31 thoughts on “The problem with urban students? Their teachers leaving: Greg Fairbank at TEDxWellsStreetED”

  1. Hello Greg,
    I have just completed my teacher training and I really enjoyed your speech. Many thanks

  2. pathetic & sad…the kind of video US Negros could benefite from & should view but as usual are absent. Imagine that..there's no "UoMe", .."po-me", or "Fthe whiteman" finger pointing, blame game b.s. here. I see/know the prob x 60 yrs & solution but how to implement w/o force is question. Has to happen or WE fall..

  3. Do most of these teachers go into another field altogether or do they just find a better teaching job?

  4. Youd have to be bonkers to want to teach in a school with over 10 percent "urban" students ("urban" wink ..wink) we all know what that means lol better teach arangatangs at the city zoo

  5. What planet does this guy live on? Chicago high schools will close some day soon because they won't be able to find anyone willing to teach there for any salary. It's not worth dying for. Just another socialist TED talk.

  6. I think teachers should be a) paid, b) supported and c) respected. I know, it’s a radical concept –
    But there you have it.

  7. Back in my day, on the way to school, my mum tells me "Respect your teachers" and at the end of the school, teacher tells us "Respect your parents". Today, teacher ask students "Are you abused by parents?" and parents blame teachers for everything. kids are just victims of both sides.

  8. These comments are so illogical. he said it hurts students and schools when teacher turnover it high… I see all these responses to things he never said? Highlighting one issue isn’t the same as denying other issues.

  9. 2013 how much you want to bet he isn't teaching anymore….

    Had to edit. He made it 3 years 1 month in Chicago public schools. His last 3 years have been in Mexico City teaching 5th grade….

  10. I was a school bus driver. When savages were on bus I felt like i was in a jungle. Cant imagine what teaching these thugs must be like

  11. It’s better to leave 5 years in versus 20 years in when the district tries to run veteran teachers out on a rail!!! It’s all about $$$ for the districts not the children or teachers.

  12. But why are teachers leaving? Because basic moral values arent considered important. Now its fake political correctness. There is an awesome book that teaches how to teach respect but it has been forbidden in the public square school system and the public square. Bring that back and you will see amazing improvement. Liberals do not have the answers.

  13. I am so glad I don't care anymore. The inner city children will be eaten by their own children and that is beautiful.

  14. The special forces dropouts should be required to go teach at inner city schools for a few years.. strike the fear of God in those kids. Or just be new security force.

  15. Look at this suburban Lil sheetwaffle, lol. Colin Flaherty reports the truth if any of you guilt tripping white pofs want reality, lol

  16. 5:06 "…students perform worse when teacher drop-out rates are high." That is NOT a causative relationship; both stats are symptoms of the same problem: students who don't give a damn about learning. Nice try.

  17. Who do you think is pressuring administration? Principal's are attacked by parents, pressured by superintendents, challenged by students and teachers alike. We all need to see education for what it is.

  18. Dearie, you can't retain teachers in urban schools. No one wants to teach these savages. Bring prison guards to these schools- they can contain the animals until they graduate into prison!

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