41 thoughts on “THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR – An Eye Opening Interview”

  1. Mr Monopoly wants to remain as such. Proves Governments are not the people. Politicians are jerks not accountable to people. Just to Mr. Monopoly.

  2. i failed my Maths O level exam years ago,,went back home and switched on the restart button and i made it my second attempt.

  3. I so bad need legal representation I am TABITHA MARIE BOSTON. Due to identy theft by your caleague I'll see u in a court room

  4. My question is this:What is the difference between the rich and the poor?Who are the rich,who are the poor?

  5. 4:37 … i FULLY AGREE with YOU … it is the ' OCCUPY ' MENTALITY … as i see it . as i observe .

  6. You go to public school just to be able to do a trade or discipline or pursue higher education, knowledge for its own intrinsic sake, but not to learn the tricks and tools to managing the practical aspects of life or taking control of visualizing your destiny. Notably the economics of money which could enable you to do virtually anything you wanted in life. But, nay, that would be too empowering to individuals for society to accept or tolerate it.

  7. "Its the poor who are greedy….greedy people produce nothing." Hey stupid, the people who give our lives meaning by creating the art, music, poetry and literature that most inspire us, are not merely motivated by profit. Many of the world's greatest artists die poor. But not because they did not produce anything, or were lazy ("greedy"). They just want to make art, not money. If art is only inspired by a desire to make money, how interesting can it really be?

    There is an unsettling capitalist message here that your life is less useful or meaningful if you are not motivated to get rich, and be willing to play a corrupt game of cheating, lobbying, payoffs, tax avoidance, and legal maneuvering. And no, you dont necessarily have to produce anything beneficial to get rich. But you can produce a great deal of benefit without a desire or requirement for profit.

  8. school teaches you to do things so you can earn whatever you want without prostituting yourself. What you learn to do is YOUR choice. It can be music, industry, medecine , agriculture, tourist guide… what you want. Not getting prostituted. . Or take money out of thin air. Naturally some will take money out of thin air , like you making these videos.
    You can even be an author and tell lies, or inventing crazy theories , the others either will believe you or not, that's another story.
    You better not tell lies , bitch , because one day , you will go out of your house to try prostitute yourself and get money for nothing ….. and as everybody will be trying do the same, Hospitals will be without doctors, supermarkets will have shelves empty, there will be no roads, no bridges, no schools , no clothes, no houses ….. just fake money .

    …Just try open your legs a bit wider …. but even penises will not be there to fuck you and pay you for your sterile womb and vanity

  9. you wanna money dont vote dont let the government to put rules on you ,in a day government can pull you down by rules second stupid thing of rules when you retire age of 65 government will take care of you ,I dont need it after 65 I need age of 25, 35 ,45

  10. world is the same but people changed if the people become together we can live easy life and easy money to earn ,why will pay too much money for rent home here is the big problem because the government they put system to stay poor if everyone of us become rich whose gonna work delivery or coffee shop or at restaurant and go vote for president stupid people of the world and rich people they using poor people and poor people smarter than rich people

  11. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING NEO-LIBERAL TERRORIST PROPAGANDA.  The insult about people not working for wages, being a entrepreneur and staying HUNGRY is diabolical.  I don't even know what to say about how ignorant, bigoted and full of hatred towards disabled and poor people in rich countries this is.  I really don't.  I see there another video about getting into debt to get wealthy – I suppose its legal  – what Robert suggests is using his privilege to sponge off a bank (which didn't exist until 200 yrs ago) that creates money out of thin air and then hands it to him.  What a filthy extremist bludger, its people like you who ensure women are raped, children are abused, people are made homeless, people are persecuted and exploited to profit from them.  Ewwwwwww  Knew about the bible but didn't really believe it included prophecy- WTF – end of days.  People who use banks to gain power and money are all going to be gone – phew, then us decent people can get on with the job of living – of everybody living a decent life.  Ewwwwww   If Robert or any of you want to contact me so I can explain about how immoral this is, please do.  If you don't you have failed the test and will definitely be going to hell in a violent painful way.

  12. Good shit…

  13. Somebody can learn how to make so many things,but as for money hmmm. Even before somebody will teach someone how to make money is a calamity. Eeeiiii hmmm.

  14. If l know how to see,l can sew for myself but money,why is it soo secret????? People do bad things to make money why??????

  15. We learnt about plants & soo many things but nobody taught us to make money. I don't really know the secret about money.

  16. Even we learnt science & soo many things,in School but nobody taught us how to make money.

  17. My Father was a Teacher. He became a Headmaster & later went to work in the Education office. He taught Arithmetic, English, Geography,History,etc,but he did not teach how to make money,BC they did not teach him how to make money.

  18. I don't know & l don't understand why somebody will always want me or you to be poor.

  19. There is a significant difference between greed and enlightened self interest . The latter concept is what most folks don't understand when it comes to the rich.

  20. I so absolutely agree about the school system not programming ordinary people (like me) about money. I had credit cards up until I was 45 and lost my job and was then pursued for 3 or 4 years and suffered penury. But I got over it and learned how to control my finances without having thousands of pounds (I'm English so it's £ rather than $ but it's all the same) outstanding on credit cards. I cannot change yesterday but I so much wish this had happened to me when I was 25 rather than 45. I am now 55 years old and only have the mortgage left debt-wise in my life. Every other debt has been paid off and I now double-pay (or more) each month on the mortgage. It will be finished in under 4 years from now, me having taken around 6 years off of the term. My saviour / eye opener was reading a book called "Transforming debt into wealth" by a fellow called John Cummuta. It cost me a tenner but has saved me thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds.

    If you think you can, you can and you will – if you think you can't you won't! The world doesn't owe you a living, you have to go and get that for yourself. So think HOW. HOW am I going to do this? HOW can I improve me so that I can offer better service to others? If you enhance other people, they will thank you for it and offer you financial rewards and opportunities, I promise you!

    Good luck – and this fellow's "Rich dad, poor dad" is an excellent read too

  21. The Educational System as we know it has stopped evolving. It's disrupted by new technologies. Those who adapt and acquire the new skills, are succeeding faster. Tech companies no longer hiring based on just a Bachelors Degree. They want relevant skills that are useful to advance their businesses.

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