There’s no Planet B – 50+20: Management Education for the World

Here is half the truth:
economic growth improves lives! But what about the fact,
that growth is putting all of us at risk? How could it happen,
that we educate managers who pretend that they can handle risks
and then a financial crisis enters through the back door? Half-truths are often the biggest lies If you look at the UN millenium goals,
none of them calls for larger corporations or bigger profits! They all deal with social issues,
health, education, environment – all basic needs. So what is growth?
Is it financial gain and monetary benefit? Is profit growth?
What should we grow for a better life And why? It is time to put economics and management
in its proper place. Serving people, planet, and then profit! The main factor in business school rankings
is how much a student earns after graduating, That’s madness – We are growing a culture of greed! For over 50 years
we taught management theories that are based on flawed assumptions. Our old benchmarks are no longer valid. [Voice] “Exponential growth is possible on a finite
planet?” [Voice] “Free markets are rational and efficient?” [Voice] “Corporations have to maximize shareholder wealth?” We have been measuring the wrong things. We produce agents of crony capitalism –
unqualified to think and lead responsibly The biggest problem:
those leaders won’t take us into a sustainable future future. 50+20 envisions an alternative: management education as a force for good. To emerge and set
new and more relevant benchmarks, to take a wider perspective,
see how interconnected things are, Management and business
should return to their roots in philosophy. Exploring the path to the truth
– and a live worth living. The purpose has been lost,
it has become empty! But people
want purpose in what they do. If they realize
that the context of their work is empty
and on top of that harmful then business becomes redundant,
it is no longer relevant. Last year
a number of American business students walked out of class. they were fed up
being taught free market capitalism
as the only economic system. Today,
when you teach economics you teach
capitalism by default. Business schools
simply don’t question
the dominant economic paradigm. Simply adding
ethics and sustainibility to a curriculum
that is fundamentally flawed, is like putting
lipstick on a pig It’s urgent! This demands leaders
with a trans-disciplinary mindset. There is no
Plan B Remember! WE have to:
Educate, Enable, Engage Take education:
Future leaders require empathy a deep understanding
of themselves and others and the ability to relate these aspects to
the environment. We have to promote
the moral courage to do the right thing. orientated towards social profit
guided by practical wisdom We have to develop the human being in the
leader And the leader in the human being. Secondly –
Enable organizations to internalize
the true value and true costs of doing business We need stewards of the earth
that understand the bigger picture, who look after the whole planet,
not just after the shareprice! Finally the biggest challenge:
Engage How do we transform
our economic system? Break down the walls
between academics and practitioners ñ Titles and tenure
mean less and less Become public intellectuals,
encourage public critisim, make you research accessible! Deans and Administrators!
Shift management education towards the common good! Business schools!
Set examples of new benchmarks for sustainable management 50+20 is here
to hold the space to provide a powerful, safe environment to invite the whole person Soul,
mind, heart
and hands We demonstrate a collaboratory
of learning, teaching and research filled with the burning issues: Hunger
Energy Water Climate
Migration Corruption Democracy
and Capitalism that serve the common good Complex shifts!
We accept the challenge and we collaborate. We believe
all of us own the responsibilty
to bring about change We’ve been competing like mad
to become the best IN the world Now
it is time to become best FOR the world.

3 thoughts on “There’s no Planet B – 50+20: Management Education for the World”

  1. We have only one world to take care for. It´s OUR world.
    Leadership needs education as much as education needs leadership.
    One without the other is a missing step.
    Why not start educating future leaders with true leaders?
    But who is the "right theacher"?
    Can we challenge true actual leaders to teach future leaders?
    I guess we can. As there are millions of persons to be trained, the effective use of mass media is a must!
    Juan Vega
    [email protected]

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