The School of Rock (9/10) Movie CLIP – Learning in Song (2003) HD

Uh-oh, you know what? Miss lemmons must be on crack,
right, kids? Kids:
Mm-hmm. Well… Well… What’s that? Oh, that. Yeah. Hmm…
We were singing. We were singing
and we were learning. We were learning In sing-song. Huh… One of your methods? Mmm-hmm. Yeah. I find that it’s really helpful When you’re teaching
the subjects That are the boring subjects… Huh. Well, you don’t mind
if I just sit in On your class
this afternoon, do you? No. No. Come on back this afternoon. It is the afternoon.
I meant now. So, please, just continue
with your method. Yeah. Okay. (strums guitar) Math is a wonderful thing ♪ Math is a really cool thing ♪ So get off your ath,
let’s do some math ♪ Math, math, math, math, math ♪ Three minus four is… ♪ Negative one. That’s right. And six times a billion
is… ♪ Six billion? Nailed it. And 54 is 45 more then…
What is the answer, marta? ♪ Nine. No, it’s eight. ♪ No, it’s nine. ♪ Yes, I was testing you ♪ It’s nine. ♪ And that’s a magic number. ♪

100 thoughts on “The School of Rock (9/10) Movie CLIP – Learning in Song (2003) HD”

  1. As a teacher, I have to admire how accurate the portrayal of a teacher bullshitting his way out of justifying an improvised lesson is. Dewey at lest had that part of techer's life down XD

  2. The principal comes in and he's teaching E equals MC Square when he starts singing this song he doing simple addition

  3. Just a disclaimer meth isn't funny so here we go

    Meth is a wonderful thing
    Meth is a really cool thing
    So get of your math let's do some meth meth meth meth meth meth.

  4. "No it's eiiiiight"
    "No it's niiiiine"
    "Yes, I was testing you…iiiiiit's niiiiiiiiine and that's a magic numbaaaaahhhh"

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