The Universe, the stars and the galaxies. Educational video for kids.

Hi friends welcome to a new video from Happy learning… Look at Space, look at the Universe… Have you ever asked yourselves exactly what stars are? The stars are huge gas spheres that shine in the darkness of space. During clear nights we can see thousands of stars in the sky, but there are many more that we can’t see because they are very far away. All stars, along with the rest of the celestial bodies found in the sky including the space that is found between them form part of the universe. We have already said that even though stars are very far away we can still see some of them from the Earth. Chemical reactions occur in them, releasing huge amounts of energy and that is why we can see them. This energy emits light and that is why stars shine so much. Just as people, stars change as they get older. We can say that they are first born, then they grow and lastly they then disappear, but don’t worry because stars live thousands of millions of years. The life of a star starts when various clouds of gas and dust accumulate in a single cloud that grows and grows. First they are called Young stars because they continuously keep growing and they get hotter and brighter. But when the hydrogen that forms part of the star, and is its main fuel, starts to run out, the star becomes smaller and smaller until it stops shinning. This is when we say the star is dead. Galaxies are complexes formed by millions of stars that get closer to one another due to gravity. Seen from very far way we can observe that galaxies have diverse shapes. Irregular galaxies don’t have a certain shape and are composed in its majority by young stars. Elliptic galaxies have, as its name suggests, an elliptical shape, like this one you can see in the picture. The majority of the stars that form part of this galaxy are in the last phase of their life. Spiral galaxies look like a disc with arms. they are composed of young stars, although some old stars may be found in them, and inside this group our galaxy is found. Do you know what our galaxy is called? Well it’s called the Milky Way and in one of its arms the solar system and of course planet Earth is found. In the Milky Way there are more than 100,000 stars, including the most important for us, the Sun. Well now we know a little bit more about the universe, the stars and the galaxies. Have you found it interesting? I bet you have. Bye friends and don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Learning.

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  1. I would have liked that you could visually pinpoint sort of where our solar system was within the Milky Way and how it orbits within it. Can you please do that for us? Thanks in advance!

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