The Truth About Finding A Job, Freelancing, Starting A Business, Learning to Code

what's up team it is your biggest fan the real Casa Darrow and in this video this video is for anybody who's thinking about becoming a web developer like you you're interested in HTML CSS JavaScript front-end development back in development whatever web development you're interested in itself you want to get a job as a web developer or you want to be a freelancer go out on your own do your own thing set your own hours start your own company maybe even grow it to like a big agency where you have other developers working for you this is the video for you because I am in that process right now I've been in that process I've gone out and I've applied for the web developer jobs I got the web developer job and then also worked as a system administrator prior to that and I worked in sales prior to that before that I was in the military I went around getting shot at shooting get people and setting up tactical communications networks but anyway that's that's that's enough stuff about me team this is for the people who believe they want to do this thing but there I believe that they're getting a lot of misinformation and there's a few youtubers out there who keep it real with you they tell you exactly what's going on and so this video was inspired by one of them and I wanted to come on and tell you tell you my story and sort of my mindset based on my experience looking for a job as a web developer working as a system administrator and then going out and starting my own business none of this stuff is easy getting a job at a big tech company as a web developer is hard you'll see some people out there and they're like yo like yeah I did this in two months three months whatever right some people do right the best the exception not the rule less than 1% of developers end up in those positions then you have these people they shoot these day-in-the-life videos right and and the day and they'll exist glamorous right they got nice desks they got nice computers they got not all this nice stuff they're eating gourmet lunches when you see them they just show up they go sit down at their desks they go to work and then when they're done they just get up and leave this is not the typical experience most of you watching this video you will not experience that and I'm going to share some stuff with you that not a lot of people talk about number one these jobs that we're seeing online where they're posting for most of them are for junior web developer or senior web developer junior web developer we need three years of experience in you know building rest api's how the how in the hell are you going to have three years of experience building rest api's as a junior web developer if you have three years if you have three years of experience building rest api's I will believe that you would be classified as a senior developer if you've got three years of experience doing anything then you're definitely seeing you to everybody else out in the world here's the thing right you are competing if you're here in America you are competing with people who've gone to school and they've gotten degrees and they're in massive amounts of debt they are like yo I need a come-up I need a better job software development web development seems to be the way of the future they go when they start studying just like you and me they're a little less passionate about it some of them but they go out and they study right some people go into even more debt they'll go out and they'll go into a boot camp boot camps have been like the craze for like the last four or five years you are competing with people who have degrees and they've been through boot camps and they're applying to all the same jobs you're applying to but nobody has the amount of experience that these companies are asking for just apply just apply to every job it's a numbers game I've said this in the past like you look for you look for you know three or four places you want to work and then you email all these people I have learned that that that that is that is def that is not the case if you can get in and make friends with somebody then yeah you can do that but the thing is is it takes it takes long it takes a long time right so you have to spend months building relationships with people in these companies before you even get an opportunity to ask for a job you just don't show up and be like hey you know I thought your YouTube post was cool like they in hire me I want to come work at your place it doesn't work like that that's out the window when you apply for these jobs just apply and apply for hundreds I'm talking hundreds like you apply it for hundreds of jobs a day you'll get a lot of interviews you're gonna you're gonna fail a lot of the interviews because they're gonna say junior web developer and you're gonna show up and they're gonna walk there we're gonna want to walk you through some sort of white board interview they're gonna ask you questions that aren't even related to web development binary tree search reverse lookups and all kinds of stuff that you will have no no experience in I mean I'm not saying that you shouldn't have experience in these things at some point you want to get this experience but if you're trying to go from whatever it is you're doing now I need to come up to being a full-time web developer in the next six to twelve months you won't be able to learn that stuff well enough in order to go out and do what do one of these white board and it's possible some people will do it but most P for watching this video they will not be able to accomplish that and that's not saying anything about you as an individual it's just this is this is difficult stuff and then left unless you're doing it on a regular basis it's difficult to retain the information but enough enough about that the next thing is the actual freelance route I'm gonna get this job and then I'm gonna go out I'm gonna be a freelancer being a freelancer is hard a lot of the stuff that we see on YouTube is complete nonsense I've espoused this too so I apologize go out and you message all of your friends it depends on the friends you have and what they do in their caliber of connections if all of your friends are working nine to five jobs and random companies they probably don't know anybody who's gonna need a web developer and you're gonna run across a lot of friends who are like I have a business or I'm starting a business and when you say hey I build websites let me do your website they won't want to pay you to build a website they'll want you to do it for free and you can do it for free just so you have some stuff in your portfolio but that is again this take this all takes time and if you're trying to get from point A to point B in a very short period of time I need to come up that isn't the route to go out starting your own business there's only one thing you need customers clients nobody talks about the actual process of getting clients you have to go out and you have to sell people you have to get in front of as many people as possible it becomes a numbers game again you have to convince them that your product or your service which is web development is what they need that is extremely difficult if you have to make cold phone calls I'm talking about calling people you've never talked to before in Inked trying to convince them to buy what it is that you're selling that's freelancing in a nutshell at some point you get to a point where people are just coming to you but it's not just it's not right away like you just don't build a website and I was naive about this you just you don't just build a website and put the website on the Internet and people start showing up like hey look right we want you to do this thing even when you build a website and you send the website to all of your friends and all of your family very few of them are gonna come back and say hey like I have this opportunity for you it just doesn't work like that for most people some people yeah of course but for most people that's not the way it's gonna go so I'm just I'm just being realistic with you and then and starting your own business is that it's the same thing you have to you actively have to go out and find customers when you find a customer you then have to deliver the work you're delivering the work you can't find more customers so you end up on this cycle where you go like this right you make some money and then you're broke you make some money and then you're broke and you make some money in in in this this this continuously and it goes on forever until you either seek out the information where somebody brings it to you and they say hey look right like this is you can't you can't operate like this like you can't make a living like that how every business exists is customers come in and they buy stuff and they buy stuff at a profit and then the customer uses I mean the customer the business uses that profit to pay you to do some sort of function inside of the business they keep and they keep a piece of the profit so they'll sell something they keep some of the profits they take the rest of the money and they invest it back in the business they're paying you to do stuff they're paying the light bill the paying the phone bill paying for all of the stuff that we don't that we don't see so that's the that's the that's the business router right of things how businesses work if you go out to start your own business you're gonna have the same problem if you're working at a company now you don't see the sales side of things somebody in this business has to be out selling something somehow someway it could be an outside marketing team it could be a inside sales team that's cold that's calling people it could be the companies sending emails out to past and future clients whatever it is somebody's selling something if you're gonna go out on your own and do this you have to be selling something like we hear the bow you know you grind nine-to-five and then you come home and you work from 5 to 2 a.m. whatever right what are you doing between 5:00 and 2:00 a.m. you could be building something but after it's built and you put it on the internet it has to be sold by someone someone has to go sell this thing the best thing to do is to go sell it first to figure out if people want if people want to buy it but if you're doing that between 5 and 2 a.m. right like you have to consider the people in your area that you may want to sell this thing to they're not at work anymore you can't call them so now you now you have to think about time zones right what time zone can I reach out to between 5:00 and 2 a.m. where people are at working I can reach people here's another thing about that you can't be calling people in the middle of the day they're working they don't want to hear from you you got to call them either early in the morning when they get into the office before they start their workday or you have to call it when their workdays over but when they aren't dealing with customers when they aren't actively making money in their business that's when you that's when you have to reach out to these people or you're reaching out to them in places where they see what you're talking about at their convenience but most of the time we send these messages all wrong we send the emails all wrong they get a lot of these messages and emails wanting them to buy something it's soon as they see you they're like oh this is another person that wants to sell me something he's delete the spam box and you never they never hear from you again I'm here to tell you the truth this the stuff you're seeing on YouTube is not real it's not real stuff most of most of it isn't real stuff now some of you've come across some real people I've come across some real people for the most part the things you see these these jobs where people are showing up at 10:00 and they're leaving at 5:00 and they're getting these gourmet lunches nonsense the jobs where where you have to have two to three years of experience in in some sort of technology in in order to get into that job and be effective nonsense right let nobody has that amount of experience especially if they're just starting out and don't don't put yourself on the path of like learning all this stuff so you can get a job at this particular place because you could potentially make more money doing your own thing but again when you look at the freelancer videos it's nonsense nobody's talking about selling nobody's talking about the fact that you need customers they're all it's all woowoo nonsense bull they're like yeah like I don't even know team from from here on out what I'm doing I'm gonna deliver you my experience like what what I'm going through right now I'm out I don't have a job I'm in my own business I got to get my own clients I got to get my own customers I have to deliver the products and services it's a it's a roller coaster I've had people gone yeah let's roll and I send him an invoice and I never get a reply they stop answering the phone I had one one company we need any logo I go I designed the logo I send them the mock-ups and they're like you know we don't want logos anymore we decided we don't want to do any of this I can't get paid this is Semyon invoice I sent him an invoice I start the work the work is done they haven't paid the invoice I send them to comms they say we don't want to do this anymore there's no op there's no obligation no reason for them to pay me and these are things that that that I already understand here's the deal with all of the knowledge that I have from sales and service and all these different things and in the military I decided to go out and listen to what this this this garbage that I was saying on YouTube about like these fantastic jobs these big companies you know working as a web developer and you're the graphic design and you're building websites and you know you're changing the world in the freelance side of things you know message all your friends and do some free websites that's all crazy crappy nonsense garbage so I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you the real deal along the process that I'm that I'm going through right now the stuff that you're seeing out there is garbage people are lying you're being I to und you bring life you're not it's not e it goes far beyond web development there are some things in this world that if you want to be successful and make a bunch of money and live the life you want to live you could be doing but you have to have a certain mindset you have to have a certain skill set and the skill set is an HTML CSS JavaScript in these web technologies that dead we let these companies tell us we need we need to know we need to know sales marketing encoding it even goes beyond that because once we get enough clients we can't write all the code we can't do all the work we have to get somebody else to do this stuff for us but anyway team that is it I just want to sit down keep it real with you give you the real fact about web development out in the real world for for self-taught developers or people who are just looking to get started share subscribe like I will see you in the next session team

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  1. And always take 50% of deposit, so you don't get fucked like you did for those logo mockups. 50% upfront and 50% when the client is satisfied (with max 3 revisions).

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