These 8 Everyday Alexa Skills will BLOW YOUR MIND!!

what's up guys my name is Mike and glad to see all your lovely faces again today we're gonna go over a top eight most useful daily uses of your Alexa device so if you're here today chances are that you already have a Alexa device and you're tired so tired of asking it what the weather is like and telling you silly jokes or bedtime stories or you just want to find reasons to buy one well you're in the right place today we're gonna go over these eight uses right here on the screen and just a warning we're gonna see it looks a lot so and you already have an Alexis device please mute it or else is gonna be very annoying for both you and Alexa so disclaimer you do have to find all these skills on the Amazon website and enable the skill before they work and everything that I'm gonna mention in this video is gonna be linked below so check it out and here we go the first skill is finding your phone with phone finder know those times when you misplace your phone and you gotta go on your iPad or whatever and click find my phone you can do that with Alexa without your 50 clicks until you get to that button echo you won't find her to find my phone alarming your phone if it is online it will soon right in vibrate oh my gosh Michael it's right here that is super useful okay now now shush and I took less than three seconds the second skill is tuning your guitar with guitar tuner so if you have your guitar oh my gosh that sounds horrible so you can tell your device to tune your guitar I go ask guitar tuner to tune my guitar let's tune all right so that sounds good and that's super easy and you can also tell it to tune to individual string tell guitar tuner to tune a play note a I go stop goodbye oh that's cold anyways see how useful that is okay then the third thing is really about communication using your device to call message and the most important announcement and drop-ins you can actually use it to call someone on their phone for free let's try that out echo call Claire Lam calling Claire lambs mobile Wow hi Claire we're testing the echo device is it clear alright cool what number does it show when I called I don't know Mike what oh that's cool cuz I'm not using my phone at all anyways ke kula thanks bye okay cool bye and then there's a little screen boom and the two surprising features that comes right with the device without any installation is the announcement and dropping feature okay so if you have multiple Amazon devices it's very useful to make announcements what announcement is that you can broadcast your message throughout the multiple device that you have at home it's really useful if you're telling everyone that dinner's ready had time to get out of the house or just broadcast any message that you want to anyone in any room so works like this echo make an announcement that dinner is ready announcing so it repeat your voice and you can say anything that you want echo tell everyone to subscribe to my channel announcing like and subscribe that was a clever plug there Mike and the other feature is that you can drop into any device that you want including your phone which acts really well as a security device especially you have the spot because you can see through the camera and you see what's up in your room when you're not home so on the app drop in on spot so it makes the call and I can see my face so as you can see here and it's gonna echo up it because it is linked on my phone I can see exactly well the spot is seeing and it acts like a security device except it won't alert me if anyone's in my home you have to do this manually but you can still see what's in your home okay the fourth thing is that I use this to set my alarms to start off Watchers to countdown and remind me to do things that I need to do and is over with the setting alarm you can actually set it to a song for example wake me up tomorrow with the cello song alarm for what time 8:00 a.m. third alarm set for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to the cello song on Amazon music boom and you can tell it to remind you like echo remind me to get the laundry in ten minutes okay I'll remind you in 10 minutes or echo remind me to laugh in five seconds okay I'll remind you in five seconds five seconds counting here's your reminder laughs number five you can actually use your device to stream music play audio books connect it to your computer and use it as a speaker connect your device to your speakers and you can also get the weather and the news all in one and if you have Amazon Prime you also have Amazon music which is awesome because you have a whole bunch of free music there you can tell it to play and also you haven't checked out already there's this app called audible it is by the Amazon company so it's linked here so you can just tell your device to resume your audiobook echo resume audiobook from honorable man sapiens they propose to the rebel leaders the issue of true stop so it starts off where you left off on your phone or on your computer so it's really useful when you're doing laundry or doing something that you want to still listen to your phone on especially when you're working out stretching all that good stuff so you stay productive and also connecting the Bluetooth to your laptop makes your setup a lot cleaner because you don't have extra wires are plugging you're just plugging your speakers right to the back of the echo dot or any echo device and all actually only the dot and the spot has that function and then in the morning you can get a quick update by telling you the news echo tell me the news here's your flash briefing from BBC News number six is controlling your smart home you can turn on/off the lights you can tell your room lights you go vacuum the floor you can control your home entertainment system with the Logitech Harmony you can adjust the temperature with your nest devices or your devices for your alarm system so I don't have enough time to show it but if this video gets a hundred likes we'll do something about that and number seven is ordering products online or ubers so for example echo order me some toilet paper thirteen here's what I found Amazon's choices caught in ll trick comfort care toilet paper 24 double rolls if $13.99 that go add that into my cart okay we did that's just so useful so I won't forget what to add in my cart and all that jazz and you can order overs but it's not allowed here in Vancouver but it's available everywhere else in the world except for something plated but you know what I mean and you can also ask Alexa to connect to your go home to order pizza I think that's how it works but I haven't yeah let's not do that because I haven't actually used it and I don't eat a lot of pizza so it's not a daily youth thing and lastly and finally number eight you can use your device as the coach for working out with the seven minute workout skill so if you're kind of lazy and usually want to workout at home but don't want to look at your phone you can have a coach in your device echo start the seven-minute workout welcome to seven minute workout start work out great let's begin your first exercise is jumping jacks Tarina two one so that's it for now those are the top accusers that I find for myself most useful and if this video has helped you at all like the videos subscribe to see my other videos that are coming up and comment below and tell me which one is the most suitable to you and we'll see you next time bye [Applause] echo say hello to my viewers sorry I don't know that one what

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  1. "ALEXA" is NIKOLA TESLA technology….also SMART tech. SMART phones, just like BOSE from pulled TESLA techs. found in his boxes> when he died in 1943… THIS just burns me up. The Man who creates this our Modern World, from all the smaller inventions of others in W. Europe & America……………."ALEXA" is a compendium of TESLA's Techs.

  2. I have never ever in my entire life watched such an annoying youtuber, his voice gives me such a headache

  3. Hey brother check out an alexa skill called INTERSTELLAR OCEANS. Learn how to start a saltwater tank.

  4. Good stuff! Now tell me which is the best 4K TV with voice control is the best! Compare LG55SK8000 with VIZIO P55-F1

  5. Learned so much! Thanks for posting. Quick question, how do I play my fire hd 10 via my sonos enabled alexa one speaker?

  6. Mike, you are awesome! I didn't know that there was a "find my phone" function on Alexa. I just tried it and it works!! Thank you!!!

  7. Can I somehow set an alarm or timer for another echo? I am in the kitchen and want to set a timer that alarms me in my living room. Is that possible?

  8. Alexa is stupid. I can do all these things by myself or on my iPhone without the ‘personal assistant’ option.

  9. Alexa, order this nice young man a beer. Mike, relax, dude! People will still like you, although maybe a different set of people — those who came here for information rather than a floor show.

    But I did learn a few things. Not enough to make me want to buy an Alexa yet, but I'm closer than I was. They're still a little gimmicky in my opinion. Most of that stuff I can do on my own, or with my computer — and would rather. Other things would be so infrequent that I don't get the benefit. It would be like, "Alexa can now change your TV channel to CSPAN!" Great, that saves me the awful drudgery of having to reach for my TV remote to go to CSPAN about twice in my lifetime.

  10. Man I feel old….wonder if I am the only one that caught the Power Rangers guitar lick. Interesting stuff thanks!

  11. Sht my speakers almost blew out. Your video is like volume 11 😂 Almost dropped my phone in the toilet

  12. I love Alexa! I even hooked it up to my 5 & 1 weather station. I was wondering if I have my other echo in another location like at my job, will it still make the announcement in both locations?

  13. Thanks for your video, it's super great. We've also searched for the most used Echo skills and we have tested them to see which ones are the best I hope you like the article, otherwise I apologize

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