The Research Master: Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences

when you roll for this master program you can choose your own main location either Utrecht University or the University of Tenten and the similarities are that students from both universities follow exactly the same program and at both occasions there's quite an active student community and the difference as part of YouTube University is located right in the middle of the Netherlands and it offers quite a broad range of studies whereas the University of tanta is located in the eastern part of the Netherlands and is mainly Technical University each year about three to four students choose the University of center and approximately 15 students choose usual University as the main location twice every three weeks the 20 students go to Utrecht and once every three weeks the Utrecht students they go to Trent and we do this to work on practical assignments together or presentations for example but it's also just nice to see each other whenever we're not together as a group then we take our lectures in a special lecture hall that has a video connection set up between both locations so the students in 20 can see the lecturer and their students in Utrecht and vice versa travelling between both locations takes about one hour and 45 minutes by train and that students can often travel for free with Dutch public transport and when you can't travel for free all your costs are reimbursed even though the two main locations I really feel like we were one group I remember that during our first lecture the program director said that we really have to work together because it's quite a tough program and you have to help each other out and that's what we did we created a Facebook group and a whatsapp group to keep in touch during my first year I decided to make the University of center my main location and the reason for that is that I already did my bachelor's there and I really felt right at home and in my second year I moved to Utrecht because I wanted to take some electives here and I wanted to write my thesis under the supervision of one of my professors here and in that way I was able to combine the best of both universities

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