12 thoughts on “The Tree of Knowledge: Bodies, Minds and Thoughts.”

  1. The knowledge is what you know what you have learnt, it is memory, knowledge is recognition, you label it then you can recognise it, you have no way of recognising other than with the help of that knowledge which is common to us all, which is artificial, it is a dialectical linguistic translation of the senses, the eye does not say it is blue and at no time does touch say it is hard, it is your knowledge your thoughts that gives depth and substance to what it is you see and feel, you was never born you came into existence later, when you could identify, as your identity was created by your cultural inheritance, the point of recognition, if it wasn't then you existed in the womb you existed as a sperm you existed as a cell you existed as an atom, the defining characteristic of existence is the recognition, which is nothing more than a product of cultural knowledge, meaning you exist only because you know, otherwise all that is there is a physical functioning of the human body, the I is a superimposition, it is illusory you'll have to imagine for it to exist, like the future we are talking about, how can we talk about future, it has not happened yet, what we are using to talk about the future is the memory the past, the knowledge is only necessary to live sainly and intelligently in this artificial society we have created, it is not necessary for nature, it is destructive, anything born out of thought is destructive, but we are so proud of that progression, that progression that is progressively moving in the direction of destroying everything, we have created a jungle out there protecting yourself from The Jungle.

  2. There's something in neurology called proprioperception, by means of which we build up from moment to moment an accurate "picture" of our bodies. In other words, the whole argument presented around the 20-min mark that, since we cannot see the back of our heads, we must attend to others in order to know ourselves as 3-dimensional bodies, is false.

  3. Dr Williams is an inspiring speaker, a man of rare intelligence and humility, a pleasure to hear speak. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Hi Brethren,

    In Jesus, we have One Fold, Church of God headed by One Shepherd, Christ Jesus. But this man belongs to Church of England headed by Queen, the head of Mammon in the defence of this Faith in Mammon soldiers who died during fighting for secular kingdom of Queen were said to have glorified God.

    Such a person, who heads this Church of Satan cannot know loving God as displayed by Brother William Both who declared the soldiers died for King and country. They hated him as the Temple Priests hated Jesus. More in my Videos.

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