4 thoughts on “Theory to Practice: Teaching Critical Thinking”

  1. 19:46 Heavy water is 2 hydrogen isotopes bonded to 1 oxygen. 1 oxygen atom and 1 hydrogen atom is the hydroxide ion as someone correctly said in the audience. I used critical thinking to doubt when a nonchemist talks about chemistry.

  2. I am 62 and so a contemporary of Hanclosky. I was riveted to the screen once he identified Hesse as influential and as a philosopher. Hesse is a philosopher of internal relationships, the artist vs the scientist. I am retired from teaching math and a gigging jazz pianist. Hesse is my favorite, too.

  3. The problem with Bloom's Taxonomy, is that it is not necessarily a process–I do this, then I must necessarily do that. If I remember right, this was not actually intended by the committee, or perhaps some committee members criticized this idea. Our brains don't necessarily work in this fashion. When we describe the thinking process we must necessarily go through it one thing at a time. But when our minds think, it may think with many of the elements of thought at the same time, or a set of them, or is habituated to start with one, or two, or several–it all depends on the functioning of the individual mind, how it makes sense of things. It's useful to take a methodical approach–but it should be recognized as somewhat artificial. As such, several might be fruitfully employed.

  4. Besides proposing long term projects in students based on strategies. Schools must get close to difficulties students face on learning, by finding the way toi include them into scientific innovations, guided by the perspective of national scientists.

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