The Science of Social Movements

30 thoughts on “The Science of Social Movements”

  1. As someone who has a degree in forestry, and is therefore in that culture, I plant quite a lot of trees myself. I'd rather plant some more myself than donate, but count me in to do just that!

  2. Just saying I started with Linus tech tips and of work my way through five other YouTubers that I follow great cause and thank you guys for contributing to the world!

  3. What a great cause Trace! Gave my $5 πŸ™‚ Thanks for another great video! Hey, how come there isn't a "Join" button on your youtube? Am I just not seeing it?

  4. I got a feeling that from now on all news feed would be about a same topic. How fun and annoying at the same time.

  5. I had a teacher in high school do the which line is longer experiment on us, I was the only kid in my class who gave the correct answer in defiance of the group. Me and all my friends celebrated at lunch – that is to say, I bought myself a cookie and ate alone, as usual.

  6. Whats most interesting is that that this only helps the environment for a few hundred years. all that stored carbon will be released back when the trees die. It buys us some time but its not a solution to co2 emission.

  7. Does anyone realize that 20 million trees, planted 10 feet apart, only covers less than 72 square miles or less than 46,000 acres? The fires burning out in California at this minute, that started only days ago, have burned more acreage.
    Trees do a good job reproducing on their own. This would just cover someone's large ranch. It's just a feel good thing. Pfft.

  8. So I told my son that I already gave to the #teamtrees when in fact I hadn't yet. Glad I saw this video to remind me, and yes, I did donate a small forest πŸ˜‰

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