The Three Most Important Skills in Sales

If you're an entrepreneur, business person
or CEO, there's one thing sooner or later we realize. And that is, that sales rules the business
world. And the sooner you and I turn that into a
science, the better you do in business and your revenue starts going in the direction
that you and I want it to go. So today I'm going to talk to you about three
skills I call it, but this could also be called three different positions within your company
that helps with sales. So let me get right into it. The first one if finder, second one is closer,
third one is developer. Let me explain to you in a way that will make
sense to you. Now, typically when you and I watch sales
movies or hear anything about sales you'll hear, ABC, always be closing. Coffees are for closers. Right? Everything is about closer, closer, closer. Then no one's paying attention to the finder
and the developer, so what happens to most people? We don't get good at it. I want you to get very good at these two areas
[finder and developer]. And you'll see why it's so important to get
good at those two areas. And at the end of the video I'll also answer
the question to you on which one of them is the most important question, important position
within your company. So let's get into it. In sports, so I'll give you an analogy, in
sports, great people who know how to put great teams together, they realize you've got to
put three different positions that lead the organization. It's not three, it could be more, but I'm
just giving you a general number here. In basketball it would be an incredible point
guard, a great scorer or closer, and then a great locker room person [developer]. For many years I used to ask myself, why are
the Lakers paying Luke Walton $6 million a year? Why? Because he was an incredible locker room person. Derek Fisher, incredible locker room person. You can go back to B.J. Armstrong with Michael
Jordan, who brought MJ back. Great locker room person. You see teams now, somebody signs a two-year,
$4 million contract, but they're like 40 years old. Why did you get that person? To develop. Nothing more than to do this. To teach the discipline, the mindset. Sometimes young teams bring older players
to mature the players. Right? So let's get into sales. Finder, closer, developer. Finder's somebody that's very good at going
out there and networking and finding the contact, so the closer can close. Finder's good at networking, finder's good
at exchanging cards, finder's good at getting through the front desk assistant to the executive
assistant, to the CEO, that's going to buy the product sold by the closer, but if this
person doesn't go through those, there is no opportunity for the closer to close, okay? The finder gets you into a massive community
of clientele that all of a sudden, one sale turns into 250 sales that comes to your company
and things change. Finder introduces you into a new market. Okay, that's a finder's strength. They're very good with people. They're very trusting, people like them a
lot. They make great friends. They're approachable, non-threatening, just
very, very good at that area, right? They make everybody else look good. And it's not about them. They don't want the limelight. They're humble. They're cool, they're easy going. People like to be around them. Now the closer's somebody that's confident,
very good at asking questions. He'll sit there, she'll sit there, go through
the questions that maybe somebody else is afraid of asking, and they'll get through
a process of saying, okay, you said this, this. Based on what you told me, you need this,
this and this. Out of these three, which one do you like
the most? I like this. Great. Any reason why we shouldn't get started today? Not at all. Great. . . Okay, let's get the paperwork started. They close. That's the closer. Closer's good at scripts, they know the FAQs,
it's almost a science to closer, where they know what questions are going to be popped
up, so they do a very good job with that, right? And then you have the developer. The developer is somebody that follows up
with the client that was closed by the closer, found by the finder, and the developer said,
Hey, Mary, how's everything? We just wanted to follow up. Are you happy? What else can we do for you? If there's anything you need, please give
us a call. Here's a number. You go on a website you can log on and track
your customer, client. . . Oh, awesome, thank you so much. And by the way, the best way you show us that
you like our service is we're commission based company, so if there's anybody you know that
feels great about the product that we service you with, please send it our way. We really appreciate it. Oh, no problem. I will. If there is anything you can think about right
now? Let me get back to you. Great. Every six to twelve months, he or she follows
up. How's everything, how's everything, how's
everything. Not to the point that's too much, but there's
a follow up. Right? So there's a relationship being built here. Now, I'll tell you, most companies don't even
think about this. Most companies are here [closer and finder]. And mainly they're here [closer], not even
here [finder]. They're mainly here [closer]. Let me find the best closer. So now, which of these three, believe it or
not, are the most valuable to the sales organization? Watch this. Most people automatically. You know what most people will say? What do you think most people will say? Most people automatically go right here [closer]. It's the closer. It's the closer. And by the way, everyone can have their own
philosophy. I want to give you mine, and some of it varies
based on the industry, on what the price point or product is, but generally, a lot of people
will say the closer is the most important person to find. I'm here to tell you, I'm here to tell you,
the finder is by far the most important skill, skill, and position to find. And let me explain to you why. Every once in a while, you find somebody that
has all three. If they do, and they have work ethic, it's
guaranteed they're going to make seven figures, if not be the top in their business at whatever
they do. It's impossible for somebody to be a great
finder, great closer and great developer that doesn't make seven figures, only if they're
lazy. If they're secretly lazy, there's a reason
why they're not making seven figures. But it's mathematically impossible to not
make seven figures. But most people don't have all of them. Like in the world of basketball, this may
be LeBron James. Great at assist [finder] great at closing,
now, and he's a great locker room guy. Magic, locker room guy. Jordan could be this [finder, closer], I don't
think Kobe is this because Kobe is not necessarily to strong in these two areas [finder and developer]. But he was very good here [closer]. He developed this [developer] later on, and
he developed this [finder] his last two or three years, but not the entire time. So why is the finder more important than the
closer? Because closer, this can be taught. Even this [developer] can be taught. Finder can't always be taught. Okay. Let me explain what I mean by this can be
taught. So let's just say you sell three products. I would take a sheet of paper and I would
put all of these three products on three sheets of paper, and I would say, these three products
generate these ten frequently asked questions or concerns. How long does this go for? It is a contract? Is it month-to-month, do I have to pay it
up front? What if this happens? What if that happens? This product generates these 10 FAQs. This product generates these 13 FAQs. These products generate these 16 FAQs. Anybody can learn those scripts to master
the FAQs and how you respond back. Great. If the husband responds back to a concern
here, husband's typically come up with these six questions, wives typically come up with
these seven concerns. Okay, great. Now I have that down. This is how you open up, this is how you close,
these are the seven questions to ask, go take a couple of days and master this script. Great. If I have a great system, I know how to develop
great sales people. Same goes here [developer]. I find somebody that's warm, gentle, kind,
hey, here's how you follow up. Here's how you do this. Here's how you do that. Phenomenal. But the closer I can't tell a closer, hey
closer, go into a community and learn how to get to the 4,000 soccer moms. They can't do that. She [finder] comes with that. Because she's a leader of soccer moms and
she found me 4,000 soccer moms to do business with, for instance. I can't tell the closer, hey closer, go into
the community and go do XYZ and build all these relationships at this church, congregation,
or this place or that business, or this sports team or that cowboys or this other place. I'm just looking and thinking about businesses. Finders know how to do that. These guys are irreplaceable. This guys [closers] are replaceable because
the system can teach how to sell. The system can teach how to sell. System can teach how to do this [developer]. System, finding, it takes a lot of courage
to do this. Closers typically have big egos. Closers don't like to go to strangers and
talk to strangers. Closers just like to say, here's the appointment,
I'll get them, I'll close them, I go this. Mary [developer], can you please take care
of the processing? Yes. Hey, John, can you give him a call and make
sure everything's fine? Yes. But they're not going to do this [finder]. Now if you're watching this yourself, and
you're saying, wait a minute, Pat. I'm a closer. I'm a great closer. But I'm noticing I'm only make $300,000 a
year. I'm only making. . . whatever your number is. And in your world, you'll know if you're at
the top or the bottom or middle, wherever you are. But I'm not one of the best. I will tell you, if you consider yourself
a great closer, you will generally find a link here [finder]. Generally great sales people are afraid of
doing this [finder]. And this [finder], your income is so exponential,
if somebody who's a great closer, they learn how to do this [finder], their $100,000 could
be $800,000 in two years, three years. Their quarter million could be $2 million
year income in two, three, four years. Literally! If you learn how to do this. And if you can ask somebody who helps you
here [developer], develop the relationship, now you have a longstanding business that
increases value – not just income, not just profit, but value. Somebody else could come in and say, I love
your business, I will write you a check, because this is a valuable business, ran on systems,
and you guys got all three of them figured out. If you can pull that off, it increases the
value of yourself, of your business, and it just makes everything so much easier. So as you're watching this video, I want you
to ask yourself five questions. #1: Which of these three are you good at? You. Which of these three, are you good at? So write it down. I'm a good closer. I'm not the best developer, and I don't even
focus on the area of finders. Great. Next, Which of these three is your company
very good at. So you could say, well, our company is great
at this, our company is great at that. Our company is great at that. Okay, out of the three that you have in your
company, which people in your company are best in each one of them? Write them down. What do you need to do to improve every one
of these areas in this business. Question number four. And what do you individually need to do so
you can become more of a well-rounded sales person in your company. By the way, I love it when people tell me
sometimes, well, I'm a CEO. I'm not a salesperson. I'm a founder, but I'm not a salesperson. I'm a CEO, I'm a founder. The word, CEO and founder to me means sales. What else do you think it is? If Zuckerberg doesn't figure out a way to
bring the money, there is no Facebook. . . you need to bring sales. Financial firms need to bring sales. So you need to be thinking about sales. And the sooner you figure out how to improve
this and you put a plan of action into it, you'll see like I told you earlier with revenues
going like this [sharply upward], going the right direction. Now many of you have been asking me and saying,
"Pat, can you do a course, can you do a conference?" We'll soon be doing our Valuetainment conference,
so to be the first one, stay tuned, we'll announce it. We'll give you six month's time to prepare
for it and come to it because we also have a lot of things going on right now. But prior to doing something like that, I
do owe a two-hour course to thousands of you who have asked about sales, and we'll come
out with a course that you'll buy, it will be a course that you'll buy, because it's
not going to be 10 or 20 minute video, it will be a two-hour video, or an hour and a
half video. And I'm going to go through A through Z of
how you can become better at sales and how you can develop better salespeople within
your company that is transferable, duplicatable, teachable, where you yourself can apply and
start getting results immediately. And that will come out soon. Don't ask me when. I don't know when. I just know it will come out soon. I'll probably be recording it in the next
90 days to 120 days, but the moment we have it we'll launch it, we'll announce it, you'll
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  1. Business is about money, you gotta get people to buy from you if you wana make money, how do people buy from you? You sell to them, sales. OH SHI…!

  2. Literally

  3. I believe it is very rare to find a person who do the three. It is much more practical to hire a very social person for finder, a smart guy who can answer any question from the client to be the closer, and guy or lady who has a passion for satisfaction, who likes to please people for developers.

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  5. Interesting you are saying that the telemarketer is more important than the sales people in a business.  All businesses I've ever seen say it's the other way around, but after telemarketing for 18 years I can say without a great marketing staff you won't have enough customers.  Also I've had countless sales people over the years tell me that they could never do what I do which is telemarketing.

  6. In a car dealership the finder is the BDC rep, the developer is the sales person, and the closer is the sales manager.

  7. All of them,, but you forgot to mention as being a "finder" Its about finding the RIGHT customers, individuals, contacts, suppliers and so forth. Not just any joe to get their money and run… Finding right customers that you trust and can see your self doing business with them in the future. And costumers who actually have money not just fucking talkers and people who waste time. Sorry had to add the F bomb haha

  8. We kick ass at developing, I'm the closer, but we just lost our finder who I've worked under and hope to replace soon

  9. I Feel like there is another step , and it is Actually Before the ,Finder,CloserDeveloper
    It Is a Visionary, Its a Different Type than any of those three , it definitely is a type and There types often arent good at turning the vision into reality or into cash , the ones that Figure out how are the successful Entrepreneurs.

  10. I would say I'm a great finder. I can go up to strangers and connect with them immediately. I would say in order I'm
    1. Finder 2. Developer 3. Closer

  11. The other reason why Finders are the most important is because without them, Closers can't close and Developers can't develop. Finders get you customers, and without them, there's no business to do. I remember back when I worked for Vector Marketing selling Cutco Cutlery, I could usually close–I was above the average, that is–but I couldn't find to save my life. Part of it was I didn't like bothering people because in order to get appointments, we had to call people like we were telemarketers, and people don't like telemarketers. And no one wants to spend that much money on cutlery, anyway. They're great knives, but even I think they're overpriced.

  12. Another excellent video! This is why I come here and not for the glamor show of these greedy corporations showcased that have not the slightest clue what it means to build relationships because all they care about is money.

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  13. Thank you Patrick! I really appreciate this video. I have a crazy quota to meet by next week, & rather than gloating, I had your “solve for x” mindset. That led to me realizing a mistake I have been making and getting 2 new marketing strategies for leads. I feel ready and excited to meet this quota! Thanks bro. You’re an awesome dude. Keep up the great work.

  14. Hi Patrick
    I have a guest house. Most of the sales are done through online websites, although I'm thinking it might be beneficial to employ a Finder. Someone that can make relationships with local businesses and strengthen Sales from the University near us.
    I'm not good in this area myself. If Im hiring a Finder, can you please give me some tips on How I will know if this person is a good Finder?

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