26 thoughts on “The REAL FRUIT NINJA | Cutting Skills Of A Master Sushi Chef”

  1. the most impressive thing about this video is how SHARP that knife is. And that's despite the fact that his knife skills are the stuff of legends

  2. Give me that knife and i would cut things into such shapes n art u would only imagine lol
    P. S By things i mean walls n woods n steel and so on lmao

  3. Que es esto(? 22 minutos de perdida de tiempo(?

    todo esto es lo mas facil del arte gastronomico._. Ojala le cierren el canal, pura webada aqui.

  4. Aaah, his knife. When I married 35 years ago, I was gifted a knife, one GOOD knife, that is my reliable friend. (Sorry, Japan, but it was American-made, and as tough, resilient and sharp as my home, Texas.) If you're just starting out, save up, do your research, and get one good, good knife, if nothing else. I'm old and now I have money enough that I've bought some "better knives", but they're just NOT as good. My daughters willl have to dicker over that knife when I'm gone. My Good Knife fed us for years, and never failed me.

    Once you get your Good Knife, PRACTICE. I used to use a food processor to chop up a bag of onions, to avoid death by fumes, but nowadays, with my Good Knife, I'm faster and more precise.

    PRACTICE….Watch knife skills videos. Go mangle some stuff. Did you think these skills came from a fairy godmother?

  5. Amazing, this is a good way to get your children to eat their fruits/vegetables. They see it as something fun.

  6. I’m Japanese living in Tokyo. “Sushi institute..”, I was like ??? as this has nothing to do with Sushi of any kind or remotely related to Japanese culture. I know Japanese food, it’s my food and my culture. What this guy did who claims to be a Head chef or some made up Sushi association we don’t even have it here using Dragon fruits and fruits we don’t even have in Japan 🤣 This is why most of the Sushi sucks in the US..not edible.

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