The UC Davis Difference: The Graduate Group in Education PhD Program

I think the school of Education has a
very inclusive culture it has always made me feel that I am wanted that I
belong here so that is crucial when you decide to go into a program like the one
that I signed up for because you are signing up for if not it’s not a year’s
more than a year so you need to feel like you’re at home and that’s how I
feel the culture here is it’s phenomenal it’s warm its inviting it’s encouraging
my first year me and a bunch of other students in my cohort we would study
those who had you know specialty in a specific area for example would be up at
the white board during our study sessions and walk us all through it so
we left feeling like oh I got it I understand and that has been my
experience across the board one of the amazing things about UC Davis School of
Education is how faculty really want you to pursue the things that you are
passionate about and often students who want to do work with social justice come
here because it’s important it’s integral it’s a part of the philosophy
the whole idea of UC Davis and especially school of education so the
faculty accepts it with open arms and finds ways to help support you the
faculty here are primarily focused on making sure students succeed a lot of
the coursework is really focused on helping you transition into becoming a
good researcher and also to be a strong expert at the national and international
levels and coming in I knew that funding was a priority not only for me but also for
my advisors and that was a discussion we had very early on and very often
throughout it was never a question really of where the funding might come
from I had access to funding through a number of different sources
what really drew me to this program was the students, the graduate students
because there’s not a competition it’s very supportive which I really like I’ve heard stories about different programs and how there’s not a lot of support
or there might be an ego or something of that sort especially and even in
the classrooms but for me coming into the School of Ed and seeing my
colleagues and how we interact with one another it’s very very supportive not
only in terms of lis intellectual support but financial support and social
support I’m a first generation student so I didn’t really know how to navigate
the application processes and so I think a big piece of why I chose Davis was
because when I reached out they reached back and they reached back in a way that
was so welcoming and open I felt like a sense of shock that people who I saw as
top scholars in the field were so normal so approachable and relatable and
genuinely interested in me and and what I wanted to do and what I could bring to
the school of education you have faculty staff students administration everyone
is carrying out a message of social justice but coming together as a
community for inclusivity so knowing that I will always have the school of
education is part of my history and the reputation of this school and this
program is part of my history is really important to me

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