make sure to hit the subscribe leave a like There’s just a whole list of things to do, right? I always say that it’s not something that you get something you gotta work for It is something you got to really really work for okay and achieve and work hard for it Just like I worked in this video to try to make Baldy impressed and I fell So where’s the lesser than that? I really enjoyed this game. I thought was really creative We didn’t beat it because I’ve run out of time I really need to start editing, but I loved it a lot and if you guys like to see me beat it I mean, I would love to know the indie. I mean I if it’s a really hard game from the club Thank you guys so much for watching. I really appreciate it, and I’ll see you salads in the next one. Bye. Bye

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