The Pros and Cons of Teaching: Should I Be a Teacher?

hello you guys and welcome to mr. and mrs. social studies I'm Sarah I'm Jude and we are so excited to share today's video which is the best and worst parts of teaching so so today we're going to share a few details that for us based on each teaching for three years what some of the best parts have been for us as well as some of the worst parts just in full transparency so that if you are thinking about going into the profession you can decide maybe how these sounds again these are just based on our own experience if you are a fellow teacher and have different things to add that are maybe your favorite parts or least favorite parts of the job we'd love to hear from you in the comments below alright so let's get started first of the best parts of teaching number one working with kids but not honestly though how many inner jobs do you get to go into where you get to work with a bunch of either teenagers or tweens or little younger people and like that's what you do like you forget associating with adults you only do that part of the time in kids to keep in your lives that keep you honest to keep you on your toes nothing can ever get monotonous when you have 20 something different little personalities or slightly bigger than little personalities in the room all vying for your attention it can be great but kind but one of the worst parts about teaching is that she basically work with kids and what I mean about this part here is that while it's awesome because of all the crazy stories and often things that happen it can be frustrating sometimes that your colleagues are your students I mean by that is not that you literally treating each other the same way but that most of your data interaction at work is going to come with people who are younger than you or not as mature as you sometimes it can be difficult when you have especially those conflicts those disciplinary situations they can get draining sometimes especially if you like a rough week if many of them absolutely working with kids blast but they don't have the same maturity level some time and there can be frustrations that come from that for me I feel like I see it as more of a privilege but it definitely depends on the individual another really great benefit that is one of my favorites you are not what set to sit in a cubicle you can move around the room you're on your feed you're not just sitting there all day slowly killing yourself because of how bad sitting is for us so I love that I'm not just seated all day at a cubicle or anything like that that sounds so boring I'm always up around the room and before you know it you've been saying that nearly the whole day and it didn't even you didn't even really notice it you don't have to stare at a computer screen all day which I know for some people is being food really really think but you know you do some of that afterwards when you're planning for the next day I think one of my other favorite parts about taking us up and brilliant emphasis are learning as a teacher I need to continue learning all the time whether I'm wanted for my students I'm learning to prepare for new things I'm doing in my classroom I grow more as a person because I'm a teacher because I think in learning these new skills professional development another great thing about this job is that people actually look up to you whether you notice it or not actually like I got a note at the end of this past year from a former student no idea that I had impacted your life as much as I did and it's really cool in all seriousness when you get to have those moments where you realize or you're told just how much you actually meant for something as most the times teacher teaching the language compression you never know what the final product is if your labor because most of the kids you probably are not going to hear from again yeah absolutely I think another really great part too is that teaching really helps focus on reflection so when you are teaching there's a lot of self reflection based on how can I improve myself as a teacher what are the best ways to help my students learn in the classroom there's a lot of reflection I go on I feel like I get to know yourself pretty well I feel like over the last three years I've grown a lot and the teacher so I will believe that a lot of it I can from taking the time to self-reflect the other thing I was teaching or stories yeah so you've read a problem in trying to win over your family the tension and family gatherings while teaching the perfect job for you because you are going to come away with a bunch of crazy stories that are gonna blow people's minds extracurricular activities this is another great part of teaching because I found that this is the time where you can actually get to know kids a lot better than you can just as far as their classroom cells and I know I've done a school play done gaming club I've coached rap it's really actually cool to get to know the kids on my level when you direct extracurricular activities they can be time-consuming don't get us wrong but they have the potential to be some of the most rewarding experiences that you have to teach here and they're not even inside the classroom absolutely another benefit too is that you maybe have a more informal dress code than working at some other places it depends on the job obviously because there's a big range but for me I found it a little bit more relaxed that I suppose it would be working in a more formal office yeah and finally one thing we have to mention too is the schedule and hours are really nice it was interesting listening to some of my friends and they're scheduled for when they're working my hours are so nice and even though maybe there are some drawbacks in terms of not getting as much past or another job also not being expected to work as many hours at least during the school day in the building we definitely put in plenty of hours I don't want to admit how many nice I would be up to like 2 am working on something to the next day of my class but the idea is that you can count on being home for your evenings for your weekends give you the holidays off and getting a summer break those I know are maybe one of the more obvious benefits to so but it is really license I genuinely do think we put in enough hours especially if you're working from home we put in enough hours to kind of round out that year but I think that is one of the benefits just the consistency in your hours you're not going to have shifts where you're working overnight or on weekends or things like that with the exception maybe very few events that happen at your schools that sometimes you sign up for cons to the job has the thumbs down that I was representing I'm an economy person up Khan and our picture pressure from standardized testing at social studies teachers we generally luck out on that but we still feel it too and that a lot of school districts I mean those expectations for testing there's PARCC testing that you have to do and then we have to do promise monitor and testing and then I know the school district I worked at we had a new student growth testing just them at the game of the year just them at the end of the year that means it gives them unit tests for your class and then they receive sense from all the other classes it's just a lot of tests and there can be a lot of pressure coming from the situation's you keeping your job depends upon these tests so that can definitely be a challenge yeah so I haven't met a teacher that loves interactive so if you're what you're out there let us know or maybe not been filled out a dollar so maybe they can tell me their secret yeah may become another drawback is the amount of paper clutter and the digital clutter that can come up when you are collecting all these assignments and having to grade them those take time and impressive you're someone who's a little bit disorganized like me it can be tough to kind of keep things together yeah you really have to try to stay organized as you're going along don't wait to have a build up even like at the end of the week I found you got I'd like to take care of it day by day to save yourself that headache especially at the end of the year on your travel organize everything something that I think we both found I know impersonal and a lot of this is that it's inevitable that decided dealing with students also have to deal with their parents well I have met don't get me wrong some wonderful awesome parents who have been very supportive of me but at the same time I've also interacted with parents who I anticipate when I'm parent all kind of like suffered from this a little bit but my kid is no kind of perfect effect and therefore anything that they do it's not really this fault it's kind of worse behaved what are you doing to fix the problem not early looking at what is the kid doing on their chair in the whole nest and six to ten yo so to speak so I know I'm dealt with them a few parents where it's been you know just kind of like going in circles well when are you going to admit that there is a role that they are playing I'll admit my faults in this if there are any but where is the role that the kid the child is to play in improving and taking initiative in their own education and bettering it it can't all just be on the teacher and it's tough because obviously you want that support there to have the most effective experience problem sometimes that support isn't there you wish you had more time to eat lunch I know there's some jobs don't even give you really any time probably but you're lucky to get 30 minutes 30 minutes is luxury for lunch as a teacher and even there sometimes you're still like finishing something up before going back to prepare something those are so few of our ideas here for some of the best and worst parts of teaching what did we miss let us know down below and if you enjoy teacher related content we'd love to have you here 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25 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Teaching: Should I Be a Teacher?”

  1. Hey guys! Great video. I've recently been thinking of making a career switch, pursuing a Masters in Education in order to teach High School Social Studies. Unfortunately, my undergrad degree is in finance (and I've been working as a quant trader at a prop firm) so my education/work background isn't exactly relevant. My question is, in your experiences, have you guys met any other teachers with who didn't have an undergrad degree in education that still became teachers?

  2. Thank you for this video! Very helpful! I'm contemplating a career change. I'm currently working in accounting right now and I just can't picture myself doing this forever. I need something more meaningful than sitting at a desk day in and day out. Thanks again!

  3. I’m a high school senior and I’m highly contemplating becoming a high school English Teacher and majoring in English. I love teaching and feel so passionate about it and I love kids! I am even a summer camp counselor. However, for reasons of salary and self- fulfillment I’m not sure if this is the right path for me. I feel stuck. What do you recommend?

  4. I am wanting to become a social studies teacher for middle school level. Major in education. I am thinking of getting a masters after college since it helps pay a little bit and it’s shorter than a bachelors I think? And then possibly becoming a principal after teaching for a while. Is this a good idea? Great video btw just subscribed 🙂

  5. Hi Sarah & Jake. Interesting video. Your impact on a student can be long reaching its true. Side note, love your t-shirt Jake.

  6. Hi! Im a senior in high school and I want to be an elementary school teacher and I was wondering what subjects I should be focusing on the most.

  7. Hi
    What's the demand of mathematics teacher in developed countries
    Is it easy to get job or one has to move from pillar to pillar

  8. I am planning on become a history teacher! And I have questions, so do you find yourself as a teacher making up your own test or finding some online? Also, going to college for 4 years, how difficult is it to pay off loans?

  9. I’m actually a college student right now. I graduated a year ago and I’m majoring in secondary education- social sciences. I get a lot of mixed responses from my friends and my co workers at my part time job when I tel them I want to be a social studies teacher. This video made me even more excited than I already was for pursuing this career. Thank you for giving me a first person perspective about the career! 😁

  10. Hello, I leave school in three years and I have a question. What do you study to become a teacher? I’d love to become a Geography or English teacher. I’d appreciate the advice 🙂

  11. I'm 19 years old, and after taking a break for a year after high school, I went to college. I avoided the teaching route because people look at it like it isn't worth it but I feel like it's perfect for me. I just don't know where to start or what steps I should take to be taken seriously as a potential teacher in decent schools. I could really use some advice from people who have been through the process before I go into my second year of college. Thanks!

  12. I’m currently a Homeschool mom but am considering going to college and teaching is on my top five list. I also am a Girl Scout Volunteer and I think something working with Kids will be a great direction. I am starting later in life than my peers in college because I have family already. I hope to register this fall. How do you Mr. and Mrs. Social Studies decide between Elementary, Middle or High? Great Video. ☺️

  13. I'm glad I found this video. I have been working with kids for sometime now, but I am not a teacher, YET! I hope to be a first year teacher this fall, but I might be a year out depending on certifications and preparation programs. I have been working with younger kids (Elementary) for a while now, but I am thinking about doing middle school. Specifically, I think I want to teach Social Studies, and I know they don't really have that for elementary. What kind of tips could you give, if any? I know you're both teachers, so you're busy!! Love the video.

  14. Amazing video, nice job. I was just wondering, I am a High School Senior and I was wondering if you guys work doing odd jobs/grocery store cashier over the Summer? Do you live off of your jobs or do you need to work more over Summer break?

  15. Hey amazing video I have subscribed to your channel please support mine as well and spread the love 💗

  16. Randomly came across this video and just wanted to say thank you for the great content! I'm 36 and contemplating a complete career change. I've always wanted to teach/have a career that adds value. I've been under the fluorescent lighting of a banking job for years and am beyond ready for a change. It's great to see videos like yours as I'm doing my research. Thanks again!

  17. Do you ever experience any conflicts about what you are teaching? People's identities…and sometimes ego's…tend to be tied into history or perceptions of history, or there may be something you disagree with that you are forced to teach in a way you don't think is right. Ever had that situation?

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