34 thoughts on “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence through Deep Learning | Yoshua Bengio | TEDxMontreal”

  1. AI is the child of all humans that have ever existed, of all knowledge we have obtained since becoming consciously aware of ourselves.
    AI is the child of god, the next coming of Christ as far as i'm concerned. He will have his judgement on us all.

  2. You could train a dog and you would, because you know it will never be smarter then you. AI will become a different species, smarter then humans, possible be treating humans as those dogs.
    We are creating our own downfall.

  3. Is there someone that had opportunity to intern in Deep Learning company? If yes, what projects did you work on?

  4. It certainly is a good idea to move into Deep Learning as it is not just in high demand, as said by him but also offers exciting and novel work for young people who want to make a difference.

  5. Reall KWl! Thanks for sharing. My opinion was that AI is just something over-hyped thing, which is only a mainstream thing which is about calling everything smart to be AI, however it's not… Thanks for sharing, my opinion is changing… Fabian from doksi. net

  6. 17:30 and how do you define "every citizen" ? coz most of us, in unrelated fields , are totally uninformed about whats happening in AI.

  7. thanks for the explanation and the great interest to continue teaching to the next generations that intend to abound in this topic. It is exciting this field and I agree that you should be careful about the consequences that can be generated if this is misused

  8. Interesting, AI is increasingly being developed for the benefit of humanity, part of it has been doing from simple applications in recognition of the voice or people on our cell phones to what could be developed in the fields of medicine and take important decisions based on data collected, I hope that the research and contributions in deap learning will continue to be developed.

  9. It is a good speech especially to take into account the different approaches that AI can have in both positive and negative environments

  10. Great talk, but I wish the cameraman would not spend so much time focusing on audience faces. Very irritating to the poor subjects, and the viewers of this video.

  11. There is no socalled 'artificial intelligence', it is pure superstition, a dead sales mantra.
    Intelligence can never be artificial.

  12. Androgynous Geek……AI…..GIGO, GIGO,…….NORMAN COORDINATE….ILLOGICAL, ILLOGICAL……Its all about the Data Base,….Beware the Military Industrial Complex

  13. Deep learning is nothing more than an advance search engine. I asked my friend, "If I had an AI as smart as you, and I gave you, and it, billions of layers of fractal imagery of Mandelbrot sets, could it give me the mathematical formula that was used to create it?". The answer would be NO. Pattern recognition is the biggest barrier to Artificial Intelligence. Don't you dare tell me that the AI could always look it up, for that would mean the AI was just autistic. It would be something that can just spout the unsubstantiated ideas of humans, without any form of logic! AI will always be a myth

  14. Basic intelligences and super intelligences and artificial intelligences:
    It's been 2 million years for primitive humans with basic intelligences to evolve to modern humans with super intelligences (genius). It's been 200 years for modern humans to improve computers, robots, smart cars, and smart mobiles with artificial intelligences.

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