48 thoughts on “The Wheel Of Modern Education | Gautam Khetrapal | TEDxUTP”

  1. very nice. Indian education system targets to kill uniqueness of every kid and fit them into  a single frame . Thats why people first struggle to get degrees, then jobs and partners.However, after all this worldly success, neither they have courage to spend/ invest their own hard-earned money in their dreams  nor able to  be friend with the person they married and spent their wholesome life.

  2. This is relatable to most of the Indians and even i have opted for PCM to bring a positive change in the educational system of India
    Proud of you
    You are inspirational and now a role model for me

  3. I would say you are unfortunate that you didn't get a good teacher. I won't comment on your parents. You probably never did what you liked most. Engineers are born with some natural inclination. Who have stopped you from doing any online course while you were doing engineering? Who give you so much of wisdom to discuss these issues. Come back and serve for its betterment. I don't know what are you doing today.

  4. This is the absolute best speech i have ever heard. You, sir, have inspired me to quit formal schooling and self educate myself.

  5. Chut 18 was it when u started? But the main thing is iit is to difficult blah blah and india produces most number of eng. And doc. VENCHOD chut lo breed popu

  6. I agree! Our education system is based on conformity. Conformity today is a good recipe for unemployment.

  7. If only I could do this. I have my twelfth boards going on right now and I need to study for those exams. But after passing I'll certainly try to follow this.

  8. Hello everyone, I here to try to change the education system by my startup by the idea combining the traditional learning and project based learning and if you want to be part of the change if you are fursted with current education system ,if you think Indian education system needs this type of change and want to be part of change comment below!! 🤗

  9. What about spiritual scriptures are they also outdated??!!!! They are the most needed things in our education system and life Bhagavad Gita especially
    Technology will give U NOTHING. BITTER TRUTH

  10. not only u complained against d system but also gave the solution to our boring engg leading method today ….I ve been thinking since a long time how to improve learning style & ur vdo really helped me a lot !!!Thank you very much! I'll be glad to know from you that what can we do for changing our system?

  11. Corrections: Education System was built in 1750s, in Prussia (Germany). Britishers copy pasted it, and hence it's everywhere.

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