100 thoughts on “The Truth About The Book | Vlogmas Day 9”

  1. Thanks to you Amy for being so real and genuinely caring! Thanks for your engagement in help all of us who follow your channel go after the life the we want! You're an inspiration! You're amazing! I know you might not feel like it's the case all the time (does anybody? 😂) but you are! And thank you for keeping on and going after the life that you want, with all its ups and downs because it does make a difference! Not only does it make a difference for you but it also makes a difference for all of us that are looking up to you for guidance in pursuing the life that we want! ❤️ Thank you!

  2. I'm sad that things didn't work out as planned, but on the bright side I feel special because you told us, the #ShineSquad and made us feel part of a secret club 😆

  3. Bahahaha!!!! First 5 minutes. Its good to see you sooo worked up because it shows that you get rattled too. I can relate.

  4. I really appreciated your honesty in this video, like you said, going after the life you want is hard and people need to know that. I appreciate you so much right now. Congratulations on your new book!

  5. Is the book going to be available for Kindle? I send you a virtual hug Amy. Enjoy the event and the end of this project, well maybe not the end but now is the fun part. I need that planner in my life!

  6. Amy this is so amazing! This is part of the journey and the part you will be so thankful for. Thank you for inspiring us to go after the life we want! 😍🤓

  7. Amazon sent me an email when GMGL was available. I got a little too excited and posted an IG story about it the day the book became available🤦I'm so sorry! I would totally react a similar way in your situation…But on the bright side, it's awesome that you have so many eager fans who are willing to support your work. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Amy and Vincenzo are #goals.

  8. Yaaaaaas hunny!!! You did that thang! I pre-ordered my book. I should get it tomorrow! #soexcited I can't wait. Trying to get more consistent come 2020.🤗

  9. So excited to get the book and journal! Just ordered both! You rock and are so inspirational! Can’t wait to binge read it when I get home on Thursday. Amazon prime for the win! 🙌🏻

  10. I'm so sorry you're so stressed about this. Your second book is quite an accomplishment and something to be very proud of. This was a great video. I hate when things don't go to plan so I feel you and I think you are handling the loss of control very well. Congratulations on a job well done! I can't wait to read it. <3

  11. Loved the video and you made me laugh and smile starting with “I’m good with talking….’’ yes you are and in a good way. I wish you the best start and launch day with great success to match. Greetings from Belgium

  12. I've been a fan of your channel for about a year and a half now, and I hope I speak for all your followers when I say SHAME ON AMAZON for not properly calendar blocking your book launch! You're going to have to set them straight Amy, perhaps do a talk at their campus! I'm a fan of yours and I say nothing has changed! The book launches tomorrow because YOU said it launches tomorrow and I've already blocked the time on my calendar to watch at least some of your launch party so I can congratulate you on this endeavor and watch you celebrate with those close to you (I may even have a couple questions!). Only after you punch in the launch codes will I log in to Amazon and buy your book. I'm confident all your loyal followers feel the same way. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  13. Is there someplace where we can see sample pages or a sample week/month of the planner? Is it for a full year ? Went to Amazon and could only see the front & back covers. 😊

  14. <3 always – and if you weren't tired after the year you've had, we'd be questioning whether you were a robot! Congratulations on the book!

  15. I’m sorry to hear things didn’t go as you planned. But on a side note, you give me motivation everyday to go on 😊 not kidding. I just had a baby and all the changes have me broken inside. Not like “depressed” but lost, I feel like I lost myself. I feel grey and plain. For me seeing someone like you pushes me to continue and regain my confidence. Sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to let you know 😬 thank you again 🥰

  16. This was the best video EVER!! Im a fan but Amy!! This *ish made me love You even more. I was driving and I was watching (ok listening ) but when your voice cracked and tears I darn near lost it driving. The realness was appreciated and I understand your frustration. I’m a reader, I love to read but I have never anticipated a book coming out as much as yours! I literally read your first book in October. I’m so excited!!! Congrats! And on payday I’m ordering 5 books!!! Kudos to your work ethic!! Love you lots and I appreciate you!

  17. I love that Amy's weird noises and accents are directly proportional to her anxiety levels lol. So listen, no pressure from us. You don't owe us anything so we'll take what you give us 'cause no expectations. I understand the feeling though. Pretty sure i'm failing my physiology final on thursday and i can only be grateful i didn't have panic attacks for this one (thanks to therapy). But yeah each exam is pressure and expectations to do better, cause hey! now i'm in therapy so i should be fine, i should get As, no anxiety, no panic, right? Yeah right. I appreaciate you saying you set the bar. I keep forgetting to stop adopting others expectations as my own. Anyway, an axious, rambling viewer sends your anxious bum a hug. <3.

  18. Hey Amy! For what it's worth, I've been following you for a long-ass time and I didn't know your book was already available. 🙂 Have a good launch tomorrow!

  19. I thought this might be the issue when I put your book on my school's Amazon wish list and it was available 3 days ago – 😊✨💜

  20. Oh Amy, we love for you to feel like you can be more of your "real" self with us because we love you! You made me tear up a little through out the video. I could feel your stress. Hope now that launch day is nearing/here you can relax a bit and start to focus on some family time for the holidays. Giving you big cuddles from Australia!

  21. Amy, congrats on your new book! I’m sorry it didn’t go as planned but I will wait until tomorrow to buy it😊 Much love to you and thanks for the inspiration and guidance all these years!💖💖💖

  22. I absolutely love your videos & your beautiful soul! Congratulations on the amazing book. I am so happy for you! You deserve the best always! Sending so much love & pixie dust 💚💫🙏

  23. Omg. I am just so happy for you!! Thanks for keeping it really real. Best vlogmis ever. Also just ordered!!! 😁😁😁

  24. I am so glad to hear this. I found the book, it seems like several days ago on Amazon. When you did the cover reveal I thought, “I’ve seen this cover already”.
    I put it in my cart thinking “Surely this is a pre-order.” I waited and finally ordered it a couple days ago. It will be here tomorrow. I will get my book on your launch date, so there’s that. 🎉👏🏻

  25. I got my copy today and I LOVE IT!! Every level up is harder than the last but it’s so much more rewarding. Thank you for keeping it real and being open and honest about the whole process. Love you!

  26. So, I finished my second book and was ready to hit the publish button and also cried. Lol. Because writing is one thing and selling is another. That is when where you place your personal value becomes extremely important. Anyway, you are not alone.

  27. Needed this. Needed to know that stress and frustration and not being perfect is all NORMAL. Building a business is really tough freaking work and we're all living in a fantasy land if we think there won't be tears some days

  28. Aww Amy! You are amazing and thank you for everything you do! I know you do a lot for us and we appreciate you! 💕 Definitely, will buy both your book and planner tomarrow. I'm so excited to read it and use your planner.

  29. You are so inspirational, Amy. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. ❤️❤️ I have never been SO excited for a book to come out. I have been telling ALL of my friends and family since you announced you were going to write it. Thank you SO much 🙏🙏 I live in CA, and I’m super excited to join you for your live stream tomorrow!

  30. Amy!!! Loved this video… very authentic and raw! I can 100% understand the frustration of the launch not going according to plan… however I was so flipping excited when I typed “Good Morning Good Life” into Amazon for the hundredth time and it finally, magically appeared. I ordered it and got it today. Best present to come home to after a crazy, running around shift at the hospital! Now I HAVE to go buy the planner 😍😍😍 Congrats!

  31. I admire you so much!! So happy for you! Crying with you! And can’t wait to read your book tomorrow on Dec 10th as you planned ❤️ You are doing great great great things!!! And Im so happy to see you accomplish this goal.

  32. I’m actually feeling bad that I bought the book yesterday 😬
    Just thought was some time difference between UK and USA!!!! Next book, I promise I will not look into Amazon until 1 month after launch date 😁

  33. Aww Dude I'm sorry. I know its so overwhelming but in a years time this will be super funny and this whole experience will have equipped you to deal with something else.

    I wrote my book in secrecy because of people's opinions and I'm like when it goes live on Amazon I'm going to run away to where everyone's opinions can't hurt me😂.

    Don't worry about what people say and expect. If they want to set the bar WHY DONT THEY WRITE THEIR OWN DAMN BOOK?

    Love you crazy girl. Xx

  34. We are so proud of you Amy! We love you and appreciate all the hard work you’ve done just to help us all go after the life we want too! We are all ALWAYS rooting for you!! ❤️

  35. I appreciate how real this video has been! Sometimes its good to remind us that everyone human! It might not feel easy – but, for me, this has put me back in touch with the reality that nobody's life is perfect and it really is hard work to go after the life you want!

  36. Amy you’re doing amazing! Thank you so much for being real – it’s not easy to be vulnerable but it’s refreshing to hear the real side of going after the life you want – as you said, it’s A LOT of work! But it will be so worth it! I know you’ll look back on this and smile even though right now it’s stressful! Wish you the best!

  37. I haven't watched the video yet, I just wanted you to know that I've bought the book in both formats! Kindle, so I can start today and hard copy so that I can underline bits and write margin notes etc. Lots of love to you xxx

  38. And, may I say, considering that you are still almost within your first year of grieving for your brother, what you have managed to achieve this year is nothing short of remarkable. I bet he's so proud of you! ! Xxx

  39. Besides that I'm absolutely buying your book, Amy I have to thank you. You are my GaryVee, you make me wanna be successful and trust in myself.
    I'm so happy that you refer many times that people have so many opinions but you don't care. 90% of people in my life have something to say about my way of living, about what I like or do. With you I'm learning to not give a s*** about them, I'm gonna start the life I want and be the better version of myself. And thank you for showing reality.
    Actually, I was just gonna comment to say that I feel you about the book release date and the real date, and it's sucks when things are not the way you planned when you're a planner. Just don't forget we love you no matter the book is out on the 10th or the 11th or the 5th. Has a follower of your work that doesn't bother me, but of course, this is my opinion.
    I love you so much, thank you for giving me Good Morning, Good Life, I'm so ready to continue my process of becoming who I want to be <3

  40. Amy, everyone is happy to have your book!! Everyone is happy to hold it in their hands, your awesome piece of work! I guess it’s a perfect situation to learn about yourself and expectations and see the positive side of the thing – your book is so much wanted and we love you Amy – even if your book was 2 months early 😁❤️

  41. Oh man I can feel the stress from you. You’re doing far more than the average person and making real changes to people’s lives, so pat yourself on the back and get a glass of wine lady! 👍💜

  42. You guys… So I found #GoodMorningGoodLife on Amazon, and read all the pages available for preview. 😀 Looks soooooo good! Even choked up over the acknowledgments.

  43. Oh my Amy, I felt like crying for you. Amazon just do whatever they want.. what makes sense for them!! So looking forward to getting your book xx

  44. Sweety, you are enough, just the way you are. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter what life throws at you, you are enough!

  45. I really wish the live video was later in the day. I'm a teacher so I wont be able to watch. I really want the copies of the book for some people in my life that could use it. It would be a wonderful christmas present. 🙁

  46. Congratulations Amy- I absolutely love your videos and your honesty. Things happen for a reason and the sooner you get your book out the better people can hear your words of wisdom 🙂 I bought your first book and I have just purchased your second one!! I am so delighted for you! I can't wait to read it over Christmas xxx

  47. Amy! I already bought the book and I'm soooo excited!!! I understand your whole stress situation, really. It happens! It's a lot of things to digest and a lot of expectations to fulfill, personal and professional, including yours.

    But you know? My grandpa always told me that his father used to say "Love the challenges with the enjoyment to overcome them" (or something…is so much harder when you try to translate it hahaha)

    You're an inspiration now more than ever. Congratulations!!!

  48. Thank you for being so raw and honest with us, it’s really inspiring to see that. You have all of our love and support. I’m so proud of you and this book! The book is on my xmas list and I know my bestie is getting it for me. I can’t wait to read it.

  49. Very introspective!!!! These thoughts are so real, so authentic, and WE SO NEED THIS TRUTH!! We trust you to be HONEST and once again, you have knocked it out of the park. I am just PISSED that I did not know it was available!! LOLOLOLOLOL Congrats AMY!!!!!!!

  50. I'm so sorry that this launch went so "wrong" for you but for me personally I'm so glad that it came out earlier (I was not sure too if it is the real book or a fake due to the earlier availability 🙉).

    I'm sooooo exciting – just got my copy – wohoooo!!!!will start reading right after my lunch.

    You are such an amazing person and inspired me to get my butt off the couch again and go after the life I want. I love your Vlogmas videos! So real and again inspiring… Truly admire you. Thanks Amy 😘🤗💕

    Xoxo from Austria and all the best for YOUR launch – CELEBRATE your day!!! 🍾🥂
    Christina 🤗😘💕

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