There is more to STEM than you think

There’s more to STEM than you think. It’s everywhere around you. In everything you do. In every new idea. Learning STEM is more than lectures, textbooks
and calculators. It’s: creating, exploring and experimenting. developing new ways of thinking. finding better ways of doing things. When you choose STEM you’ll be: using the latest technology. working in and outside the classroom. thinking outside the box to solve global and
local problems. STEM will give you the skills and knowledge
to land your dream job. That’s why it’s important you choose STEM
subjects in Years 11 and 12. So no matter what job you choose to do, you’ll: stand out and make your mark. adapt to any situation. and have the skills to do any job – any
place, any time, anywhere. Give yourself the best opportunity for an
exciting future. I want more from my life. I will make a difference. I will succeed. Choose STEM. Find out more:

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