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  1. Great job! These are the questions commonly asked in a teacher's interview. Lots of people give short answers, but here each question is answered with examples. She is experienced and informed. You can she is passionate about teaching, continuing to learn her craft and strategies, and helping, yes to teach educators or potential educators.

  2. Nice Mam,. you are smart and clever but. please is that okay that little bit slowly.,., hahaha thank you..

  3. Nice presentation and information overall. The answers seemed longer than prudent for an interview situation, but actually similar to how I might respond (I'm a bit verbose). I expect the preferred response length would vary based on interview team though. You used lots of great vernacular, which reinforced perception of content knowledge and mastery to me as the viewer. Nicely done. Does make me a bit nervous about my own interviews at this point, as I am just transitioning into teaching now. Hopefully I won't have to compete with folks like you too much as I'm interviewing! 😉

  4. ah, thank you so much, I`m preparing my self for English teaching interview, you can`t believe how much I'm grateful for your effort on this video

  5. Sorry, too verbose: when there are 20+ applicants there is no time for an interviewer to listen someone to recite chapters from a book… because that what this sounds like. The interviewers will also be stressed and tired unless you are lucky to be the first one to be interviewed. Also, rather than tell YOUR lengthy answers, you could just keep tips on how a person can present of their skills and experience in the best light; what do you think the interviewers are probably looking for. Good job for throwing in pedagogic terms, someone might be impressed.

    As for this video, take a breath between each point rather than jump straight to the next question. And slow down! This sounds like a junior high presentation… I trust you don't speak like this in the classroom unless you are teaching advanced students in university.

    I'm sorry this sounds negative, but I am trying to give some constructive criticism hiding in my comments.

  6. can we be friends on facebook?? my first interview will be tomorrow and i badly needed your help

  7. The way she speaks is like a drill in my brain. I will go ahead and guess she is a nice person, but man, does it drill.

  8. Thank you for this informative video. I am from Melbourne, Australia and still found it very relevant. I have an interview today and am feeling much better about it now. For those of you who have chosen to respond negatively to this video, it concerns me that you are possibly educators. We need to build each other up. Rather then criticising, why not use compenents of the video that are useful to you? You are not expected to go to an interview and repeat word for word what the author has said. I'll let you know how I go Happily in the Middle 🙂

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  10. Im trying to find a student interview video.I’m a foreign So its 10x harder and I’m a shy person what a pain….. can someone give me clue what will i do there?? 8th grade btw

  11. You got better and better in this video. Very articulate, informative and dedicated….oh and muy guapa 🙂

  12. Hi there .. Thanks for this helpful vidoe .. It is full of learning methods, strategies, and motivations.. It introduce you as a person who is full of knowledge. If you donot mind, why do not share ur exeperience by having a paid discussion for anyone who is interested like me? if yes please contact me!

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  14. There are some well prepared answers in there but I would say you have too many upward inflections in your voice, it is a bit distracting. I would also make your answers more concise cause I got lost a little while listening and had to rewind. But I will definitely use some of your examples.

  15. This is so helpful! I’m not planning to interview anytime soon, but I still learned from you. Can please you share links to the books you mentioned? Thank you for sharing! You rock!

  16. short concise questions with a suggested concise answer would be better, interviews are interactive exchanges between interviewer and interviewee .

  17. Very nice tips. I am Colombian and I am applying for a highschool language position as an English-spanish teacher in North Carolina. This is my first time as a teacher in the US. Next week, I am having my interview and this video has helped me lots. I would love it if you had any further advice for me to take them into account. Thanks a lot!

  18. Helpful in confirming answer ideas I've considered. One interview fact I was SO surprised by in a couple of interviews recently was realizing the interviews are not 'interactive' with give and take from interviewers and candidates. I have been told it is due to Union rules that panels provide the 8-10 questions and ask them; that is it. The candidate cannot assume the interviewer will ask more probing questions in areas of interest because they do not. SECOND, my last interview I was escorted into a panel of 8-10 administrators and told we would have TEN minutes together for me to answer all given questions. SO, the difficult part is being very direct, specific, and to the point in a very brief time. Yep, that is right, 8-10 questions in 10 minutes. FYI!

  19. Hey ! I really enjoyed watching this video , as an English language teacher I have to improve my American accent , could you help me do that?

  20. what is written on the board behind you?
    If not me who? if not…………..? I cant read it (^_^)

  21. I really appreciate your videos but what about the following "How do you assess and record your children’s progress?" and "Tell us about your experience of assessment for learning and assessment of learning". Thanks for all

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