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Charlie yes sir let's go I'm a magic man donnatella good evening mr. president tell Josh that general Pulaski was a Polish Brigadier General who vanquished the Russian and Prussian military then came to the colonies and commanded our Calvary during the American Revolution I will sir it says here in a briefing paper hastily written by Deputy Josh Lyman that in the 60s when the Madison Superintendent of Schools banned Twelfth Night for reasons passing understanding and mrs. Molly Morello had students over to her home on Saturdays to read it I didn't know that sir Josh wrote you a memo on Molly Morello yeah cuz all I had tonight was a nuclear spill in Idaho it says she came in two hours early to teach an AP English class she developed herself Chris the school didn't offer once I was in that class sounds like she deserves proclamation I wish I could give her one but I can't I totally understand it's just too much inside baseball you know you're very nice to even talk to me about it Charlie I've been tapping my finger on the desk for about a minute now sir the Magic Man thing works a lot better when you pick up on the signals Tonto what's that you say there's a phone call for Donna good evening this is the White House for whom are you holding mrs. Morello oh my god Donna mrs. Morello it's me everything all right everything's fine I haven't heard from you in such a long time so I thought no everything's fine Sally Seidelman told me you were retiring at the end of this year well I I just wanted to say I don't know I just I just wanted to say Oh No are you sure everything's all right tell her where you are mrs. Morello I'm in the awful office with the President of the United States and it's because of you mrs. Morello what a thing to say we're all very proud of you Donna she didn't do anything it's Jed Bartlet mrs. Morello got a couple of questions when you taught Beowulf did you make the kids read it in the original Middle English or did you use a translation translation mr. president okay we're gonna call that the James Bond version yes what are you planning on doing with your retirement my husband and I were gonna travel that's great I'd stay away from the Elkhorn Idaho area for a little while you'll read Y in the morning let's talk about Twelfth Night 20

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  1. Democrat or republican, this is a president who could vote for and get behind. He was a unifier of people and he believed in people. Even when he had to make tough decisions you could see his Humanity. This is a quality we have not had for a very long time. Oh yes, he played politics, and you have to. But he was still a person at the end of the day. He is certainly someone I would have supported!

  2. First of all, I'm crying, that was beautiful. Second of all, Beowulf is in old English, not Middle English, and is 100% impossible to read without translation for a native English speaker with no knowledge of old English

  3. you really want to believe that humanizing moments like this occur in today's Oval Office, by a resident who thinks of people other than himself.

  4. Great scene, but it only works because it is a president worthy of respect. If it was trumpf, the teacher would have been apologizing for how things turned out and warning Donna to watch out for a little hand reaching for her ass…

  5. Mrs. Wood, wherever you are …just wanted you to know that I'm so grateful for your mentoring, your teaching, for your humor and for your love of words and meaning. We did have some fun didn't we.

  6. I do wish they had re-shot the scene with Sheen pronouncing "cavalry" correctly. I don't think Bartlett really would have said "calvary" – being a religion scholar.

  7. My Dad passed away last week. He taught middle school English for 30 years. Past students used to call our house and give him updates about their lives.

  8. My wife my mother my mother in law. All teachers. My daughter about to be a teacher. When my Mom passed earlier this year the nurses all took incredible care of her. Because she taught them. Teachers could raise an army after 30 years of work. Good thing most of them don't know that.

  9. Thank you Mr. Youngs, 9th grade English, And I got an A that year, ME! barely a C student in English got an A. The Tempest opened my eyes to reading, I also still have that old copy of Anthem (Ayn Rand) you mailed me the following summer.

  10. One of the things that made The West Wing Special was that it had heart. Check out west wing grandfathers or use this link

  11. (sigh) it's cavalry, not calvary. One is for horses, the other for a hilltop festooned with crosses.
    In passing: saw a bumper sticker today. "If you can read, thank a teacher. If you're reading this in English, thank a soldier." Thought that was hilarious, as the only nation to invade us (and kck our butts) was England in 1812.

  12. This scene always makes me work harder because there are teachers who I want to tell this to one day because it was their dedication and guidance that pushed me towards politics

  13. Nitpick.. Beowulf was not Written in Middle English, it was written in Old English…. Middle English, at least some dialects are actually pretty easy to read for modern English speakers… Old English, not so much.

  14. This scene, in particular that line 'I'm standing in the Oval Office…and its because of you' always makes me cry.

    It also makes me want to be a teacher. But every real teacher I've met persuade me out of it

  15. My senior English teacher was very fond of our school's girls soccer team that he coached. There were plenty of rumors while he was there but nothing definitive. Then after he'd taken a position at another school, after my own graduation, there were a few girls who were willing to tell their stories. Although, none of their stories were recounted with regret…probably because he was in his late 20's and really good looking. Hence, no law enforcement was ever involved. With that said, academically I actually admired and respected him as a teacher.

  16. You want to know what is slightly messed up about this scene. When Bartlett calls her teaching of Beowulf with a translation 'the James Bond' version he is actually mocking her with a personally joke that she has no understanding of and she thinks its praise when it really isn't.

  17. For someone who's supposed to be so educated and smart, you'd think Jed Bartlett would know the difference between "Calvary" and "cavalry."  One is the location where Jesus was supposedly crucified, the other is a mounted military unit.  Back to school, Jed!  😛

  18. Wаtсh ТТТhе Wеst Wing оnlinее in hd quаlitуy hеrе =>

  19. Just one of the many many many scenes that show why I absolutely love The West Wing and why it 's one of the best things EVER MADE. This scene is especially special for me as I had a Molly Morello and that was my high school music teacher Kaye Routcliffe.

  20. Hƿæt! ƿē Gār-Dena in ġeār-dagum, þēod-cyninga, þrym ġefrūnon, hū ðā æþelingas ellen fremedon. Oft Scyld Scēfing sceaþena þrēatum, monegum mǣġþum, meodosetla oftēah, egsode eorlas. Syððan ǣrest ƿearð fēasceaft funden, hē þæs frōfre ġebād, ƿēox under ƿolcnum, ƿeorðmyndum þāh, oðþæt him ǣġhƿylc þāra ymbsittendra ofer hronrāde hȳran scolde, gomban gyldan. Þæt ƿæs gōd cyning! – from the untranslated Beowulf. Good luck, kids!

  21. you're all wrong. It's written in Italian. I know. I bought a copy of Beowulf in Rome, and the ENTIRE thing was in Italian. Swear to god.

  22. Lovely scene in a great series – but I doubt Seamus Heaney would have considered his translation of Beowulf as the "James Bond" version! 🙂

  23. This scene, in particular that line 'I'm standing in the Oval Office…and its because of you' always makes me cry.

  24. Janel Moloney does;t get enough credit for Donna. Yes it was a stellar cast and Allison Janney hoovered up all the Emmys because she was excellent but I do think Moloney should've picked up at least one. I love characters that develop from nowhere, Donna was a small supporting role and the sheer chemistry between Moloney and Whitford barged Mandy out of the way and got Donna a full cast role, which she never lost. Its a great story arc.

  25. Just a brilliant scene. To call one of your favourite teachers and tell them you are standing in a particular place with a very important person, who then talks directly to that teacher…That would be priceless.

  26. There are so many great scenes in this series. This one, The scene from the Stackhouse filibuster where they get the senator to answer a question, the scene where Leo tells Josh the story about the guy falling down the hole. The Butterball Turkey Hotline. There are so many which exemplifies what a terrific show this was. I miss it a lot.

  27. "Commanded our calvary." Good grief. "Calvary" is the place where Jesus died. Casimir Pulaski (1745-1779) wasn't a part of the events which took place there.

    Pulaski did indeed command revolutionary war era "cavalry".

    This is what happens when television writers are chosen from the ranks of the stupid. In an episode to thank "teachers." Unreal.

  28. My English teacher made Shakespeare come alive and without her I wouldn't have gone on to study literature at college – If I could thank her now, I would, but she died a few years back, so this scene helped me remember the fun we had in her lessons – This is for you Mrs. Fenning – thank you 🙂

  29. Everyone is better off reading Beowulf (pronounced Bey-o-voolf) in German, since Old English is a Norse-North Germanic language.

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