The Story – BEnergyAware Online Course

As a highly sensitive person I used to think that being so
sensitive is a big burden. I would easily take on other peopleʼs suffering, and I used to have a habit of
feeling their feelings, and would end up getting
drained and depleted. Setting boundaries was really hard for me, and I would struggle to make
good decisions for myself, especially in close relationships. Every day was very frustrating
to say the least, and the amount of emotion
I felt was unbearable. And I couldnʼt even tell if those feelings
were mine or someone elseʼs. In spite of all that, I became determined to find a way to deal with those daily
challenges to my benefit, and life started becoming
a lot more manageable. Now itʼs a life where I am able to
set good boundaries, and make good decisions, and a life where I am able to
avoid getting drained, keeping myself safe
and feeling well. I am also able to tell the difference
between what I am feeling and what others around me are feeling, and I do not take on any of their energy
or their suffering. There is so much joy and ease
in everything I do, and itʼs a huge relief not to feel
burdened like I used to. And so today Iʼm dedicated to helping
other highly sensitive people to overcome their daily challenges, through sharing what Iʼve learned. Iʼve designed and created
an 8-week on-line course containing valuable knowledge, practical examples and weekly assignments, that are intended to provide the tools
and the awareness you need to really be able to handle
anything you need to face. In this course Iʼve included everything that I personally
use and apply on a daily basis, when facing any challenges, be it internal or external. My hope is that all highly sensitive people
benefit from this knowledge and create a life theyʼve
always wanted to create. No need to struggle anymore, we can use our high sensitivity as a gift, that not only enables us to handle things, but gives us an opportunity
to really thrive in the world.

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