20 thoughts on “The Secret Behind Pakistan's Most Literate District”

  1. Wait a minute let's ask a question here. Literate to do what? Read the Koran! You can learn to read but what you read has to be skills based. They are not learning science and math. They are learning how important it is to implement sharia law. And to make bomb for jihad.

  2. I have hunza twice and I was glad to see people are very kind, generous and welcoming. They are literate in all sense. They reason implement in there real life what they study in schools

  3. Although i am not Ismaili, respect to Prince Agha Khan and the Ismaili community for what they have done for Pakistan.

  4. According to the survey 2016 Hunza ranks 53rd however Ghizer, Astore, Skardu and Gilgit are preforming far better than Hunza.

  5. omg it's very good when I heard it Pakistani hunzas has 95% literacy rate same is like in Kashmir nwadays kashmiri parents give more preference to give good education to their children's they know these r the future of our country I feel good Pakistan get educated day by day

  6. People of Hunza have long lives due to no pollution, natural food and strong bodies (thanks to mountains and stuff).

  7. I just came back visiting Pakistan a week ago. I was very delighted and happy to know how well and better the pakistanis speak in terms of the English grammar in comparison to my home country in Canada Canada. The reason being is that many institutions where they teach proper English they are taught proper grammar where as we have taken for granted English in Canada.

  8. I hope the people in the other parts of Pakistan too wake up and properly educate their children, after all , they r the future of the country.

  9. it's true but I think they they should expose the beauty of hunzaa velly.. as like it's most literate district in nothrn area of Pakistan but its most greenish and full natural scenery too

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