44 thoughts on “This coach will teach you how to confuse any defender – Oh My Goal”

  1. Yeah. Good dribbling and all. But, seriously….any good defender knows what the striker wants. And just gonna let them think they have control.

  2. I don't need ur dancing feet. All i see is the ball, of course if you want 2 put ur leg in the way then u gonna feel something

  3. A true defender doesn't wait for the guy with the ball to decide which way he wants to go, he forces him to go in the direction he wants (usually the weak foot), I real defender knows he is the Shephard and the other guy is the sheep….

  4. That's cool. Until you have to flat stop a 50 meter long ball, create space, avoid a strong opponent after three or for full speed runs.
    Also nice drills for coordination, nothing more

  5. Bro! I’m a coach and a content producer. I love your stuff!!🔥🔥🤘🏼🤘🏼 Fuck yea!!!
    As a veteran coach I immediately saw level 100 coaching skills in the opening.
    The beats are age appropriate, upbeat and exciting.
    Editing was 100%
    Entire presentation

  6. This is why football has become an individual gloryhole! Dribbling is being taught and emphasised at a young age. I teach the kids to pass, move and juggle (keep-ups) any old timer would remember this.. football is simple, do not compllicate it.

  7. I never understand why upon doing stepovers, people actually step OVER the ball. Like above it.

    That shit ain't foolin nobody…

    You're supposed to fake a sidestep IN FRONT of the ball. You know… Like actually want to do a sidestep, but then fake it.
    These wannabes need to watch some kaka or ronaldinho videos.

    It's also amusing how they always have a huge FORWARD motion with their feet.
    Cuz you know… When you actually want to do a sidestep, your feet doesn't go forward, they'll move SIDEWAYS.

    And lastly, they'll be too busy keeping their balance, their upper body will be like friggin straight.
    When people actually want to sidestep, their whole body will drop, shoulder moves. That's why messi's tricks always works, his whole damn body is a huge bag of trickery.

    And those are the reason why cheap stepovers will never work on me. I'll break your skinny legs before you even dream of passing me with that crap.

  8. Easiest way to avoid confusion as a defender……just look at the ball, it is not moving…..don't react to the stepping and feinting

  9. Personally i dont think u can create a Production line of Ronaldos!..It does'nt work like that.
    Teach the girls to pass and move(push and run).And of course with that movement certain players will naturally evolve and stand out because of their particular individualism.
    If this is what American Coaches are teaching,well they are destined to be "FIFA/XBOX 19"(or whatever it's called?)world champions!

  10. This is seriously the worst coaching, you cant teach skills or faints, only a natural dribbler can pull it off. Plus, football is not all about dribbling, can atleast half of these girls make an accurate pass to their team mate? Can they control the ball under pressure? Can they make smart runs without the ball?

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