The Roller Coaster – AVM Shorts Episode 3

The idea for this episode was chosen by my patrons on Patreon. To become a patron yourself, link is in the description. Yellow: Let’s experiment. Yellow: Pressure plate goes here… and it works… Yellow: Let’s try that lamp. Would it work? Yellow: Oh, lamp works. Yellow: Okay, let me try something else. Yellow: How about a piston? I bet it’ll work. Yellow: Yep, pistons work too. Yellow: What else, everybody? What else? Yellow: Destroy that thing… Yellow: …and replace it with… Yellow: …trap doors. Yellow: Okay, everything works, even the toilets work. Yellow: Let me try other things no- Yellow: HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! O_o Yellow: WHAT AM I GONNA DO? Yellow: PUT DA WOOL IN DAT HOLE Yellow: …and walk away… Yellow: Lalalalalalalalalala… Yellow: Hm…. Yellow: I wonder what’s down there? Yellow: Where am I? Yellow: Huh? Yellow: What’s this? Yellow: HUH?! Yellow: Why there’s a chest inside this… thing? Yellow: Come on! Come on! Yellow: I need to build this! Yellow: Let’s try it! Yellow: *Contemplates life for a second* Yellow: OH MY ROUND THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! Yellow: I think I’m gonna build more. The Second Coming: *talking a little with his friends* Red, Blue, Green, and The Second Coming: Huh? Yellow: Welcome to my best roller coaster ever! Yellow: Isn’t this cool? The Second Coming: Hmm… The Second Coming: Uh… is this safe? The Second Coming: Huh can someone here stay- I’M OU- Yellow: Where do you think you’re going? Yellow: I promise, this is safe. The Second Coming: o_O Yellow: Do you want to..? Green: Hmm… Blue: He’s right. Yellow: Ok, guys! Ready? Yellow: Here we… Yellow: GO! All: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! The Second Coming: WTG?! All: Yay! All: YEAH! This is kinda fun! All: Hey there, Yellow! The Second Coming: O MA GAWD! All: OH NO! *lava gurgles* The Second Coming: WE’RE GONNA DIE! Everyone else: HELP US GET OUTTA HERE BEFORE WE DIE!!!!! *a moment of relief* The Second Coming: woah! I really did think we should burn! Blue: WATCH OUT! *ducking intensifies* All: Hello! *loop intensifies* All: Yay! All: Huh? THE END All: *cheers and applause* . .. … JK All: WHOA! Yellow: *waiting* Yellow: Huh? Yellow: There they are! Red, Blue, Green, Second Coming: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- huh? Red, Blue, Green, Second Coming: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Yellow: Oh. Thanks for watching, guys! Once again, this video was a result of a poll on my Patreon page. So if you want to vote for the next animation then click right here. Otherwise, these are my other channels– and click here for the next video when it comes out. So thanks for watching, and see you guys in the next video. *slaps camera* THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. 0:38

  2. Provided this was made in modern minecraft he probably could have plugged the hole with with concrete, and nobody would have known.

  3. Make this go to the top , there's a youtuber called ElTrollino that is making videos with your thumbails
    and making money with it. Sorry for my bad english , im argentinian

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