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what's going on guys and welcome back to ball these basics in education and learning in the last video we got seven out of seven and we died as soon as we did because Baldy and his stupid ruler chased me into a room and got me stuck in a corner and killed me well today's video we're we trying to get past seven out of seven and maybe even beat the game but most importantly I want to show you guys an easter egg that actually found and I actually didn't realize this but the game has a storyline to it so if we click how to play right down here it'll actually tell us that but if we're gonna of course I really want to remind you guys if you enjoy this video and you want to see more of this series don't forget to leave a like on the video down below and just drop a comment of course new channel be sure to subscribe you don't want to miss what's coming soon to the channel anyways let's go ahead and press how to play and read this storyline so there's been here this whole time and I had no idea so let's read it says Oh knows the school is out but your friend has a problem he left all of his note boos no boos in school but doesn't have time to go get them because if he does he'll be late for eating practice eat what eating practice to help him out you have to go back in the school and find all seven of his notebooks for him it won't be easy though Baldy loves challenging his students with fun trivia problems whenever he can each time you find a notebook you'll have to answer some questions answer all three correctly and you'll win a prize find all seven notebooks and then eggs at the school to win so it literally that's it I mean your friend left his seven notebooks and baldy likes giving us trivia questions and that's why also there apparently isn't wait yeah you can look behind you okay we're using spacebar okay let's get into those guys I don't know how far we're gonna get I'm just gonna try to do I don't know I'm gonna try out a new strategy to be honest here and see if it works out all right so let's go ahead and start with this one got one you got zero and I almost did the wrong thing because I thought I'm so used to like putting in a random number at that part all right here we go guys book one is done quickly run over here to book two I just grabbed this first I have a kind of a strategy to this time around that I kind of want to try out I was watching GT live earlier today and I was like okay I kind of want to try that so we'll see all right here we go is where he gets angrier it would be nice if we just get that one right he just won't be mad at us all right so here's the plan we're gonna run this way and we're actually gonna go this way instead of down the that we usually go and what the plan is we're gonna run all the way to here then we're gonna walk the rest of the way so I hope this strategy works I was only watching GT Live for a little while I didn't really get to see the whole thing but this is what he was doing somebody came for a try Oh God come on is he already behind me no he's not okay I love the fact that I can turn around now it makes it so much less scary all right so once we grab this one we'll get full stamina again and then he should be in that hallway behind me though okay 508 negative five oh my god dude I always forget to do that 14 random number good to go all right so we're at three out of seven currently I really hope the strategy works oh the only thing is I think I'm kind of worried about is okay where's yet please don't be right here okay oh he's not even in the hallway yet okay that's really surprising all right now since this room is so close we can actually run straight to it and we'll be able to have a little bit of stamina left he is not even in this hallway yet so we're actually doing really well I don't even hear his ruler anymore it's so surprising all right now what do we got here 15 and then we have two and then random numbers all right cool we're at four out of seven guys three left I don't know what we're gonna do that like even if we get seven out of seven dude I'm gonna be so worried because I don't know what to do after that like apparently the ending the old guys down there apparently the man that guy's so scary like used what is he doing oh I thought he was about to send me to whatever janitor room oh no I didn't even think about it oh my words yet what sounds really close no I didn't even think about it I'm so stupid I don't remember all say oh but apparently once you get seven out of seven the exits start like switching around and that's what makes it difficult I have no idea but I'm kind of scared about that dude that completely where is he he sounds really close I am not sure where he is he sounds super close though okay 1 minus 0 is 1 13 and then random numbers 1 2 3 okay we're good somebody pointed out in the last video to that I did like 666 on accident Oh God where is he dude why does he sound he sounds so close it's really creepy oh god I'm low on stamina I don't know how close he is quick quick quick okay okay I think he might be like right outside my room this could be bad oh no if he's out there I'm dead I think he might be crap oh God Oh oh god oh god he's right behind me now the phone Oh $0.25 no I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead nothing I could do oh my oh okay I think man I think we had that in the bag the only thing that really killed me off was the fact that I I didn't have any items and I think that that because I got sent to the janitors office or the janitor the but whatever you call it all that I'm trying to do math and talk at the same time it's difficult I think the fact that we got sent to you know detention wherever you want to call it that's what completely screwed me up like that messed me up bad all right we need to get items next time because we would have had that like fart bubble thing that shoots him away we would have been good right there I hear every door you open all right buddy here we go all right let's see if we can do better this time we're gonna quickly run out I'm gonna do that same strategy too because it seemed to have worked really well so I want to stick with that all right to go out let's make sure wonderful if we go to that one first it will be easier really low on stamina Oh God I'm cutting it close this this did seem to work though I am curious oh man I wonder if we go oh there's a lock there that could actually be really good to have I'm curious if it's worth stopping in there to grab that though man there's so many strategies for this game like it feels like there's so many options let's grab this quick quick quick okay negative three negative two random numbers 1 2 how do I every time I say random numbers always do 1 2 3 like I don't know if I said this kind of remember I started saying it but then I think I got distracted but you're just saying like you're putting out in the comment section i typed in 666 oh no oh no what do I do oh she's gone okay she just randomly turned where did she oh my god okay that was close dude if she woulda came this way that would have been like game ending right there like it would have been over cuz he would have just died no he would have been really close to us Oh God that's a janitor man whatever you want to call him okay fifteen fourteen I meant one random numbers good to go all right here we go this is where things start to heat up we're gonna run straight out of here and really hope that this guy doesn't see us I know he likes to stay around here so I gotta be careful come on come on come on all right what's this way oh please tell me this is a cafeteria right here oh it's a cafeteria okay this could be good oh no oh no no she can go through items are you kidding me go through desk oh my god completely screwing up my whole strategy that I had man that sucks like I had such a good strat going and she just completely killed it alright whatever this is gonna get me at five let's do this one alright so what does this one 13 for and then random numbers oh this is five out of seven though we do have this little fart bubble thing that'll shoot him away but it's gonna be scary he's gonna be really close where is he he sounds like he's like in front of me for some reason I wait what does this room have for me oh it has a lock dude that lock would be so good right now oh wait the vending machine this will give us one of those fart things give me give me give me come on use it what why it won't you oh my god here to right-click on it I did not know that crap he's so close oh god he's coming how do I want to go is there one in here oh there is all right here's the plan alright I'm gonna shoot him back right before he gets here and then we're gonna know running alright do this I probably could have done that better but whatever this should be 16 and then random numbers all right so we're now at I think six out of seven so we have one more room to go we have one fart bubble let's get out of here no go what oh my god oh he's still stuck okay this could be good I don't know where this final room is it might be right here this might be it come on Oh what's up what up why is why was the broom in there Oh God he's close I am out of stamina we're back here again I kinda actually I'm gonna run no I oh my god I wanted to run so he would come here but he didn't dang it chocolate bar no lock I'm gonna go for this oh god I'm so dead never mind I need stamina dude he's coming oh my God we're so dead we're so dead we're so dead dude run I need this shoot of back down this hallway but after this I'm out of this thing so I'm a little bit worried about that and shoot him back alright let's go let's go let's go this is a bully okay online each stamina cue this socks not having something I don't know what he what no I've never run into the bully before he just blocked the way what do I do what's what do I do what the bully just blocks the path I've never read in there before c'mon no items I'm dead you've got to be kidding I've never ran into the bully before I've never ran into him and now I'm dead because of I hate you dang it I've never had that that's the first time I have ever ran into the bully and the one time I run into him it's because I don't have any items that it sucks dude we had such a good run going there I mean at least it felt like it alright you know what we're gonna do this again alright we're gonna try again see how I go Oh what why didn't it type in the number are you kidding I literally oh my already messed it up right from the beginning oh that sucks I'm not gonna have the coin now I didn't type in the number I don't know why wait press escape to return to the game press okay let's go back to the main menu here I don't actually want to go again here I need that coin if I want to have a good run so I don't know what happened there I typed in the number just my keyboard I guess I must have missed it and didn't realize okay so we got to do this I'm slowly dying because of this game right now part of getting a cold from this game dude we're playing you too much alright let's go yep thank you I'll grab that on the way out bro I'll grab that on the way out Baldy slow down bro all right for one that's a problem like you're rushing to put in answers and when you do that it just makes it where you don't realize like you don't think the the problem all the way through and it just messes you up sometimes all right let's go all right I feel like if I had more items dude be so much better wait I thought the vending machine was down there for some reason we're gonna run this seems to be a good strategy though I do want to try going in this room right here because if we can get the item in here the lock like that could be really good if we could lock them out all right let's grab it I'm gonna try it this time we're gonna try for the like this run see if it works that's we got the lock yellow door lock this is perfect this is a really good item late game because you can lock him out of an entire section so it's really powerful especially you late-game like I said all right oh no no jumper up ladies around here all right zero got seven random numbers all right we're good I'm gonna run out of here run straight to the next room and then that's worth it oh no why was he in there why were you in there were you just waiting for me to staring like what what the heck you've got to be kidding me luckily we're only at three out of seven but it sounds like he's like coming he sounds like he's really close oh come on dude I couldn't yellow lock that but I'm not going to I feel like it'd be a waste I'm gonna go in here grab these keys I don't know what these no please come on I'm actually dead I can't believe it we eyes like a semi-decent run going there and this man just obliterated me oh boy run this way oh I'm out of stamina just kill me ah that sucks I'm wondering what these mean like these random like end screens how they have like scissors and all that kind of stuff I don't know if I I can't remember I showed you guys the Easter Egg at the beginning the video but if I didn't here's the Easter Egg I'm actually good played at the end of the video if I didn't try the beginning like I don't really remember but yeah there's a pretty crazy Easter Egg where like you can find like a set of eyes or something they just like screams at you it's really creepy but I mean I guess I'm gonna video here guys in the next video if there even is another one it'll probably be us finishing the game getting seven out of seven and getting near the exit and yeah going from there but yeah I think we've kind of done everything in the game besides beat it like we figured out the storyline we've found some Easter eggs we've dyed a ton we've got like different strategies going and yeah it's it's been this has actually been a really enjoyable fun game for me and I really hope it makes like a second one or I don't know like a full release or something like that or it's just like different schools that you kind of have to go through our different areas like a dungeon that you have to like he's chasing after you with a ruler there's like different characters that are creepy like different you know bullies and stuff like that to I think this could be a fun full game but anyway these guys I'm in this video here of course you can do a video like I said be sure to drop like on it it always goes a very long way and helps the video you know spread everywhere else on YouTube and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out guys

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  1. No running in the Halls detention for you when will you learn 15 seconds XD I am the principal of the thing

    Me: it's a bsoda dummy note: bsoda means Baldi Soda

  3. I really like those set of eyes looking at you at the end like there had to be something up with those items

  4. Does anybody else scream like Mariah Carey when they play this? Not because it’s scary, because it startles me. Don’t judge.

  5. The real answer to blah blah blah blah blah jangled up numbers the answer to it is the real answer to it I meant is 6 and if you type 666 he will do that fan-made smile that I saw you made a video of and if you get caught by him and then then if you get caught by a me he will call you and he will want you to answer questions and he will still come after you in real life and you get one wrong or take too long

  6. :player: what is this
    :Baldi: hello welcome to my schoolhouse
    :Baldi:get 7 notebooks answer each question if you get one wrong you DIE:
    :Player: um well heres the first question 2+2 is 4 ?!;::+"::;! Is 7???
    :Baldi: your gonna Die
    :Narrator: To be continued
    :Narrator: love you fusionzgamer

  7. The year you come to the school is 1999. I belive this, because the graphics setting is 1999, and it looks like a game from 1999.

  8. Baldi-Balding
    he has one tiny hair
    did u find he is weird in that?

  9. I got that weird big red eyes Easter egg too!

    bully's face is just PlayFace squished up also.

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