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character-secret garden
She’s rude and stubborn. She came to her uncle’s house after losing her parents.
It’s a sister of Martha who is a maid. He’s bright and warm, loves nature Colin
He thinks he’s incurable and he’s always locked up in his room.
Mary’s uncle and Colin’s father. He misses his dead wife. I hate this place! I want to go home!
Oh, you are so loud Stop crying! Now, this is your house, Mary! Where are you going? There’s no one back in India. Your parents died of illness.
Your uncle, Master Craven, has accepted you. You must live here now. I don’t need anything!
Uncle hates me, and these servants are too cheeky! You dare to speak back to me. You can’t imagine it in India!
The servants there have spoiled you Okay, Me, Martha’s wrong, you’re done crying and getting dressed.
Clothes? You dress me. No, you’re nine. Can’t you even dress yourself?
Why am I wearing clothes with my hands? There’s a maid. My brother Deacon, about your age, is good at everything by himself.
He has many animal friends.
Animal friends? Yeah. A pony, a crow, a little fox, and so on! Why don’t you go out and play? Mary came out after breakfast.
It’s just the vegetable gardens and the orchards, huh?
What the hell are they? That’s a beautiful bird! Mary wanted to go into the garden where the bird is. But no door was found.
Why is there no door? Who’s there? Grandpa Ben, the gardener, came to Mary.
You must be the girl from India. What are you doing here?
I was looking for a door to the flower garden. What garden?
The flower garden over the wall. A pretty bird was singing. Ah, the red-breasted bird.
Red-breasted bird? Wow! That’s the bird! That’s a pretty sound. I think he likes you, little lady. He wants to be your friend.
Really? Then the red-breasted bird stopped singing and flew away. I think he went to the flower garden!
There’s a long rose tree. He likes rose trees. Rose Tree? I want to see it!
Oh, There was ten years ago, but not now. Why? I’ll go into the garden and find it! Oh, no!
? Now get back to the house. Don’t go around here. Oh, no. why is he suddenly upset? Mary came back to her room and asked Martha about this and that
Martha, there’s a walled garden outside. What do I do to get inside the garden?
You can’t go in there. No one’s been in there for ten years. Ten years? Why?
That’s a secret. Mary kept on choking, and Martha said something inevitable
The flower garden was made by the late lady.
When the wife of master died, he buried the flower garden’s key. What’s the connection between her death and locking the garden door?
She liked to sit on a large tree in the garden. But one day, because the branch broke, she was dead
He thought she was dead because of the garden. Huh? Did you hear crying?
What? Oh, it’s wind. It sounds like a cry, I’ll check it out. No!
You can’t just walk around the house! Mm-hmm. It’s the wind. You don’t have to worry Why does she act so clumsy? It’s weird. It sounds like a cry. I’m gonna have to check it out myself. Huh? Red-breasted bird! What is he doing? Oh! Keys! He locked the garden door and buried the key in the ground. This is it! It must be the flower garden’s key! There must be a door somewhere. Mary searched hard, but she couldn’t find the door
Maybe he got rid of the door.

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