22 thoughts on “The secrets of learning a new language | Lýdia Machová”

  1. Who also struggled with people making fun of them for learning a language that's total different from their culture? Because I did, and I'm still struggling with this.
    (I'm an Arab polyglot and ppl make fun of me (but surprised at the same time) bc I speak Japanese and Chinese, my secret is, if I'm interested in a culture then I'll learn their language right away, that's why I'm an addicted to foreign languages.

  2. Wow nice speech
    I really want to know speak in english fluently but I make a lot of grammar mistakes but when I watching this video I decided never give up to learning want to learn more and more vocabularies for this enjoyable way thanks for motivated me…✌

  3. 나도 도전했다가 실패했다가 또 도전하는걸 반복하고 있는데 이제 진짜 끝내본다

  4. Learn other idioms is my hobby! I love it! I have 24 years old and I speak 4 different languages.

  5. I liked this video. I needed it. I am trying to learn english but i think that it is too difficult but every day i practice my listening. Step by step

  6. I´ve been following you for some time now and I absolutely like the way you present the language learning process. Your enthusiasm is so contagious! I recommend your videos to my students. Thank you for being such a great asset to the community of lifelong learners all over the world. 🙂

  7. I learned english many year. I alway fear english. When i listen this video. I feel rescue. Don't pressure. Only enjoy. Made follow way if yourself.

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