The World in a Day – Behind the Scenes with the UN Secretary-General

The 2010 General Assembly United Nations Headquarters, 7 a.m. The Secretary-General’s Residence, 7:15 a.m. “Good Morning, how are you?” Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General “We will open this General Assembly starting with the General Debate by the world leaders” “How are you, Sir?” “Ready to go?” “Ready” The Office Bob Orr, Assistant-Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Strategic Planning “This is the Super Bowl of Diplomacy. This is the World Cup of Diplomacy.” “You meet all the leaders of the people. You discuss all the issues here.” “It’s happening fast and furious, and no one wants to get left out.” Opening of the General Debate “As we gather today in solidarity” “Those are only two changes?” “Those are the only two.” “Yeah” “Every GA speech is a punctuation point. The writing process usually takes three to four days. In this case we probably worked for two straight weeks.” “So on Thursday morning at nine o’clock, when the Secretary-General steps before the cameras of the world, it will be show time.” “Today, we are being tested. In all we do, let us send a clear message: There can be no peace without justice.” “I have had during the last ten days, one hundred and ninety two events, including one hundred and twenty bilateral meetings with heads of state, heads of governments and foreign ministers” “If you took a normal event planner from the outside world and dropped them into the middle of GA week they would go insane within ten minutes.” “Just in time, Sir” “It’s controlled chaos.” “I chaired a High-Level Meeting on Pakistan, a High-Level Meeting on Sudan and Somalia.” Valerie Amos, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs “So a huge amount of work gets done. But also the opportunity for everyone to have a voice, talking about the issues that they care about.” “Climate change and poverty issues, global health issues.” “So much business gets conducted because it is in a hothouse, it’s in a crucible. So you can take what happened two meetings ago, which was only twenty minutes ago, and say “well, Prime Minister X told me this, what do you think, mister President?’” Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, Deputy Secretary-General “So it’s a very exciting time. But on the other hand it means a lot of preparation. People work almost around the clock.” “Not just the things that you see in terms of the speeches that get delivered, but the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. You know, those who are working to translate documents, those who work just to make sure that people are in the right place, the security and everything else. And all of that leads to some really concrete outcomes.” “The Secretary-General launched his Global Strategy on Women’s and Children’s Health” “We were able to mobilize forty billion dollars to reduce the mortality of women and children who have been dying from preventable diseases.” Kim Won-soo, Deputy Chef de Cabinet “It’s amazing to watch. One day, he may give like ten speeches and have meetings with maybe twenty-five, thirty different leaders, all different topics, different priorities” “I wake up at 4 a.m. That gives me the best time to prepare without any disruptions. Once I’m in the office I have almost no private time. It’s like I am sitting on a conveyor belt.” “We’ve got limited time” “Sir, we are delighted to have you” “I have very limited time with my family members, unfortunately. I’m here with my youngest granddaughter. I’m immensely grateful to my wife and my children, who have been very patient, understanding my situation.” Michael Meyer, Director of Communications “He has one hundred and ninety two constituencies that he needs to look after. One hundred and ninety two nations with interests that he must fairly reflect.” “When I was a young child like you, there was no classrooms for me. I used to study outside in the dirt.” “My background as a person who was born in a very poor country, whose country has risen as one of the ten world economic powers, means that I can play a bridge role between developing and developed countries. I start every day, every morning as if this is the first day in my office as Secretary-General.” “He keeps pushing for the small progress that sooner or later, he knows, will lead to big progress, even breakthroughs” “Thank you very much, Excellencies” “We have to show to the world that the UN not only talks, but also delivers” “Each time I have met those young people who seemingly wouldn’t have any hope, but who really wanted to have hope for me, then you cannot but be humbled. How can the United Nations do more for them? “Thank you, good night. See you tomorrow.” 9:40 p.m. Directed by David Ohana Produced by Vannina Maestracci and David Ohana Special thanks to the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, the United Nations Department of Safety and Security, the Department of Public Information, and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ‘Hey boys and Girls’ performed and courtesy by Evermore

63 thoughts on “The World in a Day – Behind the Scenes with the UN Secretary-General”

  1. Super production! UN needs this type of videos to show the world its work, transperancy and human touch.

  2. I am really proud of him as a Korean. It is really touching that he mentioned about Korea's dramatic development! 당신이 자랑스럽습니다!

  3. This movie absolutely is really touching for me. As a Korean, I am proud of him. Also, it was really moving that he mentioned the dramatic development of Korea for the last 60 years after painful Korean War. His experience in Korea will absolutely help him understand the people/countries who need UN's help more deeply.

  4. This movie absolutely is really touching for me. As a Korean, I am proud of him. Also, it was really moving that he mentioned the dramatic development of Korea for the last 60 years after painful Korean War. His experience in Korea will absolutely help him understand the people/countries who need UN's help more deeply.

  5. Fantastic the video!
    it is very good to see the performance of the secretary-general in so noble questions, supporting the world!
    Congratulations!Sula COsta

  6. A great video – letting the public know more about a great international partnership of peoples working for peace, prosperity, and protecting the environment. Like any human enterprise, the UN is not perfect, but the valuable work it does and its many successes deserve to be better known.

  7. I'm sure I wasn't the only one during the video thinking "Politics is fucking cool!"
    The Sec General seems so lucidly full of clarity regarding his goals and intentions.
    Can someone please breviloquently describe to the format of the UN… Like it's different facets, ranks etc. I start school next week with virtually no idea about any of this. You would be helping a brother out!

  8. for what UN !? is it still working? why thay dont do anything for shiria!?egypt!?are thay in holiday!?in egypt demokrasy down by solger! wasnt it demokrasy is importand!?
    now solger importande!?new way demokracy!?with solger!?

  9. What an extraordinary person it must take to perform this job so well. Thanks to all of those who dedicate their lives to peace and justice.

  10. I wonder how the experience will feel like if you were able to work or follwe the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon one week. I think It will be a rememory for the rest of your life. Special 🙂

  11. this is just so awesome!! the way he works, the way he says, everything is though normal but it still has a really great impact on me. I really admire Mr. Ban Ki Moon 😀

  12. We are living in the world with fear, threat, and war.  Without United Nations we will facing with many humanity conflicts and it is really bring us to death, suffering.  Base on the culture differences, the human issues never solve it will cause the evil arise to destroy.  I give my respect to UN, whether you are religiously, political, or whoever we people need freedom to live.

  13. evry state self government van have possibility for to permit business in peace what need we like inhabitant in globally world with self member who only to responssibility geography location in to last for generation who camming in only if safety the wealth self worth the planet who gev to us the we make from nothing samething and in this tense to start the new milenium self sentury who have truth and only truth and nothing but the truth so help god to me and bless all united nation with self member who andersstend the future who in our reign cam where we make good life but from badly to better for us be


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