The Virginia Department of Education Presents School Quality Profiles

School Quality Profiles are a new way to look at the performance of Virginia’s public schools. They’re interactive and can be viewed on a desktop computer or laptop or on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. There is a school quality profile for every school and school division in the commonwealth. You can find the profile you’re looking for by going to the School Quality Profiles homepage at The quickest way to find a school or division is to enter the name and select from the list. You also can search by city, ZIP code or state legislative district. Select from the list or click the magnifying glass to see a Google map and a list of results. Let’s select a school. The snapshot includes directory information and we can see that the school is Fully Accredited and has won national and state awards for academic excellence. Simple charts on the snapshot provide high-level information on enrollment attendance, achievement and other topics. Notice that when you hover over a chart additional information appears to help you understand the presentation. You’ll find this feature throughout the School Quality Profile. Click a tab for more detailed presentations. For example, select “Assessments” to see state test results for the last three years. Compare overall performance with achievement among specific groups of students. Drop down menus allow you to focus on a single grade or test. If a column or chart disappears that means there are too few students in the group for reportable results. Throughout the School Quality Profile information icons provide context and tips for interpreting the data. Menus beneath the chart allow you to select prior years and compare data for specific groups. Click the question mark for an explanation of the data and it’s importance and information about related state and local efforts to improve student outcomes. You can also print and abbreviated at-a-glance report, or select a tool to share charts and reports from a School Quality Profile on other websites or through social media. And at the top of every page are answers to frequently asked questions about School Quality Profiles, a glossary, and a feedback feature for your suggestions.

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