The Secret Of Knowledge

the purpose behind knowledge is what we can act upon and that's exactly what abdul-allah mr. Leland used to say a lady at Toccoa knowledge is that wha that was something that is usually a parent or it has clear manifestations it reflects on our actions and our attitudes the point after Laden was federal law and was making here is that real knowledge an element NASA beneficial knowledge is that which reflects on who you are that's why learning according to the early scholars of Islam is not boring information as the majority of the students of knowledge do today because knowledge without being digested without being processed and personalised could bring about a negative effect and that's the secret behind the Companions learning five versus versus at each time learning the knowledge in Varian and acting on that knowledge and then after they have completed this they move on to another five verses that's the way they used to study Islam and that's why they learnt and that's that's why they excelled so I've the lovely miss wrote a lot of the lava and was pointing to this fact that real knowledge is what reflects on your actions and this is why in the field of Education today they say learning is being learning is being that means if the knowledge that you learn or the knowledge you acquire doesn't if you don't process it if you don't break it down and personalize it and it becomes part of who you are if it doesn't mix with your blood and you flesh you haven't learned anything you've just stored information you're just like any other book on the shelf or any computer that stores so many books and data but that's not what knowledge is all about knowledge is about acting and that's the definition that the scholars give to al-huda al-huda Wadena luck when Allah so Allah says that he sent his professors along with al-huda and deenal Haq Hooda the guidance the scholars say that's beneficial knowledge that has the potential to change your behavior to change who you are to change your ways in acting what didn't help is the actual acting on knowledge so if you learn something and you don't ultimately you don't act upon it it doesn't change you it doesn't make you a different person in a sense then in brief you've wasted your time because you will be questioned about that time and you will be questioned about that knowledge what did what did you do with it that's why the process and ylim used to seek refuge in Allah every day every morning he would say a llama in the Arrowwood will be coming Elmen layin fat or Allah I seek your protection and I seek refuge in you from knowledge that is not beneficial that means knowledge that will not reflect on me knowledge that will not make me better you

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  1. "Allahumma innee aoodubika min ilmin la yanfa" (oh Allah i seek protection for the knowledge does not beneficial)………
    May allah give good knowledge for everybody….

  2. No 1 Sincerity
    No 2 Respect
    No 3 Wisdom
    No 5 Compassion
    No 6 Ethics
    No 7 action
    This is a good formula. Bring this attitude when you learn. Live a humble life.

  3. The purpose behind knowledge is that we can act upon it. [A bit like getting a software or app update – update your knowledge to spread benefit].

    Abdullah ibn Masud radiyallahu anhu said "al ilm = at taqwa".

    Taqwa is usually apparent with clear manifestations.

    Abdullah ibn Masud implied beneficial knowledge reflects on who you are. real knowledge is that which reflects on who you are.

    Learning of knowledge according to early scholars of Islam is not storing info.

    Knowledge must be digested, the companions radiyallahu anhum learnt five verses at a time.

    real knowledge is what reflects on your actions. In the field of education today they say "learning is being" – knowledge must be processed, broken down, become part of who you are, if you havent then you havent learnt anything. knowledge is about acting.

    knowledge is to be acted upon.

     al huda the guidance = beneficial knowledge
    din al haq = acting on knowledge. dont act upon it. you have wasted your time.

    what did you do with that knowledge?

    seek refuge from what that is not beneficial.

  4. Sorry, but I'll need something outside of Islam to tell me about knowledge. I have knowledge of your history and endgame.

  5. Lord Jesus said that love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you do good to those who hate you. Lord Jesus died on the cross for dirty sinners and rose again from the dead on the third day. Lord Jesus will destroy Islam and all Muslims if they don't repent and believe in Jesus Christ.

  6. Religious works like salah jakat fasting personal cleanses and beards are zero value as per injeel and can't take us to heaven except by faith in the Lord Jesus who is the Way the Truth and the Life is the Savoir of mankind. Islam allows sins like murders kill unbelievers child marriage halala murder taqqiya ie lies are sinful and 4wives triple talak female genital mutilation adultery lies etc

  7. Christian digested greek and then destroyed it calling pengue..islam is useless saying many thing which is totally false….only vedas provide u knowledge ….aum….

  8. Read, watch, listen, think about the GREATS. (i.e. Revelations of GREAT religions, Concepts of GREAT scientific thought, GREAT authors) "In truth, knowledge is a veritable treasure for man, and a source of glory, of bounty, of joy, of exaltation, of cheer and gladness unto him. Happy the man that cleaveth unto it,.." ~ Bahá'u'lláh

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