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– I’m pretty sure that mom
was trying to bang her son. – Wait, wait, the hot chick
was Alex P. Keaton’s mom? – Yeah, I’m pretty sure. – But they’re the same age. – No, but he went back in time. – Then why is it called
Back to the Future? – He has to go back to the
future because he’s in the past, so the future is actually the
present, which is his time. – What? (upbeat music) – What did I tell you!? 88 miles per hour! (gun firing) (intense music) (upbeat music) – Use the shampoo and the conditoner and when your hair is
damp, it’s not wet, okay, when it’s damp–
– Damp. – You do four puffs of
the Farrah Fawcett spray. – Farrah Fawcett spray? – Yeah, Farrah Fawcett. You tell anyone I just told you that and your ass is grass,
you’re dead, you understand? – Yep. (party horns blowing) (screaming) (upbeat music) – I dump your ass. – I’d like you to meet Cerebro. – What exactly are we looking at here? (upbeat music) – Girls go to science camp? – Suzie does, she’s a genius. – Is she cute? – Think Phoebe Cates, only hotter. – No way, hotter than Phoebe Cates? – Mhmm.
– No. (crashing) – [Steve] God damnit. (upbeat music) – Stacey? – Yeah? – (clears throat) Shall we? – Um, no thanks. (upbeat music) (can opening) – Quiet. – Oh, sorry. – How do you even drink that? – Because it’s delicious. – What? – It’s like Carpenter’s The Thing. The original is the classic. No question about it. But the remake… (sips) (sighs) Sweeter, bolder, better. (upbeat music) – [Dustin] Suzie, do you copy? Suzie, do you copy? (upbeat music) – Hey. – Hi. – Does your species like M&Ms? (slow music) – It will recharge. – I know it will, kid, I know. – I can fight. – Better than any of us. (slow music)

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  1. Some deeper cuts include the comics on Max's bed which were specific stories about Mind Flayer type scenarios, and the Kit-Kat seen in the vending machine in the hospital. It had the infamous Kit-Kat Kash promotion on it from 1985 which was a very poor choice of words.

  2. If they ever make it to the 90's in the show I wonder if they will show off Crystal Pepsi. I wonder what Lucas' reaction to that would be.

  3. Has anyone else but me realized that Robin could be bi?!?!? She said “It’s shocked me to my core, but I LIKE YOU.” So….Stobin could still be a thing.

  4. I can just imagine Hopper giving El his daughter’s blue hair tie and saying something like, “ this belonged to my daughter, and for a long time I held on to it, like a piece of her was still with me, but I realize she’s gone and you’re here now, so I hope when you wear this you think of me and remember that we will always be connected, no matter what happens. “ 😭

  5. There was so much product placement this season. Also, Keith, the guy at Family Video was in last season working in the arcade.

  6. I didn’t miss anything of this!! Even Arnold Schwarzenegger look I think everything was obvious phoebe Kate’s Arnold coke material girl! Cut out of phoebe Kate’s, billy and the book cover, except the assistant the music composers etc

  7. I missed most of them, although I didn't miss when Dustin is still using Steve's advice and use the Farah Fawcett Hair Spray

  8. I just notice that every 1st episode of seasons the title of episode has a name on it like in s1 the vanishing of will, s2 madmax, and for s3 suzie do u copy

  9. also I think Mike trying to win back Eleven by offering her M&M’s might be a reference to E.T when Elliot tries to lure E.T to him with Reece’s pieces !

  10. Season 2
    Mike: do you wanna dance?
    Eleven: I don’t know HOW

    Season 4
    Mike: do you wanna have sex?
    Eleven: I don’t know HOW

  11. Hi, everybody! Watch our NeverEnding Story Challenge here and let us know if you like it! Thanks

  12. Hello, in HS i remember ((( Hailey's comet ))) showed up in 1986 hello duffer brothers , what an cinematic licensing of cool strange stuff opportunity, for stranger things , to use in their next (( 1986 )) episode 4 coming soon..!!!

  13. Netflix Uk & Ireland is my bff for 2 months now in this life. Im glad that I am a really big fan of ST for so long in this life… 3 years now… I can't wait for seazon 4 and i love the cast so much for soo soooooooooooooooo long in this life♥♥♥♥ …. Im really crying beacuse im glad that Stranger Things exists . I just love the cast an The Duffer Brother's so much as a fan for s long…. ♥♥♥ I have a lot of things in my room that are from ST…. Im loving the Stranger Things TOUR so frickin much and im crying beacuse of that…. Im just so happy that I am a fan of ST ;-; …..

    Things that we have in common between Netflix UK & Ireland :

    • BIG BIG Fans of Stranger Things ✔️

    • Fan accounts of Stranger Things for so so sooo long ✔️

    • cool facts about seazon 3 ✔️

    • loving the cast soooo soooo much as a BIG FANS ✔️

    • talking about Stranger things almost everyday ✔️ .

  14. Something I don’t get is that Millie bobby brown has a accent but in stranger things when she plays eleven she doesn’t have a accent at all how does this even make sense someone help me our hear

  15. Billy Hargrove was the one we hated at the beginning, but who we loved at the end. I made a tribute video dedicated to his AMAZING character development if you LOVED him then you'll love this, trust me

  16. Please make stranger things season 4 as soon as possibles, because now its not upto a series its our emotions😭😭😭

  17. Netflix popping up normal movies/shows these days: 25%
    Netflix popping up stranger things these days: 75%

    And they are doing right about that

  18. i’m in love with stranger things is enough scary but then there is just enough jokes and easter eggs to me it the best show ever made

  19. I wonder if in season 4 there’s going to be anything with ferris bueller’s day off since it came out in 1986, i woulf love to see steve have something to do with it because of the dominos ad

  20. The blue bracelet was also given to eleven to block out the tattoo she had if the 011 the most make her forget about those times

  21. These are all mesmerizing but can someone please explain why they keep calling her El when at the season 2 finale we see Hopper receiving the adoption papers that read Jane Hopper? Why did they drop El’s mom’s storyline?

  22. m&m stands for Mars and Mars because it was made by Mars chocolate company whatever who also made Mars Bar

    Offering m&m to another species was a good touch

  23. Looks like Netflix is basically trying to keep us sane by uploading daily content of stranger things until season 4 comes out. And I’m here to stay😂💓

  24. Want to see a film better than It, Stranger Things 2& Stranger Things 3? Check out Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Here is my review.

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