The war on boys: Have they been left behind? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Can America safely ignore the educational
needs of boys just because they’re protected by the patriarchy? Well MSNBC seems to think
so. Coming up, we’ll explain why the underachievement
of American boys is a ticking time bomb. When I appeared on the MSNBC show The Cycle
to discuss the plight of boys in school, the hosts were having none of it. The MSNBC skeptics are hardly alone in dismissing
the plight of boys and young men. Just recently, Vox, this new website started by the the former
New York Times statistics guru, Ezra Klein, it told its readers, well boys have always
done worse than girls in school, there’s nothing new to worry about here. Well it failed
to explain why it is that male deficits in education are far more serious today than
they were in the past. I mean as recently as 30 years ago, a mediocre
male student could get his high school diploma, find a job, work hard and make it into the
middle class. Those days are gone forever. Education beyond high school is the new ticket
to the American Dream. Today women earn 62% of Associates Degrees;
57 percent of BAs; 60 percent of Master’s Degrees; and 52 percent of doctorates. Well
what’s in store for a minimally educated young man? The wages of men with only a high
school diploma have declined 47 percent since 1969. The British, Canadians and Austalians,
they’re struggling with a boy gap–and they are trying desperately to address it. ‘Cause
they view widespread underachievement of males as a threat to their national economy. Why is this happening to boys? What explains
the college gap? Well one of the best sources for insight about students is the University
of Michigan Monitoring the Future survey. Since 1975 the Michigan researchers have been
studying large, national samples of students. Now they found that in the nineteen-seventies
and 80s, nearly the same number of top male and female students had very high aspirations,
they planned to be pursuing post graduate degrees in fields like law, medicine, science,
college teaching. It was about 14% of boys and girls. Well by the 2000s, 27 percent of
girls expressed that ambition, compared to only 16 percent of boys. Now why isn’t there
a national effort to address this ambition gap? Congress passed legislation characterizing
girls as an underserved population. There were hundreds of millions of dollars made
available to improve girls self esteem, their math and science achievement. Well where are
the efforts for boys? Arne Duncan, the US Secretary of Education,
has yet to comment on male underachievement, but he’s not idle on the gender gap front.
He made a cameo appearance, along with Beyoncé, in Sheryl Sandberg’s Girl Power/Ban Bossy
video where he encouraged girls to be ambitious. The Factual Feminist is disappointed. MSNBC
and the women’s groups are known to be polemical—but the well-being of boys is too important for
television antics and gender war hijinks. As for Secretary Duncan, his apparent indifference
to the boy gap is alarming. His Department is the federal agency responsible for the
educational well-being of the nation’s children–girls and boys. Well what do we need to do to get American
boys interested in education again? Please leave your thoughts in the comments, subscribe
to the video, follow me on Twitter. Thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

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  1. The witches of America have taken over the feminist movement to launch vengeance against men calling then whores and run scandalous accusation against innocent men as guilty to destroy workplace moral with hatred, rebellion and bedlam.

  2. All of my adult life I have been trying to make people aware of the fact that for many decades now, boys have been being told by virtually all of American society that the most important thing in their lives should be sports and that absolutely nothing else matters, not even academic achievement. Public schools have always promoted and touted their extracurricular athletic activities (especially high schools) while doing little or nothing to encourage pupils to excel in their studies; football players get rah-rah-rah, siss-boom-bahed to no
    end, while kids who are whizzes at math, science

  3. Finally, someone broke it down in laymen/direct terms without the bullcrap and turd flinging… and from a feminist no less. She is right, and it's sad not a lot of feminist women talk about this. As much as I love my women/girl gender, there's no way in hell I would send my son to a public American school if I had a son. Not if I could help it. I remember what some of my female teachers said to some of the little boys in school. I literally did a double take at times. It never really sat well with me. The boys used to say they never cared about what girls and women teachers said about them, or did, but I guess it was a front.

    I cannot say that I understand men and boys completely, and I don't really plan on it and not really busting my hump to do so. I'm a woman who loves, understands, and connects with women in every way. However, I am a firm believer that men/boys are at their very best being completely raised/brought up and taught by their fellow males and living among them predominately. Furthermore, I am not one to think highly of people who treat mere children like crap and ignore them and say they are dogshit just because of their gender.

    Speaking of schools, if I could have gone to an all-girls' school, I would have.
    I honestly think gender-segregated schools should become the norm. I also think that if gender-segregated schools never become a thing here, I think teachers and faculty should stop being lazy and taking the easy route. Unless the kid is shooting up the school with an uzi, running a forced sex ring with the 2nd grade girls or nailing bunnies and birds to the bathroom walls, I think kids are worth the extra effort. Some students, male or female are a bit louder and active than others and there's no way in the world you are going to make them all be these perfect, quiet little drones with same personality. Well… maybe if you lobotomize them and drug them and even then, that's a stretch. Yes, school isn't going to be everything you want it to be, and some kids are actually disruptive little shits because of home life, or they are just bad. It's impossible to tailor a cheapie public school to every individual need of 500+ student strong school, but some of these modern public school systems are just depressing.

  4. It's not the problem that boys are a "ticking time bomb" and it's not that they just have underachieving minds, it's what they go through. Men are MORE LIKELY TO BE ABUSED! They have MORE MENTAL DISORDERS AND ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE HANDICAPPED.

  5. I just love all pf the feminists that don't get what ACTUALLY A BOY GOES THROUGH! You are a women, I'm not saying that you can't do anything but, men can speak for themselves. Part of the underachieving men is that you make these stupid videos. This makes them hate the school system because it makes them think it's the school's fault for their bad grades. No! They just don't understand, live in poor areas, can't afford glasses to see the board in class. Women, even worse, feminists are trying to act like they know a boy mind, no! Whatever the heck you said in that videos is all wrong! Absolute idiots!

  6. Fuck you, fuck you go to hell and dont come back .boys and girls are good at school you are just a bitch. I HAVE KNOW NICE WORDS FOR YOU.

  7. The answer is simple. Today's educational system isn't just leaving boys behind. It is down right hostile toward boys and young men. This assertion is easily supported.

  8. If boys don't have a male figure at home, you can bet we are at a big deep trouble. This is more than gender politics, the family nucleus collapsed and our kids are suffering for it.

  9. Get rid of far right feminists , white knights and mangina's for good as they are pathedic human beings and don't contribute to the future of the human race, if we are to survive the next 1k years.

  10. I tend to find that success in education is a matter of socializing with people who are doing well, and getting their values, habits and having them hold you accountable. Students often self segregate and teachers don't like to micromanage. The result is you get groups of well behaved girls and groups of ill disciplined boys who drag each other down. in my classes, the girls sat at the front. As such they had to pay attention and were able to be first in line to talk to the teacher at the end of the class. The boys sat at the back, hence had more in their fields of vision to distract and an increased tolerance for misbehavior. And they socialized with other distracted, bored males.

  11. i was a student in new york state and i feel that the education i received was okay but in the end never prepared me for life. Alot of the time students asked "why are we learning this?" and teachers would reply is some form of "its to help you in life.", but how?i never felt helped. What would have helped would be to teach us about life and ideologies and opinonated debate which then says well where are your facts to support your opinion, then about the government systems how it works, how it got to be this way and different ideologies in depth, yes we learned a force fed curriculum of vocabulary and textbook stories but not one that interested us and brought out ideas and developed thoughts of the students. That is what is missing in the schools a relationship between students and teachers to help them search for anwsers and have opinions, it feels more like a sit down shut up here is what to know for the final. It was all based around this one test of memorable knowledge more or less. Now that was before common core curriculum now i dont know much about it but it sounds worse as described by every teacher i've asked as, "it doesnt help students get ahead it brings everyone back" is what i've heard about it.

  12. There is no war on boys. Boys are more educated than they've ever been. Girls passing them up in education doesn't make this not so. Now that the playing field is even, we can see better than ever that boys have a harder time sitting still to learn. This is why apprenticeship programs are so important. If boys would rather learn by doing than sitting in a classroom, then let them. We need education that is tailored to the individual, not, "one size fits all."

  13. Hey, at least the world won’t be dominated by men anymore.🤨 I couldn’t find a good emoji.😢☹️ lol sorry.

  14. The studio panel are the usual collection of malcontent, Marxist mouthpieces. I wouldn't piss on any of them if they were unfortunate enough to be afire.

  15. I believe it was St. Paul to Timothy 1 or Timothy 2 , in the New Testament – "When a woman is learning, she must be quiet. She must follow the leaders in every way. I do not allow women to teach. l do not allow them to have authority over men. They must be quiet. Adam was made first. Then Eve was made. Adam was not the one who was tricked. The woman was tricked and became a sinner. Will women be saved by having children ? Only if they keep on believing, loving and leading a holy life in a proper way.

  16. Stop giving the lgbtq and feminist bullies notoriety as the precedent over the time tested model for one!! Guys are being waged war on to be their trans alters equal. Its cruel and weird. Guys need to be guys. Dads need to step up at being more manly. Gotta love all kids with respect for their unique nature, love them for just the way god made them. My advice! Guys stop donating sperm and giving free baby making supplies to unappreciative people. Sign a contract to claim the babies back if they do anything untoward. Families make our children great. Seems today moms and dads are unrespected anymore. Ladies need to treat the boys right and encourage their masculinity. Seems so odd to need to be saying this in 2018.. Sign of some very troubled times indeed. Shhheesh!

  17. the all knowing "factual feminist" doesn't have a clue either. (no big surprise). Demonstrates ,Yes the evil war against Men and on boys has been real since the insertion of evil feminism decades ago. stop inserting that title 'feminism' into everything unjustly(as though it's valid for anything) and start (at least) looking at everything unbiased. Then you may so causing problems that you trying to be a hero for solving. then you'll find shone legitimate clues, too help and stop hindering, with your corrupt (feminist) logic.
    The grief that feminism has caused out weighs any suppressed benefit 1000 fold… [oops! did I just point out that giant, diseased elephant in the room?]

  18. What difference does it make if the boys are left behind, or even allowed to open the door?
    There IS no place, no space, no province for any MALEness any more.

  19. I'm glad about the developments for one…this just accelerates our impending demise. I'll supply my backpack, and just DISAPPEAR, into the distant woods, just as some men have already done…

  20. Women being unable to vote was just the way things had been for ages back in the early 20th century too. The so-called "feminists" of today have managed to get society to wage a war against men and, sadly, most men aren't fighting back. The few who do fight back are usually right-wing scumbags fighting their counterparts, the left-wing scumbags. There is no hope.

  21. You lost me in your introduction. I thought that this was about Feminism, and right off the bat you start attacking MSNBC. Enough with the agendas. Good bye. I'm a boy and I don't need you.

  22. I'd explain my own opinions about this issue, but nobody will listen…
    Hence, the problem. Nobody cares about what boys want/think anymore.
    Men, White people and White men most of all, have been villainized by media since the 1980's, and it's only getting worse.

  23. Oppression of men and boys, simple. When a demographic is under continual chatisement, then it will not excel. Women empowerment is not about empowering men, it's simply about 'me first'. Our establishment want females to be ahead even if males lag behind; It's an accepted consequence.

    There is no gender specific support for boys or men in any sector, whether it's schooling, college, university, healthcare, social welfare, employment, sport. Women have incredible support and funding, so much for equality.

    Equality = Equality for women and equality applied unequally.

  24. Feminism will promote chauvinism, and the losers will be women. Women need men, but for men they are only a 'nice-to-have.'

  25. The USA has been at war openly since 2002. Men don't need college educations to be soldiers to fight this war. While the warriors of society are bleeding on the battle field, who will be left to defend the country? feminized boys, who are looking for a mommy figure to take care of them. What does this do to boys becoming men? It kills the spirit of freedom, protection, and creativity in boys. Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and drugged into compliance, now couple that most of them are from poor families. Schools themselves are not learning centers anymore, they are indoctrination centers. All their talk of diversity as it only relates to skin color, yet there is zero diversity in education anymore, they all must tow the line. It takes a man to turn a boy into a man. It takes a woman to turn a girl into a woman. Fatherless homes have destroyed the central pillar of life. Fathers are stripped from the home. Single moms are weaponized by the power of the state to squash and keep under thumb for a third or more of the fathers life. Fathers see their unborn children murdered by malicious vindictiveness. Fathers are put in jail at the say so of mom. And today, White Males are being specifically targeted. Being a White male I've personally suffered racism, bigotry, tyranny, threats of prison, my job was put in danger accuses of sexual harassment from a single encounter just after the metoo movement started. I was accused of making her feel uncomfortable, wondering eyes (but she was able to tell them what color of socks I was wearing) and making lewd comments. Now the truth. I'm a service technician that repairs copiers for a 500 company. The visit was under 3 minutes. I was on the phone with a support tech the entire three minutes. Because they couldn't specifically say what I did to her, my job was spared. But I was disciplined anyway. 25 years on the job and now my reputation is soiled and I won't be eligible for any raises or promotion for another 7 years because of it. What happened to my accuser? Not a damn thing. I normally do not speak up because it never ends well for White American Males like me. We can not report abuse. Our claims of abuse are laughed at and celebrated. I feel like I have a target on my back every time I go to work every time I go to the corporate center. At this point I'm ready to defy my employer and refuse to enter that building again. The war against men, especially white males is very real, and for the first time in my life I'm considering arming myself because of the feminist despotism out there calling for my death. It's real and only a fool will ignore a threat against ones life. I'm not a racists, I'm factual.

  26. I think the best thing for boys would be any help whatsoever(financial or otherwise) in getting educated and crucial things. I was always plenty ambitious and motivated to go to college but I had a family that, at several crucial junctures of my life sabotaged my future. We moved when I was about to get my highschool diploma and we did not receive it, so being that I was educated in a now defunct homeschool in California, as far as the system is concerned, I have no highschool diploma. They then would not give me any help at all as I struggled to get my GED in it's place, and they moved me to the absolute middle of nowhere where walking to a job so I could pay for my education was all but impossible, and my efforts to get a drivers license went un-assisted for years. Meanwhile, my unambitious sister was perfectly taken care of and has been for our entire adult lives, all of her half-hearted endeavors were perfectly funded even though she proved time and time again that she had no ability to make the effort needed to follow through on anything. It was the consequence of being raised with a feminist, irresponsible baby boomer mother sadly at the helm of our family. I needed someone ELSE to do the very basic, necessity of life things that parents are supposed to do for their kids because my parents couldn't be bothered.

  27. We have similar problems in Australia. The root of the problem is that young men (in fact, pretty much all men) do not see that being a well-educated male is likely to lead to real benefit. Unlike women of my fathers generation (he was born in 1939) who were socially conditioned/restrained to pair up with intelligent, law-abiding men, modern women are attracted to the dregs of the male gender. On top of this, well-educated (and subsequently highly paid) men in the modern world are taxed at far too high a rate to pay for everyone else. This "everyone else" includes paying welfare for single mothers who have children by men whom are low value to society as well as prisons to house low-value men and their equally low-value offspring. None of this is of any benefit to a man who is highly educated so where is the motivation for a man to bother with education? As for myself (born 1966) I chose to become relatively well-educated to enter my chosen field. I was faced with the usual discrimination that all men face in the name of Affirmative Action policies. Basically, I had to work about twice as hard as women to get the same result. I lost count of the times when I saw much less qualified and experienced women get jobs and promotions ahead of me. At any time I dared to question this I was threatened with dismissal on the grounds of discrimination (the irony!). Despite being well-paid, law abiding and a highly productive member of society, I didn't get a lot from this in return. The amount of tax I paid on my earnings was staggering and it wasn't as though the government was spending any of it on things that I deemed to be worthwhile. At the same time, my rather thoughtful, considerate and quiet personality often got me labelled as a "creep" by any woman I tried to approach. So tell me – where was my motivation to keep being an ambitious, hard-working man who contributes to society? Around about a year ago, I decided I had had enough of society and the bullshit we men have to put up with. I decided to retire from my profession at the age of 51. Being single and having saved as much as I could, I live quite well. I do a couple of days a week labouring for cash-in-hand pay and I collect unemployment. I have never enjoyed life as much as I do now. The fact that my story (or one like it) is increasingly common in modern western society is the problem. Modern day men have little motivation to succeed as there are precious few rewards for making the effort. I am probably lucky I did not take the Red Pill until I was well into my thirties. Had I been Red Pilled at an earlier age, it is likely I would have chosen a less honourably (and probably less legal) line of income. After all, in the modern world, men who are dangerous and/or criminals seem to have plenty of money, don't pay taxes and manage to get plenty of women. I am not in any way at all surprised that men are turning their backs on their roles as contributors to society. Why would they not?

  28. “Education beyond high school is the ticket to success” only ticket your getting out of higher education is a ticket to a lifetime of debt

  29. When women are on the losing side for example in the job market we have to change that immediatly. When boys are on the losing side for example in education it has been this way for a century and there is no need to change that since its just the way it is. WTF o.O

  30. My entire grade walked a mile to watch a movie. Upon arrival, the people in the front (who had worked to get up there), naturally, got to sit in the front rows. After everyone sat down, the teachers ordered every boy in the first four rows to get up and let a girl take their seat.
    Male privilege, eh?

  31. The education system is so femminest that girls got better reputation better places to sit and better grade cause the teacher would only focus on girls.Thats my school for you.

  32. I love this video except I don’t believe that college is the ticket unless someone has the desire and aptitude to follow a specific career that requires a degree. You no longer can just grab a great paying job with an undergrad. Shot, not even a masters. It all depends on what the education is in.

    I believe gaining marketable skills through trade skill or something like that and entrepreneurship is where more people have potential.

  33. This is a feminist. Feminism was made for gender equality and not for female superiority. This is why I like feminist like this who care about the equality of both genders. While most of what we see are sexists, superiority complex snowflakes, this is what we should be looking at. Gender equality in both Male and Female and stop just looking at one because if you want to get rid of sexism than stop being sexist yourself first before you worry about others.

  34. Oh and the reason why boy get lower grades is because grades are now based on behavior and effort. Only a little bit for smarts. And women get better grades because there all little teachers pets who snitch on people and get good with there teacher. Boys and girls should be the same if it werent for these rules. Feminism starts in school. Your teachers pets are future feminists who will get out of college and be treated equally. But they think there still going to be treated better. HAH BITCH NO WAY! Ur getting equall. And then they become feminists because they think that there better than men when there the dumbest social group of them all. So feminists, u should accept equality because it right in your face.

  35. I agree its a problem after high school I went into the army only to be honorably discharged, college for me or tech schools or trade schools don’t seem to interest me plus its seems colleges are a breeding ground for safe spaces and eco chambers. Im a gamer and I don’t need college to learn how to play or make Youtube videos

  36. Sadly, this sickening attitude towards boys/males is also seeping into the higher suicide rate among men/males. Honestly, it appears that there is a war against males/men/males.

  37. Look at everything Disney has presented to our young boys for an entire generation. Every animated Disney movie since "the Little Mermaid" back in the 90's has been teaching young boys that girls are strong, independent, curious, adventurous, under-dogs who overcome, capable, risk-takers (all of which are good things…) who are fully capable of saving themselves when they get into trouble. The problem is not the message about girls. The problem is the simultaneous message being sent about boys. Boys (& men) are most often portrayed as either villains, crooks, creeps, nerds, un-trustworthy schemers, aloof, otherwise "damaged", or in the best cases maybe lovable goof-balls.
    [ ie.: Olaf, Aladdin, Prince Eric, the Beast, Wreck-It-Ralph, Moana, Gaston, Prince Hans, etc… ]

    Perish the thought of ever allowing a contemporary Disney "Princess" to actually be saved or helped in any significant way by a prince. Absent are almost any strong, courageous, honorable, valiant, substantive role models for a whole generation of boys who endured serving after serving of Disney's "modern perspective?" "agenda?" "misandry?" And parents had become so accustomed over years to blindly trusting Disney to present clean, universally positive messages (which maybe it used to), which inspired wonder and imagination and optimism in ALL children – that this trend went unnoticed largely even to the present day. But I am certain that it has not gone unnoticed in the subconscious, self-image development processes of young boys for more than a generation now.

    Boys need role models. They need heroes. They need to know that being male is not something to be ashamed of. It's not something you need to downplay or – as seems to be happening more and more in younger generations – wish/pretend was not the case. There is a role for masculinity in society. And it CAN be a positive one. When a man sees a woman slip on an icy sidewalk there is NOTHING WRONG with giving her a helping hand. Nothing wrong with stopping to help a lady change a tire on the side of the road. Maybe she doesn't NEED the help, maybe she does. Who knows? But there is nothing wrong with offering. And what woman – honestly – wouldn't at least appreciate the offer? Men raised on contemporary Disney may well be so confused and concerned about gender roles, and potentially offending someone, or so quick to assume no help is needed, that they never even offer. Is that really a better scenario? Is that really a better sort of man? Is that a better society?

    It is wonderful to empower and encourage and promote girls and their success. But there is NOTHING WRONG with doing the exact same thing for boys…*cough, cough*…Disney.

  38. The biggest reason why girls out perform boys in school is simply because girls mature three to six years earlier than boys. This means boys are competing for grades with female student's that are as much as 6 years more mature than boys. This is a huge disadvantage. But our educators are not doing anything about it. the question is why? The answer is that there is an agenda to put girls on top. The question is why? The answer is because it has been determined by the nation's educators that the reason why there is so much wars and violence in general and poverty is because of maleness. therefor there needs to be an agenda to replace male leadership with female leadership.The stragedy is to get girls to out perform boys in education which will lead to in turn to females out competing males for best paying jobs which in turn will lead to females overtaking males in leadership. Then with females in charge the cause for endless wars and poverty "maleness"will be removed and thus the world will become peaceful and prosperous because males will be subjugated and keapt from leadership.This is why nothing is being done to close the existing gender gap in education

  39. Stupid people are easier to govern. Career women have less kids. Families of the governed are inconvenient for those that govern.

  40. under achievers in what? not partaking in an insane circus of morons? off course we are out and will not partake in your moron plantation. We boys dont need your moron plantation anymore, good luck and please leave us alone, we have better things to do

  41. I think we need to separate girls and boys in the education system. Boys and girls learn in different ways. The school system is set up to educate girls, not boys. And include a veritable war on boy, men and masculinity and you have the perfect storm for things to degenerate into chaos and tyranny.

  42. In the US were already doing really bad compared to the rest of the world so I think making everyone smarter should be the first priority

  43. When are you ass kicking ladies going to start defending our Country? We are exactly the same right? Any chance the ladies can regulate the planet and support us while we take a centuries time out while we sip some beers while the ladies regulate? I’m down to see how y’all do!

  44. Why do women wanna take over institutions that were designed with the end goal to entice women to have sex with men? They’re all turning lesbian

  45. There is a war on men in this current culture and what happens to men also happens to boys. So of course there is a war on boys and it's expressed as "let 'em be, they need nothing." Warren Farrell says when boys hurt, boys kill. We need more men in education but I would never suggest any man go into it as the risk of being falsely accused is too high. We need more men in homes where there are children too, that isn't working out too well either.

  46. Boys had no trouble with educational ambitions 50 years ago in 1969. We made up at least 55% of college students. This constant propaganda war against boys and men has hurt the nation. In another 10 years, the USA will be weak and feminine values will be uppermost. Shame on education, TV and the media for their propaganda.

  47. There is something disturbing about this woman, Her eyes, her voice, she portraits craziness

  48. males have been expendable since the dawn of human tribes, this is just the manifestation of biological fact

  49. MGTOW bitches. I don’t fully support it myself and yet we
    aren’t paying attention to the fact that its happening wether we like it or not. The future is not female nor is it male. The future is an absence of men and the rest of society chaotically looking for solutions and answers. That’s bad for everyone

  50. Why would men want to work hard and succeed? They saw their fathers work hard just to be vilified when their mother got bored and cheated. Taking everything he loved and worked so hard for. Now you can work a minimum job live with a few roommates and play video games.

  51. The answer is simple: we need to go back to schools for Girls ONLY, with mostly female teachers.. and schools for Boys ONLY, with mostly males teachers .. Each kind of schools with environments for studying and methods of teaching specific to the two sexes.

  52. Boys will ALWAYS be boys. But if not in higher learning, then where are the boys? Simple, they are busy creating the next trend, the next big boon, the boon that once formed, academia will attempt to grasp an understanding of it in order to market the new knowledge to female students. The real deal is that when males create new trends and new markets, it will unlikely come from college and university professors. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg did not need a Harvard degree to create each's particular market and then become rich from his ideas.

    If higher education became 100% female, then very little creativity would spawn from academia compared to that which will spawn from the man on the street who is busy creating something new and marketable from his imagination. Yes, women can learn to function within male-created innovation. However, women will unlikely create something that will equally attract the male's attention as it would attract the female's attention. On the other hand, what men do attracts EVERYONE'S attention.
    Girls might rock, but only after the males create the rocking machine.

    Men BECOME CEOs.
    Women are MADE INTO CEOs.

  53. I think more women go into higher education because hard labor pays well enough that they don’t see the need to go into debt. If you’re uneducated female not willing to do hard labor you’re very likely to make under 30k.

  54. It's because of toxic masculinity. Men are insecure and always need women's attention. They can control their sexual urges. Women are more conscientious, mature faster, have emotional intelligence and are not afraid of being gay in comparision

  55. Boys are under attack everywhere. School was a safe haven when I was growing up. Thank you for shedding light on this problem.

  56. Fact check – Australia is doing nothing to address this problem. Companies actively advertises for females to fill public and private sector roles.

  57. With the feminist campaign being waged against boys and for girls in educational institutions, parents may need to take matters into their own hands if they really want to help their boys. Parents can teach their own children at home on their own time. If the educational institutions have been so biased against boys and for girls by feminists, then parents may have to redress this imbalance for their boys by teaching them at home themselves.

  58. Thank you for caring Christina. My view is the negation of boys' education means the educational courses will be filled by women especially the softer jobs in liberal arts, humanities and social sciences. Boys' and men other than the feminist endorsers will be forced to perform low status and demanding jobs women will simply not perform. As mens participation in education, especially in third level undergard and postgard education, the more manpower there is for the demanding low status jobs. This is, in my view, a policy of state in the US but also across some western European states. It is not happening by accident but my lowering boys primary education achievements and reducing high school and college academic success. This is a recipe for a societal disaster but the zeitgeist is happy to take such a gamble.

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