The Real Reason Schools don't Teach You about Real Estate Credit and Insurance

I'll show you right now peace to the family hey how you guys doing how are you guys do they make sure I got you yeah ready to work okay it's not bad it's great lighting yes really all right family I'm ready to do some serious work we've had a heck of a childbirth and working with Queen of four we merge the energies but now it's time for everybody chaplain go back to waiting they go thank you I want to do this class I saw somebody to Chad he's gonna come here late like Jesus a few minutes off stop it less than 10 minutes shot the last stream I did I actually started one minute earlier so let's do this thing right people let's not be silly okay the next thing I want to address before we get to the Nitty Gritty before we get to the world I also want to address the fact that someone said let's peace family brother Michael Stanley let's see if he gives us everything that he knows if he really cares about it so sister wrote that – it took northa name and i'm gonna tell that system that's not fair one is not fair and it wouldn't be credible if I say hey guys let me teach you everything I know about making money right and there's a lot we can presume from someone who would make a comment like that but the point of that is I haven't made that comment used to what I will tell you is this it it's not right to think that a person doesn't care if they don't give you every single thing they know for free after I spent time energy and money to get into this point now I'm supposed to turn it all over to you for absolutely free that's not fair to even think like that all right and secondly it wouldn't be credible cuz what can we do inside about I was time two hours time with three hours time to give you everything you know that's why I have things like the conscious advisory program okay that's when I'm coaching twelve times a month three days out to be thirty minutes at the time the 30-minute session comprised two days a week that your schedule my schedules the most compatible all right so we get to work that's important right there that information is important that's the concert advisement program the abbreviated aspect of that is consulting when I taught you twenty dollars an hour three hundred dollars per person okay that's and when you pay us in you an email and I get debriefed on your specific interest in needs so I'm able to put together some resources certain after David's template if you need them addresses that you need to mail out to or even a network of people that you could possibly connect with these are the things that are important to me to provide for you to give you the best service so Rattus might just get on phone listen to you and then I tell you man you know that's the hold on brother hanging insistent no I want to get into the deep I want to get into the thick of things I want to know how can I be of service over my consultant as it is $200 $300 in person I singular email get some questions that's a few thing and then I'm able to qualify what it is that you may need so I don't cut into your time during the actual consultation process if I didn't care dollars attend to be slick what I would do is talk to you during the consultation cut into the time actually some of these things you know and but how beneficial could that be to you all right so that'd be corny so that's why I make sure okay you make the payment I seen you some Q&A and I make an assessment from that and then I'm able to bring to the table a lot of opportunities things that you may be able to read things you need to mail out templates all you have to do is put in your name and address and do what you need to do with it so that's how that works so that's consultant again you go to brother pol rght 25 and you always put your full name your phone number you say hey I'm interested in the contest advisory that's what I'm coaching you for once on it alright or I'm interested in consulting okay or the courses which we'll be talking about the courses are very important my courses are $200 Oh $150 discounted rate $150 discounted rate for the master class I'll be doing my last course coming up in three weeks when it comes to the fact that I have upcoming movies and I have a new property that I bought in Costa Rica and in Costa Rica I got a mountain that I purchased 5,000 feet above sea level waterfalls thermal springs and resort all-inclusive of the deal alright so I have to work on that I'm in three different films when I wish that will be coming out this July 31st and August first on the big screen tuned for that I got a birthday coming up my daughter was just born to my second my other daughter is born a part of me my first daughter for dorms one daughter was just born June 2nd the next donor is July 31st my birthday is August 10th so June July August okay that's a nice of my hotel for two arrays divided 31st and Nefertari Camila Khosla – Marie was born June 2nd and of course the suit Arisa and timbre and his lovely wife nice hotel – in certain rate is the mother of those two children in particular but needless to say we have to celebrate quite a bit because we have been doing very good been doing very good especially with the past several years but definitely of most reason we were doing extremely good and I want you guys to do extremely good because I know it won't be as available as I had it and I know it's been hard for me to be available nonetheless in general but I want you guys to really benefit and so I'm taking the time I'll share some things some of these things I've disclosed and courses but you really should get the courses the consultations or the conscious advisory that's what you really should do but I'm going to help you guys onto something because I love that information to be applicable and what I'm gonna tell you is this this is what we're gonna do first and foremost this is what we don't do first and foremost I take some questions out there but this is what we're gonna do first and foremost yeah I thought the link in the chat we build thank you for the appreciation people I said I don't get response to email understand that we get millions of feelings I get millions of views okay so I get thousands upon thousands of emails and texts the best time to send them is right after I do these streams and also it had you have to put your full name and your phone number and put a subject if you're missing any one of those deep one of those three might get overlooked for the people who left their full name phone number in a subject and a lot of times when I'm done with the streams I do my best to contact you directly immediately out of respect for the fact that you've been listening to me okay the conscious advisory obviously costs the most content advisory so they'll talk though you know that I can guarantee you or when he's back inside of tune in three weeks you're credible if you have a problem with your credit side of two to three weeks look at you back on the level I'm talking if you was in the 500 I'll have you in the 700 plus which I understand is transhuman experiment in Equifax they don't do a lot of fire right now due to their business practices you know we always attack black people's business practices and because they own the fire right now because they're under fire right now what happens is there's a nice little affidavit at you cinemates a little bit more detailed but I want to make this flow there's a nice affidavit there's a synonym it still part in a compendium I should say now if you're David in a compendium of law you send them a compendium of law an affidavit and a lot of those little sink receipts the negativity on your credit report will dissipate because they can ill afford for you to call them up on that which they're doing wrong secondly there's some information that they haven't told you how they get information from CD aids or consumer data advocates advocate or a aggregators or something okay so this the consumer data aggregates that serves as a fourth type of credit bureau so you got transparent Equifax and then you got these CDs and what they're doing is collecting data fire terracing through the credit bureaus because the credit bureaus collected the type of data that they're getting from CD aids of the villi which it happen and when it counts of fact that has to be addressing that the credit bureaus don't respond to that they owe you at minimum 30 grand and so you didn't take these courses to get this information it's it's not about attack information I'm not into the attack attack attack I'm in to us being empowered in real time I don't want to complain about slavery when I'm dealing with this money Billy okay that's a different conversation for different Google people and I'm not mad at that they need to push that they need to push races all of that when I'm talking to you I don't want to include internet I want to get straight to the money that's what I'm talking to you about because I understand that wealth Begins for an individual at one hundred and fifty thousand dollars upward again actually went up past 150 grand well we'll go 150 grand upward so wealth begins at $150,000 a year upwards poverty begins for an individual at 34 at $15,000 a year so here it is for a family of four poverty is stipulated as such for a family of four poverty begins at $32,000 a year for an individual poverty begins at $15,000 a year for an individual wealth begins at one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year upward so it's all one hundred plus thousand dollars in that great area if you're not wealthy you're in the poverty level and that's what it is enough well what do they mean by that what they saying is you should be able to invest one third of your income Wendall's the drawer and not compromise the integrity or momentum of your life so let's do this because this is information they don't teach you in school okay this is the information they don't teach you in school make sure you share this video as well I know we like the black power Talton put our boots on the white man's neck in who came first and where the Neanderthal fits in and the rhesus monkey Rh factor all that is if information is really necessary granted the circumstance but nothing can be more viable than being a live long enough sustaining yourself in such a way where you can afford to purchase the research material even travel to the places of questions that's why we call could we not ruin our culture so makes me share this video is very important because we want to share this information with our people they need a baton want to share this information with the people they need it badly all y'all find a way to okay great I wanna watch YouTube one will follow see where I can intercept a catch okay okay all right then I want you to Pete if if I was dropping knowledge about religion how much people will flock here and want to do that but once we start talking about wealth building and I say I'm giving you free information watch how sick some people are like they're programmed to create confusion pay the confusion oh my because this information is for you because then when people are say is these people never take the time out to give us any free information to get ball rolling that's what they'll say so be careful cuz you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't come we don't teach people how you came up they get mad at you then when you attempt to teach them how I came up they got all these things right imagine like I said earlier today someone said if you know all this information how come there's somebody wrote it in chat to paraphrase it how come everybody else don't know it so what makes you so special above or beyond everybody else that you should know this information they don't and here's the answer to that question the answer to that question is first of all from pre-k to 12th grade is 14 years you're going to school and during those 14 years of schooling did they teach you anything about credit did they teach you anything about UCC did they teach you anything about real estate no they did it for those 14 years you went to school keep in mind by trying to get out of school you should be 17 18 maybe 19 depending on situation but you're young adult you should not come out of school high school that is Rada these having three businesses of your own especially in the world that we live in you we're living in a world that's making a transition from the paper main paradigm to the cashless society paradigm and in a realm where we're going into a cashless society we can't afford to be safe and every dollar up and putting it under bed because the people have millions of dollars didn't save up every dollar ticket to those millions did they know they required that money in bulk because of assurance you don't get taught that in school because of credit the lending I spent the things okay you don't get taught at school okay school is to teach about credit card redlining and then credit card redlining what happens is they can't deny you of credit or loans based on your race ball but they can't do is deny you of credit or loans based on your zip code we know that the races exist in clusters per zip code so that's the nuance okay so there's a matter where the line is there Lyrae whoever lives around those lines we're gonna lower the probability of giving them any loans or credit if we do get the credits gonna be very low that's one school don't teach you that when it comes to building credit especially if you have little to no credit or you credit a shot you should get at least two credit cards okay thank you for the donation I appreciate that it's a real talk give a donation for this free information I appreciate that Oh cafe Parma I really appreciate that so okay thank you so much so what happens is you got these credit card red liners school doesn't teach you that this is a great where you don't want to say you live in that particular area because if you live in that particular area and lowers the probability of you getting any money from a loan or any substantial line of credit this is a corner because if I can put you in a position where you can get two hundred thousand dollars upward who formed a line of credit one hundred thousand dollars upwards not infinite you probably know what to do with that if you had it in your possession thank you don't care one for the donation 49 bucks appreciate you you probably would be able to do something with that money think about it people and that's what I'm saying because even though we want the information for free we shouldn't be like l-lemongrabs watch this information that you get from this person freak that's a sign that Hume fell as a business man and woman because when you really care about information that empowers you you don't mind invested to make sure it perpetuates yourself that condition that situation so thank you right info for the twenty dollar donation thank you so much so what you want to say is this this is why it's so very important I want you to take this into consideration in credit card redlining we don't know if assurance right now right don't look for sheriff's school don't teach you that if you say hey I'm from this zip code you know it's funny being a hood we'd be like you know Thank You Calvin measurements for the $50 donation you like you being a hood right and you say hey man I'm from the one – one – I'm from the seven one day it's a cold I'm from the three four seven we'd be proud of that so proud of it that we don't realize disc in handicappers because once them credit they don't see your zip code they see the history of you and your family and everybody around you and they say man people in that area tend not to paint things back so what you're gonna do you're gonna you're gonna step lamella interest particularly if you said Trust is very important if you do that because we're the trust has changed the whole paradigm perdy address and all what you set up with trust in assistance even if it's personal you can do this through your personal name I would suggest in the trust perhaps any irrevocable life insurance for us okay but you just set up a trust nonetheless and irrevocable trust perhaps or maybe an endowment funds for us the certain types of trust some give me the once it's most ideal all right and you set it up in a different area code different different zip code and we set up in a different zip code maybe FedEx you know what do USPS was going to be considered a mailing address no matter what so what happens is you're going to set this mailing address in a highly reputable school district or low crime rate area but definitely with a median income is for the wealthy you are set it up in an area where the average person is making over a hundred fifty thousand dollars yet by the time you've had that mailing address for at least three months it would appear that you can sustain yourself in cold where the average person is making over hundred fifty thousand a year it launched in credibility thanks for calling for the $2 donation mm-hmm okay I'll take the cash that when the time comes in here thank you so much man so it loans you credibility all right lose your credibility this is very important because if we look on paper it appears we have an office whole place that you live in in a zip code where the average person makes over 150,000 dollars again then someone wouldn't people loved it to give you one easy within that sphere or that realm that's one two what schools don't teach you is this Thank You Stanford truth $20 appreciate you would another group of people won't tell you in school is that not only is your zip code matter in raising your credit score will you live at okay and staying away from the red lining so you're not alienating or deny free opportunity to get significant sums of money because the goal is dicks you don't want to small amount of money like people your credit cards and a credit card might have a $5,000 spending limit you like yes without five thousand dollar spending limit pumping onsen I mean I suppose spend more than fifteen percent that of the amount of money that's extended to you for credit so this means you should have spend more than several hundred and fifty dollars so even though they give you a line of credit for five thousand dollars you're not supposed to spend more than 750 otherwise they check you are on your credit report so here it is in the credit world you're thinking well if I don't spend if I don't use this credit card I think of sleep that's gonna impact my credit if I do spend too much times that's going to impact my creditor shows I'm definitely relying on is the eventually I'm gonna fail I keep going back and forth to scrap but here's another thing is another issue thank you enjoy yourselves here's another issue right here what's the issue you may add even the other issue is that if you you should have at least two credit cards and the reason why you want to have two credit cards is because you want to make sure both credit cards have what you called a balance transfer option why do you want a balance transfer option you want to balance transfer option so let's say you spend nine hundred dollars from your five thousand dollar credit limit credit card you spend nine hundred dollars from the credit card that gave you $5,000 access what's gonna happen well you went 250 dollars over right so what you're gonna do is exercise your balance transfer option and you're gonna transfer the excess amount of 250 into the other credit card so long as that 250 doesn't contradict the credit limit keep me within the confines of the 15 percent parameter now you're actually going to get credit for that why because now they'll say this is an intelligent consumer you've made an intelligible decision by exercising your right to use the balance transfer option so you do stay within the 15 percent remember you might want to do this on purpose hit hit went way and in that scenario that type of practice can get you 10 points up on your credit before there's another thing we don't even know what gives us points and establish that we do that in the cluster don't do that what the cost is $150 discounted rate okay you just email me brother PL l IG HT 25 at pol i ght would file at but it's life in front you know comm will be done and we actually do it done with that dis Sunday but the master class it's three weeks from now then with health and generate wealth we're gonna be done with QR PS qualified with time your plans cash in tax for a conversation rating place you want to show you how to put together the administrator affidavit of specific negative burnout cyndaquil kind of claim an avenue for those who don't will foreclose yeah we're gonna be gentleman stops we're going to be it's the master class because I won't be available to y'all this often as I would like so I'm gonna go see Bob can you do me a favor you give me a lime juice and each week I've yes okay I don't know why you guys are not getting two notifications I kind of know I'm feeling a shadow bear sometimes but that's another conversation no cuz the subject matter is intense if I was doing some Negro activity y'all will get the notification that I'm all laugh trust me okay oh yeah and you know the crazy part is people that know so much about what I'm talking about I always oftentimes wonder when I go to their Channel why are you not teaching since you know all this okay it's just annoying because why I'm teaching people no that's wrong like that's not okay well I'll tell you this I've never had a problem demonstrating my lifestyle I've never had a problem showing you my Bentley 55 bending okay I never had promise on you 35 bands these are the newest things in the inventory all right and I still keep the high e okay I know I promised a bunch of it does not cost two hundred thirty thousand dollar car all four hundred thousand dollar car roof and we can say all when you get the car the praises for it doesn't appraise for more if I was checking off a lot you gotta save that stupid talk welcome people I don't know better there's nothing the schools on teaching sometimes to provide for a better tax shelter you put your money in assets that you can cash out readily or an expedient fashion one of those things are car if you own your cause outright right if you know this is always important to only cause my right to change and what happens is if I you know you don't make your first million school teach this you don't make your first million until you make the second million for the average person you don't make your first million so you make you second million because the taxes they'll take anywhere between three hundred and fifty grams a half a million of words from your first million dollars so we apply this method we know they take in between thirty five to fifty percent of all your money especially when it becomes larger take that in consideration so now that we know that what if I had a car but if the taxes on the car can console is expensive the car costs more than a lot of people's home what do I got a little $500,000 cut but I know they might take at least thirty five percent of the taxes out of it like okay pardon me that wouldn't happen because it's a problem what about five hundred thousand dollars in the bank get everyday wanted a 35 to set off they don't want to get that on a larger dollar monthly banking morning we'll take ya me so they won't tell you least $150,000 in a raffle for my $5,000 in the bank but what if between two cars I got is half a million dollars but for one car left a eighteen hundred dollars in taxes no the car I paid $600 a taxi because I'm paying taxes on car ain't empty dollars is stupid right you pay eighty ninety dollars taxes for that color now think about this think mothers what would have been 150 thousand dollars because I had a half a million in the account would be only eighteen hundred to about thirty five hundred dollars in taxes per year and if we did that for 10 years straight it'd only be thirty five thousand dollars we'd never compared to the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars that I would have to spend on taxes were having the large amount of money in the bank but what if I can cash out an asset then that asset becomes a tax shelter and yeah I'll be paying taxes was significantly lower and then if I need the money in real time I just cash out sell the call give it right back to the dealer I know I have something that's readily available on the market because of its uniqueness I'll save instance of fifty five bindi Oh what the old car you know I want people like if you're not in this job of knowledge leave it alone so don't tell me how you're buying cars and second you go off with my device that's that's knowledge that came back to us lay in the community to make you sound smart that's knowledge they came by the community it makes it sound smart it doesn't apply to everybody the price of carcass some people buy vehicles under much smarter pretense because they understand what it means to have a viable tax shelter okay so there's hope you walk away why don't you just get precious metals a set of cars that depreciate in value you just missed the whole point you just missed the whole point the car doesn't depreciate I mean where have you been bro hey you see that's what I'm saying when people teach you information so you can be Carter Tate that sounds smart someone that knows better we'll check you every car that you buy it doesn't depreciate when you go off the lot that's a lie and that's the lie that they maintained to keep poor people away from understanding where they can put their monies can poor people put it in the bank and they do nothing for you you know so long as your money is pending and growth it's hard to tax it so that's why you might want to put your money in insurance and then when you're ready to spin you roll over the contribution or if you have your own qrp a qualified retirement plan you create your own pension claim you conduct a distribution you purchase it through state you find out what's difficult to be taxing and under what circumstances can things be deferred that's why the Cure piece of cash and tax deferral compensation arrangement play that long stipulation was designed so you have to worry about tax and I'm proud of it who cares about taxes when I'm not making a lot of money but this is why you see when people start making a lot of money they run up with tax problems because they didn't care to have this information because many people didn't never many people never believed huh huh many people never believed that thing was even gonna make money in the first place some posed to be looking at okay I'm glad to see you Oh cold you say Dave oh good okay so many people would never believe that was gonna make money in the first place okay that's the problem ain't no belief so first of all this conversation isn't for you if you believe you're always supposed to be in the poverty line thirty two thousand dollars a year for a family of four fifteen thousand dollars a year for individuals hundred fifty thousand dollars plus again foot person who actually has welfare by saying that won't be saying that you able to invest one third is get income win lose or draw you could lose it all one third of it you post even invest one third every minute you make mm-hmm 53:20 principle 50% obligation you remember that class fifty thirty twenty no net thirty percent is miscellaneous twenty percent is dead and investments fifty thirty 24 now if you know the fifty thirty twenty principle you got allocate your funds accordingly and you also understand you should be able to invest at least one third of the income then apply to fifty twenty to fifty 30 20 pack you invest one thirty game come without fail uh-huh and if you can invest 1/3 again calm even when you add a hundred thousand a year that means that your means doesn't justify your streams that means that you you have entirely too much expenses that means your income to expense ratio was totally disproportionate cuz if you have a point of wealth you should be able to invest one third of your income without contradiction of your income to expense ratio yeah I think something I'll tell you some thank you okay okay so that's how it works that's how it works all right so is his is some more information don't forget I need the lime juice means you know okay thank you thank you thank you cliche blow the support we don't keep on keep on soon so the big problem is many of us not prepared to be successful so when it comes it goes that fast it comes as fast as it can it goes as fast as it can because you're not really saying here saying I'm hoping in my town that six figures in Elmo but I'm gonna come out seven figures in it I don't believe that's what happened anyways even when you started for the courses a lot of people brain Detroit Grand I just want to learn this information nobody really wants to know that they're heading in that direction and so that's why he gets so much pessimist in the chat rooms because they brain is like please do you know it was seventy-five do you know America's made up about 40 percent Latino only 5% of the whole of America actually has wealth what makes over $150,000 a year thanks for the donation Aaron for our field and in addition to this fact Wow right Oprah avocado do you hear me oh cool blue-green algae mountains oh yeah that master class it's gonna be real coming on also going to the health three times and I'm commissioning all my father winning supporters especially members of the cabinet to go on and algae vast blue green brown and red red algae being CMOS brown algae to preference kelp blue-green algae III live there's good yes okay so meal on algae fast will break you down all are necessary amino acids stop saying protein don't be like the approach to that protein you've made in the back of bags yeah that's right amount of grams protein I'm saying which amino acids is in that pool you don't know you don't know we got some little sized in an air just protein mm-hmm not all protein is good food you know a blue this protein right blue lean is protein do you want that Google gives you a beer belly makes it hard to get rid of the fact you're not to drink any bearing your life you get a beer belly because the fujian is so filled with gluten protein it is oh man I need protein you don't need that type of protein they the only protein that's harmful to you don't believe me go check it out not all of us we causing increase in value you got a gnarly do your due diligence you guys see what appraises for more or which access can provide as a tax shelter well you got access with it's run for the most part and real attire and just pay the taxes on them as opposed to paying the taxes for the amount that that deal is worth in the teller anyway that these actions when the bad guy acts them on the cause that can pay a significant sum like I said in ten years I would have paid in two thousand dollars of one of my cars to taxes so well because the amount of money I'm saving from not having that same amount that that cars worth inside of the bank account data cost near hundred thousand dollars or more so instead one hundred thousand dollars in taxes I spent eighteen thousand dollars in taxes ten years out they don't want that in real time that ain't waiting ten years to get that in fact they don't raise the amount that I ordered the second that money's in account didn't want them taxes wave out with the carcass made weight less it happen fourteen years you gonna multiply the number by ten and you still gonna come remotely close to the amount of money that anyone offer taxes so you get exciting basketball players getting a hundred million dollars contract up and onto you be getting less than fifty million dollars for himself so what you missed it oh my gosh I wonder if you close this but we don't want to go there's a lotta energy especially mad when a crowd he did it cuz I've been stressing us Alex's that's all high-heeled under stress I broke the news our last night please leaving yes you're stressed out to be mad with stress yeah you had that swag but you want to leave either it's kind of even though it was already planned short notes anyway you was leaving us a data you get data man well know how it looks at we she's gonna be added well yeah just get this mm so credit wise you wanna have in these two credit cards schoolteacher this whenever these two credit cards then you want both credit cards to have a balance transfer option you never want to spend more then 15% down of the amount of credit issue to take some point if you have a $5,000 credit limit you're not to spend more than $750 and you spend over $750 from your $5,000 credit limit which push you right in that space and we're safe until you spin over similar to the $50 then what you're gonna do is allocate some of those funds maybe even not at 750 maybe you allocate funds until you get to 650 will you allocate the funds to the other card that's a balance transfer option and to get your kudos give you credit for credit bills you're also gonna be aware of credit card line in it's a preference gonna set up a trust you don't still use your personal name you gonna sell but trust in their area that the Irish person is making over 250 bucks that I was get so it means you it launched in credibility literally that's what you want to do okay here we go 30% bro I'm telling you never spend one at 15% of was issued to you and your credit card someone else is telling 30% well you only student once trained you spend more or less the disarmer and then we go through this process page they're teaching you nothing the only ones each on my time cuz I wait people are all right they only teach on my time why do I want teaching my time this person is dropping so anyway I don't see you in a wheel on the internet wait until you get at least two credit cards and you just starting up get a balance transfer never spend more than 50% doubt of the credit limit they give you they give you $5,000 unfortunately that means you're not supposed in 107 50 student you spend nine hundred and fifty since you said you spent $90 transfer 250 to the other credit card that's your balance transfer absolutely they'll raise your credit 10 points over you just we're looking like an intelligent consumer just for demonstrating that you're an intelligent consumer thank you for the donation every man's 1999 and Thank You Calvin Richmond for the $50 donation appreciate you guys is all it's only 80 nights in the air and for ten years out I would only you instead of spending a hundred I'm out of cash with wheels pointy and it worked to my advantage so this is this is what we're talking about here essentially strata sizing so okay you missed it I'll repeat it again credit card redlining they're not supposed to deny your credit based your race they no credit and loans basically a zip code well duh most races existing clusters per zip code so they still can deny you based on race but when they caught this credit card redlining they got when they showed anybody red lines exist don't credit if you do give them a little bit so what you now have to do is use FedEx as I said I'm use USPS thigma see this regular mail address but if used FedEx what's going to happen is they're gonna transfer in Experian and Equifax are going to look at it and say you know what this is someone's office or this is someone's house and if you do it in a neighborhood and when people are making over hundred fifty thousand dollars you get which is where wealth begins and you will not only be expending more money then that'll did is it cold you just came from but your credit score also going so yeah all of you right now should be looking up median incomes looking up what the average person makes a certain zip codes and then you go set your mailbox in that area and stop accepting mail from the broke zip code okay and you don't believe if you look up the word look up the worst credit card redlining this is how they stop people from again Martha credits so you got people with good credit scores well can't get a hundred dollars not alone because they live in zip codes that's less than reputable so no matter how good they are no matter how much they maintain a good credit it's like to no avail because they don't get the big money you're still struggling to get a ten thousand dollar limit on a credit card and then you get $10,000 limit are you quicker in that suppose more than 1,500 15% of that how about that so ladies you got $10,000 but you really only got 1500 at your disposal and anything over that you want to be able to allocate so what's the second credit cards the balance transfer option I won't be going over this again I know I like to repeat myself quite often it's not because I'm crazy is because I want you to remember the information hopefully I said it's slightly different but not so different then it becomes confusing okay maybe you want to use the 50 30 20 15 percent of your obligation 30 percent is miscellaneous and 20 percent is your savings your debt and your investments Thank You Q for the $20 donation you say hey brother I just signed on when will the master class be available I saved a few hundred dollars over the last month for the class the infos prices so I appreciate you even bringing in full forward man thank you you can go to brother pol IG HT 45 at or you see your full name your phone number I'll touch base with you if you send it today and you're ready to purchase out the consultant or conscious advisory program or the master class the last course or is that your full name your phone number in the subject matter and if you do that today I will do my best to be the one that speaks to you directly and if an administrator calls you I would make sure if it's just for a few minutes I say hi and give your thanks and it will close the deal but your night master classes only three weeks from now thank you for the donation okay every banks thank you for the donation okay just making sure I don't leave you guys out okay where we at what you want to do is share a siscon insurance you did a little bit of insurance but you can't keep thinking you're gonna save your money up by the dollar when we're going into a cashless society so everyone else is using insurance and using credit and now crypto maybe still over here I saved a dollar at a time when people are going to be using the cheat codes to get mints dosn't up it's called whole life insurance one of the best ones that you can go to is AIT they got a real good whole life package AIT is one very good this is an example okay gotta give you places in terms of words that you need you can use okay go to AIG as a suggestion they they have great packages I always tell the people that into my programs I give them homework and I give them three to five different insurance companies after go out there and ask them all questions and hear the best from each of those three to five and sharing policies graphic the best to itemize a list of all the best things you heard that contrast to the others and then call them all back again with that new breakdown and see if that can become your policy don't go with the first thing you hear everyone will tell you something that significant that contrast others take all those things down and create a policy of young and they say look I want y'all to meet this standard why does this show is good well I tell you what police brutality would be at our all-time look if black people invested in insurance why because if I spend as low as $150 of course there's a lump sum but if I was paying $150 or so a month if this way man kills me the name of police brutality or are very very light-skinned Puerto Rican brother are real dog here brothers is down with of course that you don't know no better my child we get a million dollars half a million dollars if you got it life insurance policy ensure that you ever ended up in the hospital you get three five thousand dollars a month for every fund me three five thousand dollars a day for every day you're in the hospital so you have to worry again I get out the hospital I got I gotta hurry up you catch up on the bills so some you won't even go because you like look I'm sick I'm hurry under paint but I gotta work like this because I don't wanna lose my house because I seriously got hurt if you have insurance you get paid thousands of dollars every day that you end up in Oz even if you conceiving though I don't suggest you say hey I want to have these children in the hospital this says Jesse but your insurance will cover the bill and give you an SS depending on your policy but you want our whole life is just because you go borrow this that which means you could use it to purchase real estate Oh pay off any big medical expenses or pay off student loans no one has to die when you get a whole life insurance problem that's why often times job positions we call the definition heirs policy cuz they ain't nobody eating off in until somebody dies right but in a life insurance policy you get a whole life group universal policy then things change why well I'll show you something if you wants to set up a business on your own or any people Aiello season like that's only didn't really know about you settlement rest you know you can have at your family on as workers right based on an ad hoc or one-off what does that mean that means ad hoc someone also people that are willing to work for you technically for free because they feel they're getting their be carpets from the knowledge so it's like an internship but only thing we calculate at the time during that internship as a form of payment because it educates for these are people that eventually decides they're gonna open up a similar business or something reminiscent today why is this important because now you can get paid for signing people on as the workers to a company for necessary because I'm a check that's one two is you want to have an insurance policy for anybody that's working for you and in this particular case you get grouped University why well you ever went to Walmart and you say to yourself it seems like most of people on them that's helping me check out seem to be a little disabled or suffering some from some kind of impairment of some sort alright well that's because Walmart has insurance policies out for everybody that works with Walmart has the tendency to hire people that they believe will die very soon Oh facts and they cash out they don't give the families no money if people get bags they said that way what you got insurance policies out for my family members say we get none of the money does not the responsibility does your response to their responsibility make sure they got shows classic so anyway as a business man a woman you you have the right to have an insurance policy out after anybody at work screen and actually becomes cheaper if you get a group universal insurance but you can work out with the people that work for you hint hint wink way it could be your family that's on for ad hoc or one officer that way you don't necessarily have to cut them a check you get a group universal policy then what happens is now they've got life insurance you want something I was something to be allocated to them what they found me the best on abstinence if they want to be a hurt they can have monies extended to them we can make sure everybody's easy all right this is serious but I said think about police baton let's say he bought me upside my head today and I said they killed me but they put me in the hospital now I'm getting $5,000 every day or more depending on the injury Thomas days I got to be in the hospital I'm just in the hospital in general right now I if I ended up in a situation where I had to be in the hospital okay well in fact the last time I was subject to police brutality I like to say I made them pay that was something bad what I will say is I was given about forty ones at every gate Iverson in here a definite anyone come on I'll tell you that Nanga locks 1s the initiative was really working how you want to call all this it makes it verifiable I'm not selling nothing you can go up information using free stuff I just had some free time right and I believe you should make money during free time so I wanted to just share this information yes you could get the causes and consultant and all that that's a whole nother thing but you can literally use this information is that to disposal you replay this you call insurance policies you accident and if you tell them hey I want to use insurance for purposes of wealth building then what you can say is I would like I like you to tell me the parts of the insurance policies that I can use to sell later on if I'm not using those parts of their insurance policy and I want to know about their shares policies where I could sell the whole thing in particular you say what they'll say what who taught you that what ethnicity are you yeah we don't use y'all calling it and if you dig online you guys people that's in my program but when I send to Commission them to do the homework they always tell me yo this person was so excited that this is what I'm gonna do they stop selling me on the corners gave me the real stuff but the first thing you have to say is you plan to make money off your search box you plan to amass wealth you want to make money in real time by little a blow if your policy about compromising the integrity or the payout and you've been some apps you win you inevitably transition that's it but imagine if police had to pay insurance companies had to keep paying millions of dollars every time they kill black people they'll have to find a new strategy to subjugate us and oppress us because everybody begin paying as those imagine that if you like the best thing they ever done in a very violent way think about it so this is the type of education that shuts down the system okay it shuts down the system if you hold back on your coffee you hold back on your newspapers and all the miscellaneous things you spend your money on so you can afford to pay for some kind of policy even if it ain't I made up a house gonna be at least a quarter made a out straight to your family and if you've given your children any form of wealth stewardship any form of generation of wealth any form of information that can empower them it'd be a trap didn't work out these are all facts people these are all facts it's about strata size there's more to some real estate and this is all part of the same but when you go to school when you go to school from pre-k to 12th grade is 14 years and in those 14 years they teach you nothing about credit to teach nothing about real estate you teaching nothing about insurance yet you graduate you're supposed to be a younger dough the only thing that you can do only promise they can give you is yo you need to go back to school again you mean to tell me after 14 years I'm a young man or you're a young woman with 17 we're 18 and with 19 years old we have no concept of credit how to use it how to make it work to our better advantage we have no concept about how to embark upon the acquisition of property which is prerequisite prerequisite to purchasing property you should know something about court and a velocity when we go into that mountain court then we see the word paperwork the courtroom is the place we have discussed the pink work well you shouldn't have to go to the courtroom if you already did your filing you see see finances daily that's why we say your paperwork shall precedes you your paperwork shall precedes you okay Oh facts and before the UCC there is a security agreement which is the longhand version of the UCC one financing statement which is the abbreviated version of the same effects so before you do any secure transaction history secured party creditor you want to have the UCC no UCC one is the financial statement it establishes the birth of the creditor by where the debtor the debtor always disburse the credit yeah you can be incredible but I wouldn't suggest it I would suggest you set up for us even if you got an LLC get a lo ciento for trusting you make the trust the creditor and I'll see the debtor they'll see will work in the public and trust we're working a private the LLC would generate revenue in the public and when the revenue turns into hard assets it becomes the property of the trust private that way the trust never has to get his hands dirty in touch money and now when creating amazing real estate opportunities and tax opportunities very powerful very powerful expressed very very possible yeah make sure you share and post this to social media do what you can and what you must with disinformation is just for fun I got a few times you just build it do you further research and find out this is all true and then say to you so wise at school tour to any of this oh yeah I love to debate those babies this is non bailable Wow rice man got bullets in splits over and avocado my finish all right I mean you slow down guys are the best oh let's get on oh yeah daddy have books under such a man well we only solicit the bookstore at a time where we have the app development I'm an amazing person who's really next started with that and he told me when I eat on the rolls-royce you shut out the Bendi job and I John the slingshot yeah it has to look like that so after six hundred and eighty plus thousand people follow me so bring it down put it back up its next level but you can always email yours always leave your full name your email and your name is brother pol ith t25 brother P o Li gh t 25 at and then somebody help you over the phone phone assistance angel look out for you oh yeah yeah yeah yeah this is real talking look my III live my blue-green algae and lime juice yes and so when we do that master course is going to be a combination of holistic mathematics and wealth building strategist make sure you get that master courses hundred fifty dollars discounted rate will be more it convinces three weeks from now for the conclusion of the crypto course and insurance we'll be doing that this weekend Sunday for the conclusion those of you that already signed up and saw the first parts of the class look out for the correspondence for the time and I'll make sure that you guys receive your PDFs it's going to be great okay so we look at it and I talked about this earlier when we look at the word walk it means place until you die death plays more it means death like a moisture burning death what is death gages pledge pledge or agreement cidade was the agreement you're pledging to paid us until you die until the situation kills you what does it mean the lifetime expectancy of us about 72 years old most people don't buy a house around 3035 let's use the latter 35 years old you get a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage let's say you actually stayed a course that you paid for those 30 years which is another scenario because anytime you get a debt obligation I would always suggest that a person pays 15% of that of the amount of money that they have to pay on a month-to-month basis so they can finish it because you always spend less money that's how these things work you know so the debt you get into is one that you understand that you can pay more then they expected around once a month otherwise you shouldn't get into some precautionary step plus it saves you money you always want to create opportunity actually where you can pay for it and half the time that is due looks great for credit and it's great for you circumstantially thanks for the donation Eugene pain all right oh yeah those emailing brother pol i tht 25-inch email calm this is going to be the master class the mask of course if you ready now he'll get it from the discounted rate of a hundred and fifty dollars it's going to be the most intense course you've ever seen I can guarantee you Danny and if you're interested in consulting there's more intimate detail and is that that's the same brother playfully father to more calm leave your full name phone number and make sure you spell it right pol i th 245 brother pol I change D 45 comment if you need me once a month locking in with you that's what we make sure that you get don't credit lines extended six figures over that's when we make sure guarantee that young kids you credit is 5 5 foot we won't get you to 70 change 700 plus minimum we won't take you 200 points up inside of 2 to 3 weeks or I give you anything you got everything all your bread back that's a fact that's the complete fat now to teach you how to do this I know what I'm doing and I actually said it in the beginning one of the main things we do is we understand a bit the three major credit bureaus actually for credit girls but we'll go with the three that you know transparent Equifax what we understand is down the heat because of their business practices and how they've been going about getting information from people well once you send them a companion not the date of the fact a lot of them of disability report credit is everything yeah Bob we your name is you go war money say would you like to get a one more card you said yeah sorry you do not approve does he create as you know t-mobile card sorry not food because it isn't it's like damn did name was flamed up when these feats all over these fish they know you can begin no no no predator none cuz you mess it up anyway look and then when it does it brings you down spiritual because what the heck do you do is not gonna imagine you get better and nobody taught you how to position yourself in such a way so ain't nothing gets destroyed you didn't know the significance of it until you got destroyed by it no matter that is very bottom there's a new form of racism I called electronic racism a very crafty and starting form put in another race at a disadvantage well we do have the separate our nobility and teach our own better so yeah that we do it's all simple nothing's difficult only unknown okay not this difficult only unknown they say like that all right so mortgage means pledge agreement you die you get a house around 35 years old you paid the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage you're 65 years old and seven years out your debt so you plan to two veins he died when what happens when people die in deferment well they hypothecated mortgages that's meant by way of a conditional interest they solicited property to other people watching on so whether you lose the property or not other people are making money over your day selling in baskets hedge funds especially out the country internationally where they can be solicited over Noah a limited amount of times whatever that means hype application it etymologically means today create a Home Depot which is loosely being buried do you bury the dead you you want to in the hole as we say any day so here it is the plan to agreement till you die so we we see the element of death when you see a very see at home and they foreclose on your property after they how complicated the mortgage mortgage made and pledge your agreements you die death pledge hole of burial dug up okay knee-deep in debt as we say right cut you know and you get foreclosed upon and foreclosed and velocity means to cast the spirit away look at that so you're looking to work foreclosure needs to cast the spirit away look at the word mortgage and it means a pledge your agreements you died look at a mortgage hypothecation our provocation means to dig a hole or put any home or to dig deep think about that to dig deep so we see dig deep that pledge and cast the spirit away you think I was it you dig that this is just semantics or was this the whole strategy pun intended home was this the whole strategy from the beginning to create a system that will put people in perpetual debt to create a system that will put people in the home and destroy their spirit because once you want up in that hole you can't do nothing most times for the rest of your life and that happens to us on out Dan thirties I mean soon we at least got 42 years to go and we got a scramble or live in lesser life and we'll never get to that 5% because America is number one gross domestic product GDP one third of all of America's money comes from real estate and over 50% of the money they make from real estate it comes from debt so debt is then largest commodity separately different from human labor or the transmitted utility is another conversation Thank You dimitra's Brown he said you demand study finance every day appreciate you my brother this real talk I don't think destroy your spirit did imagine you said y'all finally up Obama house I've got my own house now just the fact they put your name on it you feel good you like ya finally got my own dank imagine that filling five years later are we taking this it destroyed they take a portion of your spirit literally that's the dead do to you that's bad credit duty it just make you feel depressed and down a bunch of something you get overwhelmed you constantly reminding that you can't get access to things that somebody on planet earth is getting access to because your credit is shot cuz it's shot in fact and we're fighting the beseech mmm be anybody that come with a remedy bow on and trust them is not true you've given up already yeah you given up already tell us all in words people solid words on the birds but you gotta learn how to give yourself property do you know that once you make over $400,000 that all those little student loan debts and then you're disappears that's most people once you get over five hundred thousand dollars and that's some kind of crazy-ass bill once you have at least $500,000 at your disposal does they'll wipe their credit clean oh you ain't nothing I know better you know what I surmise I don't believe that this is already affecting anybody that has over $5,000 would tell you that now the accrual you said that and that's why I believe firstly the reason why they get rid of all that old debt could they want to try and watch some movie and what they don't tell you in school is that there's a statue of limitations on day you can only owe somebody money you owe us money money for so long before the statute of limitations expires every city and state has a statute of limitations two to seven years no one Corolla anybody money after seven years in America know why because America's already in debt you have a society doesn't today render on the responsibility of its inhabitants to pay off the debt because then who do we get to go to Big Brother ain't got the money in the first place so this is statute of limitations on tennis you got one blue pencil millionaires houses on new credit cards or can you I think your oppressor you will see the chart corresponding to each city they're mining gears that you be in debt before it's illegal and so what a lot of companies do like a credit card company but they know that on their last year of debt the California's five years Northern California seven years when they know you're your last year dead New Jersey's two years some places three when they know you're on your last phase a day with those companies do is sell it to third parties and third parties are calling on behalf of the rich in debt or credit upon me they start calling me half an original creditor creditors sold on the day five or five hundred bucks or so don't you old five thousand dollars and it kinda says yeah we see you owe $5,000 but you know we do feel uh you know give us three thousand and you prozac so what kind of fish market is this how I own five thousand one minute the our company said now automate thousands taking so long then you the third party come in and say yeah we don't even want the whole eight thousand nor the five thousand you old originally will take three thousand you say man I can do 50 hundred did now who the hell is gonna take fifteen hundred when you automate dust that's because every city and state has a statute of limitations for how long you could be in debt it's against the law to have anyone in debt past seven years some cities the states have you add to some cities a second three so you need to know that first and foremost when we start getting credit repaired and doing all that other stuff we need to find out because what happens is this illegal for third parties to ask you for money that's null and void because what the credit card company did is write it off as a gift they wrote it off as a gift they sold your death you 10% hotel you know what I do to third party for five dollars give me something and now that they've done it they write it off as a gift and now don't get done deal okay he's like you could be in debt for more than two years what the is he talking about see how stupid people up you see how young people are see how it gets I said two to seven years now what you need to do you look it up and you'll find out you won't see pass the number seven it's illegal but you see people are so defeated cut it so broke and defeated then will you tell them this and way out dance a lot before they check it out I sit here before you and say here's a bunch of free information look it up and you won't even do that much now what kind of love will ignorance is this what kind of level of cognitive dissonance is this what kind of fish March it's this as we say in Brooklyn in Harlem come on now after seven years it's illegal to say that someone still owes money this is a fact what do you want believe it or not now what you need to do is find out what kind of compendium we'll memorandum affidavit of fact you need to send it to whom it may concern' to get that expunged off with your transients parity and Equifax by random CDA's consumer data aggregates that's what it's about oh man this is what I'm saying you could be anywhere you want to be right now but you here attempting to distract come say that I love it because I don't y'all take citation of the person's name so you can realize these people who and what they are a it's like to get these peoples name where's that person they live wait not wait live wait missing a teak lift weight w e IG w the ERG so always good to keep I like to keep a citation that these people give you misinformation and missus the correct information so you go to them and in some wonder it's asking these people go with you what do you want to by giving us the wrong information this is right information very important to ask people that yeah what's your handle that what you want to okay so where we are on conversation man so we broke that mortgage mortgage what watching women thankful for our donation about soulless 25 okay make sure that you sent your full name and email there as well okay all right we're not distracted there's some time when people are so proud to give misinformation let's give them the attention they looking for so everyone can know that they are on the abode of one truth debates about Islam today's annual at his door well it would be irresponsible to notice information in that it's disseminated and I get off the computer having a billy and start driving around and don't tell you nothing that it'd be insane okay hold on people hold on real quick how long real fast oh you just email brother politely full name phone number subject will yet so we did mortgage mortgages death pledge Mort gage pledging agreements you die they hypothecated oranges our publication needs to dig a hole dig deep put the whole and foreclosure means to cast away the spirit so we have the depth agreement agreement to you die because the average person I guess I also probably be around 3035 years overtake latter 35 years you go 30-year fixed-rate walking should be 65 years old lifetime expectancy is 72 so I take you about seven years before you die you finally fulfilled this debt obligation presuming that you pay or stay the course from the 30 years fixed rate mortgage so that's why mortgage what's gauge is a death pledge okay just going over the cycle again all the way they don't teach them in school but you also gotta understand some answers if that's what you want color because there's no coincidence that these words or these terms well constructed this way thank you crypto god oh not only is this information follow-up book is more detailed this is me freestyle my books is moral at all okay thanks for the donation cheap appreciate it okay crypto guy thank you alright yeah man I'm about to close I just I'm thinking of some other things oh yeah so let's say you want to make money off a real estate behind no money to do so is plain ways of doing it one thing is you can work off assignment for this assignment assignment it is if you can if you can get buy and sell it together you can make a commission from that but what I wish is that you do get a real estate attorney within that specific jurisdiction when you want to solicit a few selves you don't have to own the properties but what you should do is get the permission of the person that holds the properties is looking selling people always have him looking to sell properties if you voted on you say Ben what if I get a chance to sell the properties for you even if I'm walking up a little bit side get in my little part what then might we be able to do so long as you don't accept the money from demo for time you're good that's what okay that's important okay and then you get a MD you make sure that there's an MD that will be set up as well or you can suggest that to the actual owner listen I am dear India's our earnest money deposit this is so let's say someone says I'm definitely gonna buy that property so David here's another thing we so knows they might want to create a purchase agreement for somebody says they definitely want a person's property if they don't have all the money at this particular moment or they don't want you they want you to take the property off the market because they're definitely gonna buy the property so what you're gonna do is get a purchase agreement drawn up probably go to your real estate attorney for that if you don't how I'm going to be any bitch is hi solar does go to Rose State trying to bilk Wednesday look I want to purchase agreements this person wants us to take this property off the market not only do you get a purchase agreement you put a stipulation in there that they have to have a iam deal or this money deposit what's that there's money deposit is when you put money down for a property but you cannot get it back under those circumstances so you generally make the earnest money deposit over there to visit anyone so cuz most likely if someone spends over fifteen twenty percent that of their the market value of the property or the going rate for the property chances are they gonna buy it and if they don't being that you took it off for the market for them which could have got some potential sells it's the least they can do so when our earnest money deposit you don't have to give a person a refund if they say oh my pipe bus you know life I kind of spent her money without asking for permission this is what people be doing all the time did he get mad at you when you play the game and now that I know the game I get a empty earnest money deposit now I'm gonna have your pipe bucks I me damn you use your wife's money a did he say masters she pro-black pro he was abused probe like when you use your wife money in front of Commission stop that you see it I'm saying because what happens is when you take that property off the market they have stifled you so you get a purchase agreement with a EMDR earnest money deposit it stipulates that when they put that deposit down they can't get it back that's what our earnest money deposit is is it deposit that you cannot give back but when it does is height in the probability that the person actually gonna buy the property because we will put such a significant amount of money in a deposit if there was a series of our person and pop you first place so that's how that works but in another note you have no money whatsoever what you will have to get at least $300 you know you have no money but you get any of these three dollars there's a small price to pay to sell property that this belongs you you find some people out here on these streets and you say man if I can sell this property if I can be responsible for this property sell can I get a commission yes if you set the Commission before then you get into all sorts of legalities and technical aspects so you don't want to set no money off the RIP what you want to do is get you a bus an attorney and set up an assignment agreement now you want to sell these properties on assignment that means that you don't all the problem but you bring by it and sell it together when buyer seller comes to that conclusion and they put money in escrow and you know transaction isn't complete until monies is it over here and both parties is happy over there but what's all that gets done you cash out that's perfectly legal you didn't even have to order property other you just go around here there's some people selling properties all you need go to your local real estate attorney and say yo I want an agreement to sell properties on assignment for such a such person you go through the person s allowing you to solicit their property or their behalf and if this smart they know the law of averages two is better than one or three is better than one the more people I got looking to sell this property the higher the probability as property yourself that's how it works and that's called selling property on assignment that's what if you let's say yo I got no money but damn I want to get its real estate it sounds impossible well you could go out they either do that now you don't need no laughter this you just run out there I told you to get you a real estate attorney make sure you have at least $300 on deck you should do some due diligence I got a due diligence course so you can study real estate so you just don't go try to sell anybody because you want to keep your name good cause what if you sell somebody a property than that that person picks up their property and you got to pay that person's child support because sometimes child support lien on a property asset case in point they're like my old thirty thousand dollars of child support you so somebody's property up until today now they owe someone's baby mama thirty thousand dollars for child a me that's how thirty Ganga so you gotta be able to do due diligence you want to study the Papa billions probably selling these things you want to look for weed doing due diligence I said I got to do delicious course and you know always present at ease with it today okay with the link in the corresponding PDF what takes place with the due diligence course hey thank you Mike Brown I love your information I appreciate your time appreciate the $20 donation fat so with the due diligence course which is what you're looking for single family households they so seek quickest neighboring water not always with the damage when seas go to turn it high but it depends on the neighborhood because he thought that might be the son so single family household money sells the quickest highly reputable school district it isn't like UCLA or something there but if it's a reputable school district like there's no corny copy banging having John or whatever that's the selling point because when the dorms are sold out they need to purchase property but understand you go on the Zillow account where I'll show you with a study you can do some due diligence to Zillow you can find out what's the average amount of time that people reside in properties in their area because people might reside in properties in that area two to three years on in three to four years on it and normally when that's the case that's because they're in a school district that is reputable most times but people are only there for the purposes of school and they leave and then when the school zones are sold out all people can't afford it they purchase property's neighbouring which would be the property you'll be solicited so you gotta understand the dynamic of that because now you gotta be prepared for people who did not have a long-term relationship with all right so the days you are looking for were you selling property or squad intelligence research is concerned with doing your due diligence but you can say I know single-family sell how about the school districts low crime rate Dean was slated tax equalization ratio that's very important understand the tax equalization of additional you go to your local tax assessor's office to find out the information also you want to find out if the property in question should have lower taxes in comparison or in contrast to everything else is going on speaking the comparison you want to do the comparables what's a comparable comparables are properties within a certain bounds radius of the property in question that have similar features so let's say you look at single family households that have been around for thirty years or something like that so there now you're looking for all the ones in that area that the demo could also you complete your competing properties some properties that you don't got a unique property and some time unique property that's the bargain buying a property is extremely unique because people tend to be looking for stuff that's kind of common depending on what marketplace you're in okay and then too much property is too common there's too much competition but you know then you gotta find the thing that stands out so it's tedious attack CDs but it's still very fun nonetheless still very fun full lips okay so you figure this out someone said you've seen 12 different people in the background you know is this insane twelve different people in the background three people in the house this is how they compete yeah I mean damn this is why we failed ADHD this is why we fell short Spence I mean damn bro pay attention to the information goodness gracious it's a very busy day people's out here catch a flight mr. slides of a busy day very busy day yeah that's what he will be doing to you guys they may be looking up on the background see they see a banana peel on the floor song do they see a bottle of Moet somewhere to talk about does anyone get about the information to do this big in the life says laugh out loud because they have stinks at least the whites are white I know how people thought the background shake my bitcoins 24 sounds with your net oh I never heard is that being on for so that's the reason not to listen huh you know the people has been on Forbes the one that create your educational system to keep the wax program but not unless it doesn't work how about people that have been on force who's hired me that you can't say you haven't heard of you go my social media for that I don't care day number one in anything that they do I don't care if it's comedy I'll give the sports I'm getting mellow and female they can't do they see me I guess that means though oh you need people in pictures is this what I'm saying people are very weird very weird people I'm here to do my best to scout for information to questions but you know people wanna know if I've been on Forbes and they want to know if there's really 13 people in the challenge I mean 13 people in the house let's see it's the meat eaters yeah it finally is yeah you bet normal smart but anything wild because I'm reading to see what needs to be done it was part of my conversation sometime when I say your name but I just keep firing off with the information because I read periodically to see what be a conversation so unfortunately sometime I have to read those things I miss admit everything else what would be the best steps to take as a wouldn't be the best steps to take with this knowledge as an 18 year old with little income Jacob out okay Jacob powers this is what I'm gonna tell you do thank you for asking let me see if I share this screen look quick let's share the screen real quick Jacob powers to answer your question let's get you started here Thank You Jacob house would be insane enough to keep this conversation going up about to get off hey right and go ahead right just not and so what we're gonna do is wake on some you know I'd be on my sports crying we're going to go to Berens newspaper Baris official site only one dollar for eight weeks look at this this is very good so you're 18 years old you want to make sure you locked in they got a fourth of July sell these guys are always Thomas himself I saw one today he gave me but they do anything nonetheless July's for sale fourth of July sale one dollar for eight weeks brother if you got the one dollar please use the one dollar now and buy you ain't balance newspaper okay ah Mary's newspaper right can you give me the bomb juice in it III love the screen does not be a shade so if you want to walk around but be naked perfectly fine only for five to seven minutes though can I go back cool the way it does that man anyway okay so berries newspaper pardon me people yeah I got a Paris newspaper very good financial newspaper keeps you in tune with going on of commerce and it's important for us to be able to forecast money to understand the direction that when he's going to understand opportunities available because believe it or not everybody most people end up with some significant sum of money some shape form or fashion whatever you may see a significant I say a thousand dollars a significant and what happens is you don't really have a expectation you don't have a plan you have an expectation to get the money that comes when it comes and so it goes as quick as a king now since that is the case with the wealthier accent and I want to also say rich and that wealthy rich rappers send their children to private schools and rich rappers lyrics send your children to prison so please don't need ever to follow after what they do just consider that so bad as newspapers one of the places I'm telling you download the information purchase it I don't have a stake or stock embarrassing paper people so don't start filling Oh wonderful I'm gonna make some money office it's very very good reading material keeps you in to gives you a press and then you could already forecast what it is that you wanted to a point you come up it is motivational if you're not meeting things like this whatever you're reading that's kind of what magnetizes you to person places and things so if all I'm reading is and watching is problem invariably going into travel if the people are associated with can't keep a conversation oh that is relevant to bear as a newspaper then I probably shouldn't be talking to those people anyways so what this is is to create a magnetism about yourself so that you can walk by someone and realize they know I need to be in this area I need to start having soup in different restaurants you know you need to start just being where people are that vibrate on your speaker see if you intend to get out of the so called rat race so barons newspapers great let's go to another one did load you up you guys start doing a knowledge kiplyn just Finance magazine look at okay Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine complete Jordan looked everybody got a clock game playing no games Kimberly just Personal Finance magazine that's a good I was suggesting because it makes you feel like I gotta start rushing you just buying no bar let it lie down and refresh the page and start again what that's pretty cool it's pretty clever I like that Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine is $12 for one year twelve issues one dollar per issue brother you got $13 did you embarrass a newspaper get your kit which is magazine for at least a year's subscription that's what you do at your age and 18 start reading a study look I even promote you my books here you can always Hou have me photos but I'm just telling you these are some cheap metropolis of cost more money these are inexpensive and extremely valuable and it keeps you up to current with information by this my brother great growth stocks to buy now look at this is the type of conversation than constantly giving out keep more cash you may be wasting thousands of dollars every year we show you how to fix your money leaks these are very credible credible publications okay if they weren't give me directly you to places that sends you to hell they wouldn't have to reputation they have okay so they've created a standard when it comes to promulgating knowledge into the consciousness of the people that are looking to build wealth okay so that's important this is very good stuff right here so it's two things I I've actually just do as having little to no money or very humble being in a very humble beginning as a 18 year old gives you a Paris newspaper get your tip on just magazines it won't break bank that's $13 one dollar for one $12 for the other I promise you won't be disappointed you'll be excited just reading the things that's going on that's available to you now without happy as you say damn I can't even access this yet you know how you focus and it also depending on your marking mind you might be able to see something that's not taking place and be innovative enough to place that into existence you may be able to have the vision after reading these types of things you may be able to troubleshoot in a sense and create a more viable opportunity for the consumer to access their goods or to introduce the new technology to the world okay but these magazines these publications are extremely good extremely good okay so that was the handsome young man's question yeah we still doing the courses race Sean Griffin thank you for $5 donation all you gotta do is email brother pol my JS 245 my gmail comm say your full name your phone number let me know what exactly you thought okay okay make sure your full name is dead brother Calvin internship you mean conscious advisory or truth is black are you seeing your full name get email a part need to send your full name by emailing your phone your phone number full name phone number subject matter and we could talk about that conscious advisory alright yeah gas it out I gotta get ready I don't want to be rushing so though I have a little bit more time I don't end up having no time so I'm closing this out let me go to brother Pete oli ght 45 brother polite 25 inch email comments make sure you spell it P oh hello ith t25 a few interested and the conscious advisory that's month-to-month I'm working with you consultant which is by the hour 200 our 300 person in which case you send your email I'm probably once you make the payment I sent you an email and I'll have some questions so I can identify you your specific interest needs and what I'll do with that is come up with a curriculum so when we have the consultations I would be able to better be able to serve you so this means that I'll have templates ready or other resources the dressings or places where you need to network and while there's health or wealth to make sure we can harness the energies necessary to facilitate your goals that's what we're gonna feel that's the goal doesn't and we don't want to cut into your time during the actual consultant I've seen things that I could find out prior so that's pretty that's what we are okay so that's what consultant and then of course is the cost of courses range to criminal course is there a permit has been done and have the master class which is $150 that's the last one I will be doing it's gonna be something phenomenal and like I said anybody takes it you some serious guarantees you know I'm a guaranteed the fact you sign up with us your credit score we're gonna get it up over 100 points punch of 50 income kids you in the 500 we continue to say that's easy that's light work you know and when you take the courses that's when you start learning more about the strategies being employed it's not something best magicals the only thing magical added is the lack of information you just connect it off just people who don't share the information because you're not going to get that information from the religious world religious zealots and you know our good brothers and sisters of the pro black tan Africans nationalistic black nationalist in community as you call it so it hasn't been a point of focus even though this should be with pro black standing means and represent deceiving the pro black standard book is what it is it is what it is you know is what it is I'm juicing in glad that people are so darn it interested thank you for the appreciation Jim's guava just put your full name phone number and subject if it's for master class conscious advisory office for consultant now if you emailed me today you'll be contacted today that's the type of time beyond today and make sure you check that information out replay and make sure you share the video to a very important video thank you Miss J miss chase says say what y'all want about life but I just off of this brother genetic knowledge of course at the moment due diligence but was able to cop something thank you so much miss J that means last week you should have thought about teaching a course on polygyny actually that that should be coming up someone offered me a bill to do so opportunities ooh so I may be taking it off since arresting you should access okay family it's been great building for you thank you done this way I will continue to keep up the hard work bro it's not easy doing psyche make matters I hear that thank you all so much for the donations and their appreciation those donations we're very powerful number undermine it I don't care this is the dollar donation yes its power because I mean if everybody that was viewing gave the darién dollar imagine that that's motivation though that'd keep me up in here I am a lot of you one day I was sitting here I got so much donations and I didn't anticipate it cuz I'm not really had starting at all hey don't know about me give you a service in exchange for the compensated forever from work ethic right no for the money actually said and so man I stayed actually two hours on the strength it was motivational and I just kept doing other videos after it wasn't in the stream since to get more donations it was the fact that you know being appreciated and it qualified my time so now I don't have to save my family I want camera for two hours on end three hours on it and hey I served my people now let's say yeah I was on this cameraman and so much people gave donations it's like well they'd get on the camera love loss since you like teaching and they also compensating it's a win-win for everybody because you don't have to do that much if the community of people are supporting you get a much percent for one person or you get one percent from a hundred people everybody gave their one percent I mean this is kakashi go on then I went here with no charge for freaking causes you know but I got a qualifier my time I got a qualifier my time thank you $2 panel bitcoins 24 appreciates me so yeah another people love me to give those donations I really appreciate that I can't I cannot thank you enough now I'm always humbled by it because I know you don't have to Thank You Don Rahim for the donation $2 some say I appreciate all of that okay I never want to get off with you guys we have a good time this was a good session though this is definitely it was spontaneous but it's a very good session unless but just imagine what kind of announcement will take it during the course so this Sunday guys get ready for the crypto information Mitch Henry thank you for our donation imagine would not take this mask on next level we wanted to talk and when to eat yourself so stop whatever I thank you Dimitri's sums you got a desktop laptop iPad a phone you'll be very good with the course yeah man where are these I'm over here waiting to my fault looking at Charlie on the phone instead of a priestly family thank you so much I love and appreciate you Alou who in fact means professional success and our language into our social which means living language Aluva success family thank you for everything my brother pol rght $45.99 calmness brother pride optimism love integrity gallant honesty trust 45 achievement calm full name phone number subject matter okay thank you all enough peace

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