The Professor tries T jass crazy layup package.. Then teaches him signature moves

professor live what's up live Pam alright today I'm with hungry a young social media feed not teach ass boy glad to get up with you thanks for having me hey you guys brain is serious leadership I mean we're talking lagging and being player which is incredible turning 19 in December gotcha yeah so now he's at 20 years old it's a big thing and what's crazy he actually got on the map he's actually a good basketball player he's most known I would say probably from Ricky Lee oh yeah most known for that but he can play he's got a handle I got a chance to see him play once I've seen a lot of his videos matter of fact subscribe to his channel right here by clicking this link and go check him out but right now take a look at some of his don't just lay up see he's done all right so as you can see pretty entertaining stuff to say the least I wanted to today you know being that we were getting up we were actually looking for some competition was a little hard sometimes in Cali to find people playing outdoors yeah so I figured it'd be cool if I could get some knowledge from you yeah we get some knowledge for me yeah so starting off with I was checking on your Instagram page and I wanted you to show me this trick layup you do where you found like jump in the air you put it behind your back but I never thought like trick layups are so dope it's like a whole new wave this is the teach athlete I'm good body control now what's the key alright you did that one too Oh although that was probably the ugliest definitely not smoothest TJ I'll run it back I don't even know how I gotta see that it took down one try alright so T knock is out smoothing the swish we actually liked to play backside and actually come in the air before technique was not the back out if that man is very saucy with so I wanted to ask you some ways guard you right here now mystically on that moment is your faking around your opponent like you're just gonna get it over here right so in essence if you turn it back you want them to turn so couple things to look for number one during that game if you can now this depends on your level of ball handler right during that game before you do your rule I do it left to right left before I do the move I want to try to get close to him and possibly go around like that first okay that sets them up to think you might do it again later okay other things you want to look for is ideally this right so if I go over here it's easier for me to get over his shoulder where the ball is not in his vision and that's the key you want the ball to be out of I was gonna do it off the ball out of the defenders and then number one moves don't work unless you're scoring four okay that's a major key so if the defender is kind of like threatened that your dribble or like you could attack and go by him you're more able to do moves if you're a good shooter that helps your moves also because they they feel threatened by the shot you know for doing up fakes or anything of that nature so for the between the legs I was like both ways it okay because there are times I go between the legs where they think I'm going to shoot a jump shot and that's a lot of times where we're we're not looking you know it's cool you know or or they think that we're gonna drive you know a situation where I I'm coming so the key is for me I try to control which way I want to do it so if I check out I was kill the defender out right okay and what I'm looking for those things I'm just saying like I'm gonna see like which way is gonna force me if I can that you know that can actually tell me everything I do this thing is called it and if he turns like that right then it's all like like like literally that's not gonna work because that means you're gonna be playing me from the sidelines you play a tricky defender you actually won't play him straight up that would be keen not that that works so so I'm always trying to threaten him by doing a crossbow first find him or let's see how you do that because now once he leans then my immediate reaction is do a few quick rumbles yeah so the key is always making a defender to think if you're doing something else but sounds so simple right like duh there's actually profound when you get in between lines you try to go between legs especially with like five thousand people in the crowd it's a lot different right yeah the pressure is all like it's really got to be second nature so at that point yeah see yeah so so I said let me bring this down three simple steps step number one please fill out what kind of a defender he is right you see a guy that turns a lot is you guy that moves a lot cuz if that's the case then probably even off your triple threat moves he might have already forced you one way so it's like we're gonna do that okay okay so that's what they don't work for the second thing is let's say he he plays pretty straight up right he's a pretty good defender it's like okay then then I'm gonna make you where you have to turn right cuz I'm gonna really like move and go by you turn inside pull it back naturally they're gonna have to turn for at least a quarter of a second there's no way around here right when they do my B situation we'll get them right there you know and so so to be honest it's really all about feeling out so I'm gonna feel out how jumpy you are I'm gonna try to make you turn and then I'm gonna decide whether it's gonna be a big jump shot to go or whether it's gonna be there's a number of ways but I think the key is just playing a lot of little one and getting used to like feeling your defender yes and used to you control how he gets down and said you know like totally its all-purpose it's only like a quarter second go between legs if they can they turn four seconds go back because good defenders go like this right yeah I'll do it a good defender unless he knew you had a weak hands you probably would cut you off like and then get strained yeah well there's still time to do it there's still actually time so these bulwark against the lead defenders but your read and react you must be crazy you gotta be like couple steps ahead of them they solve it I believe oh I'm lose I try to make it for the culture you know mean yet we're keeping the culture moving absolutely all right life ma'am you seen TJ's live in action you already know you saw he to get the layup so layup sauce don't in person pretty quick yeah very effective I got to share some of my knowledge to impart on the hips which I believe no problem pleasure yeah I think you'd be very effective down the line do the trick moves carrying the John wrong life him if you haven't remember this car right here go subscribe to TJ's on YouTube check them out on Instagram hat Tristan J 22 yes sir I thank you for that thank you the legend we out God bless

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  1. Reminds me of when me and my friends were like 13 doing dumb shit that we would never use in a real game. This is that. Dumb shit.

  2. Type in "And" the first thing that came up was and1 vol 3, guess a lot of people ended up looking that up


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