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Hello friends, and welcome to another new Happy Learning video Today we will learn about the water cycle Earth, which is the planet we live on is known as the Blue planet because as much as 3/4 of the planet’s surface is …water! And water is so very important because without it, there would be no life Without it, theses sweet little otters wouldn’t exist or theses playful bears nor this conceited bird or even us, the human beings That’s why we must look after it We should conserve our water well and most of all, we must maintain our rivers and oceans clean. Did you know water never stands still, but is always in constant movement Even though at times it doesn’t seem like it? This water movement is what is called the Water cycle. Now let’s learn more about it. When the sun warms the water on the Earth’s surface, it evaporates converting itself into water vapor or steam and begins its incredible journey flying into the sky, up towards the atmosphere This first stage of its journey is known as evaporation. When the water converts in vapor, it rises towards the atmosphere, then cools down transforming itself into clouds. This second stage of its journey it called condensation. Once the water has condensated, and turned into a cloud it continues its amazing journey by being blown by the wind traveling from one place to another Clouds are actually tiny little drops of water suspended in the air but when the clouds grow, they collect more and more water. These water drops then crash into each other and become bigger drops of water. Then at some point, they end up falling to the ground in the form of rain or even snow. This stage of the water cycle is called precipitation. The water which falls to the ground, which precipitates in the form of either rain or snow may land in rivers Or even on the ground to then seep through to subterranean currents of water. All this water must continue its long journey, covering large amounts of distances until it finally reaches the sea. When it arrives at the big blue sea, it will once again begin the process Evaporation Condensation Precipitation That’s why it is called the water cycle, because it forms a never-ending circle. Isn’t the water cycle just so incredible? Well that’s all for now, until the next video, and don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Learning.

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  1. Yes, acid rain is mainly caused by man made pollutants….but interestingly enough most all Rain is created with the help all of the many atmospheric gasses. Methane has 4 parts Hydrogen atoms and 1 part Carbon atom, splitting Methane up into its basic pieces H and C now combining 2 parts of H with 1 part Oxygen in the atmosphere and you get H2O. Yes, the atmosphere has 1800 PPB of Methane and when it splits up and combines with Oxygen it forms into carbon dioxide and water…aka Rain…like found in hurricane rain bands where friction occurs or cloud to cloud lightning.
    Yes, the Sun does evaporate water vapor into the atmosphere however, rain is created on demand by ElectroMagnetic Vortex friction by spinning partials of atmosphere. EM Vortex is the work horse of the Universe it achieves electron jumping aka TRANSMUTATION. All atmospheric gasses are ripped apart by cloud to cloud lightning aka 'Rain Gush Phenom." or ElectroMagnetic Friction the simple 1 proton 1 Electron Hydrogen combines with Oxygen and forms H2O aka water aka rain. Here are many elements in the atmosphere that are involved in this transmutation process as well, Krypton .000114% , Methane .00018%, Helium .000524%, Neon a Noble gas .001818%, Carbon Dioxide .0407%, Argon .9340%, Oxygen 20.934%, and Nitrogen at 78%. Nitrogen has been Transmuted into Hydrogen using a nuclear process by Ernest Rutherford so anything is possible with a jigawatt lightning bolt of electricity. ElectroMagnetic Vortices do the work ripping apart he elements and they reform into different elements suited to their environment at that time. Dr. Walter Russell's Russilian science is a great place to begin to learn the true science of our Universe. Snow and ice is at the center of a low pressure counter clockwise spinning partial of atmosphere if it is below freezing temperatures then the water droplets turn to snow flakes, pretty simple. Science does not know or understand transmutation fully yet hopefully with our help more scientific research will be done in this area. Please see Dr. Walter Russell's periodic chart of elements, it has more elements and is wave based with noble gasses aligned in the center. The True Science of atomic electron jumping and Transmutation.

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  3. Nice educational video for kids – The Water Cycle | Educational Video for Kids

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