Things AMERICANS Who’ve Never Traveled Don’t Know About the World…

Hey, you. Yeah, you, the dude reading this. Think you know America? We’re sure you do. You look like the sort of intelligent, handsome,
perceptive person who really grasps the ins and outs of their home country. But what about the rest of the world. Think ya know it? Think again. Polling shows 50% of Americans have never,
ever been abroad. And while that’s easily done in a yuuuge
country like the United States, it also means half of all Americans are missing out on some
important, firsthand experience of the rest of world. That means a lot of stuff about humanity Americans
know only comes through TV, books and YouTube. While you might think that’s enough to get
a clear picture, other countries respectfully disagree. Here are the top 10 things Americans who don’t
travel probably don’t get about the rest of our big, beautiful world. 10. Even the Most Gun-Friendly Nations Have Far
Fewer Guns The American love of guns is like the love
between Romeo and Juliet: intense, all-consuming, and involving far more death than your average
romantic affair. But even the biggest gun-toting Texan is probably
aware not all other countries share the USA’s passion. Still, Americans may not know just how much
of an outlier their nation is. Go abroad, and even the gun friendliest nations
have far fewer guns than the United States. The US has 112.6 guns per 100 residents, which
means there are more guns in America than actual Americans. Literally no other country on Earth has more
guns than citizens. The closest is Serbia, which became awash
with guns after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, and now has 75.6 guns per 100 residents. To find a rich nation with high ownership
levels, you have to go to Switzerland, which has a paltry 45.7. The culture surrounding guns is different
in other pro-gun countries, too. In 2014, Guns and Ammo magazine named the
Czech Republic the gun-friendliest non-American nation on Earth. But go the Czech Republic expecting the sort
of gun fairs and 2nd Amendment love-ins you find in the US and you’ll be sorely disappointed. Czechs regard their guns as tools for hunting
and nothing more. To them, the idea of treating their guns as
Americans do would be utterly bizarre. 9. Freedom of Speech Isn’t a Thing in Most
Democracies You gotta love freedom of speech. The First Amendment is what separates us from
places like China and Soviet Russia, right? You simply can’t have democracy without
free speech. Or so we’re often told. If that were true, it would mean the USA was
the only democracy on Earth. Why? Because the vast majority of other democratic
nations don’t have free speech in the sense that Americans understand it. By US standards, they’re heavily censored. In the US, for example, you are free to say
anything that does not incite immediate violence. If you want to burn an American flag while
drawing a picture of Mohammed, no-one can stop you. Remember that scene in Die Hard With a Vengeance
(NSFW) when Bruce Willis walks around a black neighborhood wearing a placard covered in
racist slurs? In the US, he’d get beaten up. In European democracies, he’d be jailed
for hate speech. In France, for example, it’s against the
law to deny the Armenian Genocide. In Germany, you can go to jail for displaying
a Nazi flag. In the UK, you can be fined for calling homosexuality
a sin. There are still blasphemy laws in some democracies,
something your average untraveled American would likely consider lunacy. 8. Trial by Jury Also Isn’t a Thing in Most
Democracies That’s right. One of those other things you thought was
an essential pillar of democracy isn’t. Trial by jury is so rare in the rest of the
world as to be effectively non-existent. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica,
around 90 percent of the globe’s jury trials happen in the USA. This isn’t because everyone else’s criminals
are better behaved, but because most democracies ditched trial by jury decades ago. In France, for example, you will almost certainly
just be plonked in front of judges and given a sentence. In the UK, only the highest-profile cases
get jury trials. Since these are the ones everyone hears about,
it gives a false impression that the British legal system is like the US, but it really
isn’t. Only about 2 percent of UK criminal cases
end in a jury trial, and that’s still high compared to most of Europe. In some countries, jury trials are actually
seen as a hindrance to justice being done. After Japan reintroduced a hybrid system of
“lay judges” in 2009, there was an outcry about the emotional burden placed on jurors
who were compelled to recommend the death penalty. 7. Brits Barely Remember the Revolutionary War If you went to an American school, a big part
of your education likely involved learning about the Revolutionary War. Since it lead directly to the creation of
the world’s only current superpower, you might have assumed everyone else learned about
it, too. Well, prepare to have your view of the world
flipped on its head. Most education systems in most countries either
only teach the Revolutionary War as a footnote, or don’t mention it at all. In Britain, they barely remember it happening,
and can’t figure out why Americans hate King George III as much as they do the Kaiser. The average European, Australian, African,
South American and Asian probably can’t even tell you what decade it took place in. There’s a good reason for this. Historically, the Revolutionary War was important,
but nowhere near as important as what came next. The French Revolution shook Europe to its
core, and the subsequent Napoleonic Wars took those shook-up remains and shook them even
further. Europeans (and Russians) mostly see the birth
of America as a kind of prelude to that exceptionally turbulent time, and teach it accordingly. Since the French Revolution inspired Latin
America’s Bolivarian Revolutions, South American schools do likewise. 6. Literally Everyone Else Thinks in Grams, Celsius
and Meters You’ve probably heard of the metric system,
with its bizarre insistence on ditching Fahrenheit for Celsius, feet for meters, and pints for
liters. Confusing, huh? Like, what does 52 kilometers even mean? (31 miles, if you’re interested). Well, here’s something any American who
has been abroad will already know: 99% of countries use this “confusing” system. From their point of view, it’s the USA’s
instance on imperial measurements that’s insane. There are only three countries that officially
use the imperial system: the USA, Liberia, and Myanmar (AKA Burma). The UK uses a confusing mishmash, whereby
everyone thinks of height in terms of feet and inches, but heat in terms of Celsius. Oh, and a UK imperial pint is different to
a US imperial pint, just to make your London vacation really confusing. To be fair, this embracing of the metric system
is only at a governmental level. Many former countries of the British Empire
(and, boy, are there a lot of those) still understand imperial units, even if they officially
use metric. But when you talk about cruising at 55 while
enjoying the 82 degree heat, most people on Earth are imagining your loser-mobile crawling
along while you roast in a heatwave almost hot enough to boil water. 5. Not Everyone Thinks You Saved Their Ass in
WWII Where would Europe be without America, huh? Twice, the US had to go and kick German hintern
and save plenty of British arses and French derrieres in the process. Well, it might come as a surprise to passport-less
Americans that not everyone else sees it this way. In fact, a whole lot of the countries America
“saved” see the US Army less as saviors, and more like guys who came to the party late,
then tried to claim all the credit. The British, for example, think they were
the heroes of WWII. The entire national myth is built upon one
plucky little island holding out alone against the might of Hitler; keeping up a cheerful
spirit even as bombs rained on London. Without the Brits, the British version of
events goes, Hitler would’ve run rampant across Europe and been unstoppable. The Russians, too, think they were the real
heroes. The Russian legend of WWII is about the supreme
sacrifice of 20 million citizens to defend the motherland from German barbarism, with
the entire European theatre essentially a backdrop to this painful struggle. Even the French prefer to talk about their
near-mythical resistance rather than the painful wait for American liberators to arrive. 4. Other Continents are Bigger and More Varied
Than You Think Mention “Africa” to a stay-at-home American,
and they’ll likely have a specific image in their mind involving elephants, savannah,
and uplifting songs about the Circle of Life. The well-traveled American would laugh at
such an idea. Despite what US media tells you, other continents
are way, way more varied and way, way bigger than you think. Take Africa. Know the distance between, say, Senegal and
Somalia? 4,542 miles. That’s almost the distance from New York
City to Honolulu. And that’s just straight across the middle
of Africa. What about the distance from, say, Morocco
to Madagascar? That’s over 5,000 miles; equivalent to the
distance separating Maine from Nigeria. That one word “Africa” encompasses unimaginable
distances; between 54-57 countries (depending on if you count unrecognized states like Somaliland
and Western Sahara); over 1,500 languages; a huge variety of legal and social systems
and histories; terrain ranging from jungle to swamp to mountaintop to desert to forest
to grassland; hundreds of cities as complex and varied as the one you live in; and 1.2
billion lives. And then there’s Europe. Most Americans who haven’t been there think
of Europe as a place of quaint old buildings that are much the same, but the variety there
is staggering. In a tiny space, Europe fits in so many different
architectural styles, philosophical outlooks, histories and people that visiting is like
opening a variety box of chocolates designed by Willy Wonka. Americans might tend to think of the rest
of the world in monolithic blocks. The residents of those “blocks” know how
unique their often-tiny countries are. 3. It’s Far More Routine to Visit Other Countries So, we’ve established that it’s not super,
super common for Americans to visit other countries. We may not have established quite how unusual
that is. Americans who pride themselves on never leaving
the country would probably be surprised to hear just how rare such isolation is in many
other parts of the world. Elsewhere, people are hopping between countries
just as part of their commute to work. We’re not exaggerating. In France alone, nearly half a million commute
across the border every single workday. In the whole of the EU, around 4.5 million
work as cross-border commuters, while nearly 20 million live in a different EU state to
the one they were born in. Look at Britain, and a huge chunk of the population
considers “vacationing” synonymous with “going abroad.” In 2014 alone, Brits made 13 million visits
to Spain and 8.8 million to France. Within the EU’s open-borders Schengen Area,
the number of cross-border vacations is so high nobody even bothers to count them anymore. It’s not just Europe. You may not have heard of ECOWAS, the West-African
version of the EU. A collection of 15 African states (with more
joining), residents have the right to work and reside in any other ECOWAS country, and
you better believe they use it. Millions of ECOWAS residents hop abroad at
the drop of a hat, and we can’t say we blame them. 2. Multiculturalism Looks Very Different Abroad America is a country built on immigrants. There are huge Irish, Scottish, German, French,
Italian, English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Jewish descended populations in the USA,
plus many more we don’t have space to list here. That’s not even including the large Hispanic,
Native American and African-American populations. While America actually ranks around the middle
in terms of countries by diversity, it’s still a pretty multicultural place. But there’s multicultural, and then there’s
multicultural. Go abroad, and diversity elsewhere can look
interestingly different to US diversity. For example, the US has the second-highest
black population in the world outside of Africa. While Britain and France both also have large
black populations, plenty of other Western nations don’t. Most of central Europe has almost non-existent
black communities, and seeing a dark-skinned person in Japan is so unusual that locals
will openly stare. Jews are hugely underrepresented in other
diverse societies, too. Between them, multicultural France and Britain
barely have 700,000 Jewish residents, compared to over 6 million in the US. Sweden, long a haven for multiculturalism,
has a mere 15,000. There are historic reasons for all of this
of course, but it does show that a diverse city looks very different in the USA to a
diverse city in other parts of the world. 1. The Rest of the World Has Some Poor Opinion
about Americans Let’s pose a quick rhetorical question. What qualities do you think the rest of the
world sees in Americans? If you said “optimistic and hardworking”
you win the prize. According to a PEW Research poll, majorities
in most major countries consider those traits as American as apple pie and drunken barfights. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are some other
traits people associate with citizens of the USA, and you might not want to hear them. Majorities in countries across the globe consider
Americans arrogant, greedy, and violent, traits so undesirable the Old Testament felt it necessary
to warn against them. Those who think this, by the way, are some
of America’s staunchest allies. 64% of UK respondents, 69% of Canadians and
Australians, 50% of Japanese, and 58% of French thought Americans were smug and self-satisfied,
possibly because they were just fed up with being told the US saved their asses in WWII
(see entry #5). Then there’s the president. Without taking sides, it’s fair to say that
other nations just don’t get President Trump at all. Over 60% of Brits and Germans, and over 50%
of French think the current US administration is actively making the world a dangerous place. In Germany, the White House under Trump is
as (un)popular as Russia under Putin. Whether it’s the rest of the world that’s
weird in this case, or Americans themselves, we’ll leave for you to decide.

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  2. Liquor switched to metric long ago because a 750/1000 ml is a little less than a fifth or a quart…yet at the same price of course.

  3. Number three. Americans have a warped idea about what other countries are as a whole. I think that is a two way street. There are vast differences between US states that don't get communicated abroad. I am from Wisconsin and have very little in common with a person from Alabama (for example)

  4. To be fair to Americans their country is the size of Europe. Saying Europeans travel abroad more often when in reality they are just visiting another country in Europe is equivalent to an American visiting another state.

  5. More guns= no one having any interest in trying to take us over….y we will never be invaded because it would take forever to take over Baltimore lol

  6. We have a rainforest in the state of Washington, a desert in California, Nevada and Arizona, Yellowstone park, The Grand Canyon We can go skiing in 90 degree (32 c) weather (Colorado) if we want. There's Beaches, Forest, and grasslands. Tropical or frozen with everything in between with no passport. We are better off staying home so we say the wrong thing :p :).

  7. Unfair! Crossing State lines to us is comparable to "traveling abroad". State size aside things like culture, terrain/weather, even laws generally change when we do.

  8. 0:25 that article says "British people have a legal right to 28 paid days of holiday each year". Yeah if Americans had a month paid every year we'd travel too

  9. I really used to love your channel, but many of the "facts" stated were unfair and untrue. Most were listed in other comments, but why would you post this intentionally offensive video?

    If no one likes us, why do we have so many immigrants. I am 83% British and am embarrassed by this.

    Not everyone can afford to travel abroad. It would take me a day to travel across my state.

    One fact you forgot is that the American people give more money to the poor in othet countries than anyone. It's hard to save all that money to travel abroad when we're so busy helping others.

    The genation of WWII certainly felt different about the blood we spilled over there to help you. That is really disrespect.

    You have lost a subscriber
    Oh and if you think all Americans love Britain, you're very wrong.

  10. Of all the things on this list, No. 9 is by far the best thing about America.
    As for the metric system: when I was a kid (1970s), I remember when there was somewhat of an effort in the States to go metric. But it just didn't catch on.

  11. I take major issue with what you're saying. I feel as if you are talking down to Americans and patronizing us. I haven't traveled a lot, but knew all of these things. Some of us don't have the option of timeoff/vacations. After I graduated from high school I started college and worked Summers. After college I got a full-time job and had little to no time off. I also don't make a lot of money, so after bills, rent, food etc. there isn't much if any money left over. It must be nice to live in the UK and have 5 weeks vacation, but most Americans don't have that option.

  12. I think people from other countries get too much of a picture of the US from TV, movies, and YouTube. If you think the entire United States is one massive gun culture, you really don’t know the US. It really is not. I live in the ‘Wild West’ most gun-toting state in the United States (The next closest state with the second most guns per capita isn’t even close to the number of guns in my state) and the streets of towns here are not the ‘wild west’ with shoot outs. You very rarely see guns except on police officers. We don’t go around brandishing our guns. To think that is how it is here is naive and silly. Gun crimes make the news because the media wants to make it seem like the ‘Wild West’ to further their agenda. It does not depict reality for the vast majority of Americans. Again, this from a citizen of a state with the highest gun ownership per capita in the US. Gun crazy culture? It just ain’t so.

  13. There is supposed to be free speech in the UK, but ridicule PCness, make jokes about the leftards, or demoflops, and you are likely to get a visit from the police, for 'hate speech', unlikely, but the way things are going. Or, make derogatory remarks about snowflakes, those who don't know if they are 'Arthur' or 'Martha' and seem to think that there are about 90 odd different genders, and demand that others call them by their 'pronoun' names, and run to the press/media, if someone calls them a girl when they are an ex boy, or similarly weird people.
    Also you cannot deride gypos/travellers, or moozlumz, as they are special people and must not be offended……….or else.

    But you can say anything you like, as long as you don't say it.

    Apart from that, Americans live in such a huge country, that they have so much to explore, that spending a lot of money to go abroad, i.e. Europe or somewhere, is hardly worth the bother and expense.

  14. 10 years ago on a visit to New York we took a ride in a horse drawn carriage through Central Park.  The driver of that vehicle proudly told us that he'd never been outside New York let alone the USA.  He was proud of that so I must assume it took some effort as I can't imagine my wife standing for it. I guess he could have meant New York state but I doubt it.

  15. I work at a place that gets lots of tourists, including international visitors. Other than Canadians, the largest number of foreign visitors is probably from Germany. In conversation with them, I am consistently told they get about 3 weeks vacation per year, which they typically take all at once to travel abroad, such as seeing a different parts of the USA each year. Most Americans are lucky to get 2 weeks paid vacation per year and most of them and many are allowed to take off for more than 1 week at a time.

    The British love to vacation in Spain on the Mediterranean; on the other side of the Atlantic we call that New Englanders vacationing in Florida. Instead of traveling to another country to ski in the Alps or Pyrenees, we go to Colorado.

  16. You are quite arrogant sir, I for one knew every one of the topics you covered and have never been to Europe. It’s called reading and not just one source. As to your constant U.S.bashing go bugger yourself, I wish we had stayed out of the wars in Europe as our founders intended. Nothing against GB and the rest just your snarky smugness gets right up me nose.

  17. Travel isn't for everyone but I don't accept cost or distance as an excuse. I'm from Australia (where's more isolated than that?) and I've only met one Aussie who has never left the country and she was an 80 yr old in a care facility

  18. simon, have YOU been abroad??? i never knew we had no freedom of speech in europe. but wait – WE HAVE. so stop telling lies. oh and by the way – china and russia are NO democracies. and hate speech is not an issue here. you do NOT go to jail for that. LIAR. oh and yeah the russians saved our asses in wwII

  19. Why did you show us a "US Partisan" (an American supporter of a particular US political party) poll when talking about citizens of other countries & their opinions of Americans??

  20. Ummm since when is america a "democracy"? Its a republic which affords it's citizens freedoms other nations do not. One of those is a democratic system of election. It is the great political experiment to combine! He core value system of a republic with the ability of the people to self govern.

  21. Love the premise but not all of the examples. When you travel you don't ask strangers their stance on the revolutionary war. Using military time, vast knowledge of geography, vacation/PTO laws, and others are better examples. It is amazing how foreign ppl can accurately describe the state I live in; but I can't.

  22. So I guess the French thought the germans would just leave France when they tired of croissants.. if not for the USA, today's fare in the UK would be sauerkraut…lol America is the savior of Europe the UK, next time we wont bother saving you or forgiving your war debt. As for the Russians, 20 million died because evidently they just ran out and said: "shoot me, I cant stand this cold any longer". The American people are still paying for your lack of ability to defend yourselves back then or even now.

  23. I don't mind other countries not wanting to say USA saved us in World War II as they all fought and sacrificed and did their part. But France? REALLY!? France who gave up and didn't fight and surrendered doesn't thank the US for saving them? LOL! Yeah I can't wait to see your video on what Americans think of France. Should be a fun one.

  24. Expecting the rest of the world to see the American Revolution (or the Rebellion of the American Colonies) as an important historical note worthy of focus within their classrooms is like expecting British schools to focus on the War of 1812. The US "won" that war primarily due to the fact that Britain was a might busy at the moment. But… I hate to disagree with my British friends here, but what saved you from Hitler was not your resilience, it was the English Channel. Ask the French how much they'd have liked such a body of water between them and their German neighbors….

  25. Most other countries are about the size of our states and contained within an unbroken land mass. With the exception of Canada or Mexico, we must cross an ocean to visit another country. I wish it were easier to travel abroad, I understand how we could be considered arrogant since we do seem to look down on non U.S. citizens. Case in point, look at how we treat our neighbors. We treat the Mexican as if they were the family from the wrong side of the tracks and we treat Canada like a younger sibling, we care about them but don't see them as equals. We are arrogant and once we realize that, maybe we will elect a better class of people to represent us. We don't want to admit it but we really need to be making friends and not just allies because we wont be on top much longer at the rate were going and the rest of the world cant wait for us to fall.

  26. The CZ 75 pistol is the most popular gun in the Czech Republic. The CZ 75 is a pistol that holds 16 rounds. That is not a gun for hunting.

  27. Lol, I'm a legal immigrant, and I never heard Americans are known for bar fights. In addition, part of the world who doesn't like President Trump have been listening to the ONLY newsmedia showed out of the USA, the biggest media corporations are ALL owned by the leftist elitists, and they spread blatant lies about our president – still today, the FAKE media talks about the "Russian collusion " which has been proven many times to be a lie. Since they know most people whobwatch them won't take the time to do their own research, they continue to lie about Trump, knowing they do get away with it…

  28. A plane ticket to London from where I live in Canada is $2000, add on taxes and fees, closer to $3000. Then add on all the other travel expenses, hotel, food, sightseeing, transport etc. And the bills back home don’t pay themselves while you’re away. So for a mere $8 – $10k I could go see Big Ben for a week. 🤦‍♀️

  29. Simon I love your videos as they show how ignorant you are when it comes to other countries. Keep them coming as your insults of non- Great Britain countries makes me laugh and feel sorry for you at the same time. I did not know that the United States was a continent. I thought North America was made-up of three large countries and a few smaller countries. The only Country that can claim continent title is Australia.

  30. Are you really promoting people to travel? I say, read a book, watch movies from other countries. Please don't pollute the planet more with your planes.

  31. Other countries such as 3rd world Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore fear mongers about us Americans having guns, so all those 3rd world Asian and European countries are off my list. They're all libtard countries so it's no surprise. Iraq and Syria it is for me I guess. Guns are epic!

  32. How about not knowing about emergency numbers in other countries ? Example I recently watched a video about emergency calls and a lot of comments went something like "It's 911 not 999" when the call was clearly from the UK where the emergency number is indeed 999 .

  33. another silly episode…how about traveling 1000 miles or more…many new yorkers go to hawaii…many workers commute from canada to detroit or mexico to the US every day and crossing state lines is not even thought about….until the checkpoints go up

  34. The Irony about the US War of Independence or the 8th English civil war we should call it, is probably two or three things would have occurred had it been a victory for the King and all. US Slavery would have ended 50- 25 years earlier, as the British banned and enforced their anti-slavery policies which would off affected the 13th Colonies, eliminating the need for the US Civil War with it.

    Also, it's highly likely the Native population would off got a better deal, in general, the British were far nicer to them then the Union. You would off probably paid lower taxes as well :).
    Remember that on the 4/7.

  35. Well I live in Australia and that's far from everywhere. Yet more and more Australians travel overseas every year for holidays and it's expensive. But they afford it and how?, well we are better paid for a start plus full time workers in Australia are guaranteed by law four weeks paid annual leave and if you stay with your employer long enough you get paid long service leave on top of your annual leave. I've been with my employer for eighteen years and I have twenty three weeks of accrued long service leave which I can take at full pay or half pay. If I take the leave at half pay it doubles to forty six weeks. My sick leave accrues too. I currently have forty three weeks of fully paid sick leave. I also currently have eleven weeks of annual leave but I'll wait till I have sixteen weeks of annual leave accrued before take twelve weeks off or one season. I go on holidays every three years and it's fully paid for the time that I'm off and I'll go overseas to Europe flying business class. Not bad for a janitor hey!. But then workers at McDonalds on Australia are heaps more than they are in US.

  36. So you are telling me that each one of the Allied countries fancy THEMSELVES the heroes of WWII?

    The word of the day is "hubris".

  37. Truth is there is a significant number of Americans who think the exactly same thing about trump and this current administration.

  38. turns political with last issue – says foreigners don't understand Trump (ie they don't understand how americans could have elected Trump") – however since 2017 – many rightwing upsets (and close calls) thru out europe – INCLUDING THE UK – show up the video as a lie – LOL!!

  39. # 3 is non sense, we have states that are bigger than a lot of countries. Just because we don't travel across a country's boundary line doesn't mean we don't travel more.

  40. Not everyone thinks that America saved their asses even though it is a proven fact that we did ….what does that say about the " everyone's" you mentioned ….that's right their a bunch of self absorbed idiots

  41. Whenever an American sees a map of the world ( which we all have ) we can't tell a large territorial land mass from a much smaller one the rest of the world is so much smarter than us and so much more prosperous than us ….that's why nobody EVER wants to live here especially illegally

  42. There are certain traits that Americans have noticed about the UK also ….that's why a couple of hundred years ago we kicked your asses out of our country and you haven't had the balls to do anything about it because you know we are justified in doing so

  43. I will second that Australians kinda don't like Americans that much. Like not hate but like your country and way of life is so backwards and could be so improved and your a first world country for Christ sakes, start acting like it.

  44. We actually did save you ungrateful lazy Europeans. What a totally lame video. Calls into question the validity of the rest of your productions. The lack of free speech is the reason Europeans are so totally ignorant

  45. Get over the States not using the metrics system, already. It further separated the US from Europe and was basically their way of thumbing their noses at the king. It's called rebellion.

  46. I’m an American and do not like guns. I don’t own any and I don’t know anyone that does. Like you said, it’s a large country and it’s definitely a regional love affair.Many of us want laws changed like they have in other countries to make it safer for us to live.

  47. They don't understand President Trump because they compare him to our past politician Presidents. He's not a politician! He does not measure his words so as not to really say anything. He shoots from the hip. I'm almost positive he calls some foreign leaders a**holes off camera. You do and so do I. That's why so many people in America like him. That, and he really loves our country and our people.

  48. My wife and I traveled for 2 yrs in the USA plus parts of Canada, side trips to Mexico and Europe.

    One thing to remember and to put this in perspective is — the British Isles consisting of England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales — is just a bit smaller than our state of Alabama.

    California- north to south- covers, if superimposed on the east coast , the state of Georgia all the ways up to Massachusetts.

    All of Europe would fit very comfortably between the Mississippi River and the Rockies.

    Is it a shame that Americans don’t travel outside of America more —- Absolutely!!! But you can’t really fault us that much cause the USA is massive

    My major beef with the USA is that we have gotten to the point that with our 2d & 3rd tier cities and smaller that they are starting to look/ feel alike with all the same fast food chains and other franchises.

  49. Regards WW2 — Hitler stupidly wound up fighting a 2 sided war which was impossible to win.

    If Japan hadn’t bombed Pearl Harbor— the USA might not have entered the war — that attack gave FDR the excuse to overcome the very strong American movement to stay out of the war. You had prominent people who were pro Germany like Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Senator Prescot Bush (grandfather of x Pres George Bush), chase & National City banks, GM via their Opel division suppling vehicles to Germany etc. We also have large German population in the USA and pro German/Nazi groups here that were prominent prior to Pearl Harbor. After FDR declared war they were quieted or shut down.

    So the USA was late to the war but if Hitler stopped at France and than turned to Russia and Japan hadn’t bombed Pearl Harbor — it might have been a different story today.

    he was looking for to actually put troops in the fight

  50. Why would you choose a picture of two shabbily dressed slouching Americans to depict the Americans who don’t travel abroad. It looks like you found the least cultured site in the most rural community in the country to represent the entirety of our population. Shame on you, and your elitist view.

    Drunken Bar fights is an American trait?! I really enjoy your content for the most part, but your smug attitude towards Americans in this video is highly off-putting and unnecessary.

  51. By the way, nearly every modern country is a republic and not a democracy. The Swiss probably have the closest thing to a democracy, but I'm sure you already know that since you travel abroad.

  52. Our government works like a terrorist nation, they work to keep they population dumb and poor. This keeps them in power. Proving this are the likes of Moscow Mitch and Rand paul getting reelected constantly.

  53. Travel in America is for people with money it’s hard to carve a living out of this country just to be middle-class I would love to step foot in Europe hunt in Africa two things I’ve read about extensively but if I want to forgo retirement and do that then I got the rest of my life a living poverty but I still love this channel top tenz

  54. Every Italian citizen that has visited the Vatican has technically traveled abroad. Someone should conduct a polling survey to find out how many times TopTenz has used unreliable statistics to negatively portray Americans.

  55. What's sad is most americans who would be informed by this video would never come across it. If they did see it, they would reject every single statement in it and call it "fake news" as that's what trump loving americans do these days

  56. Jajajaja Brits and people in other tiny countries need a passport just to go to the toilet.
    Why don't you let someone from Singapore tell you how little Brits travel abroad?
    A woman marketing executive in Singapore showed me her passport. It was a little book about .8" thick. (That is 20 mm to you that cannot do both imperial and metric.) She could not fly anywhere without a passport since every flight left Singapore.
    The poor Brits do not have a single 10,000 ft mountain and the US has 100 peaks over 13,000 ft. The Brits have no Grand Canyon, no Kodiak bears, no redwood forests, no Mississippi River, no Yellowstone, no Everglades, no mesquite smoked BBQ and no chicken fried steak….The southern states provide copious vegetables and fruit even in the winter…
    It takes 5 to 10 hours of driving just to reach the state borders where I live. And if I want to travel abroad it takes me 4 hours by jet just to reach the coast of the US from my central location. A trip to Portland, Oregon and Mt. Hood takes 6 hours by jet non-stop.

  57. Isn’t there a certain diversity between US states that makes travelling between them worth the effort? Overseas travelling is not something that Europeans do every year because of the prize

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