The problem with education reform’s deep blue hue | IN 60 SECONDS

If you follow education, you’re used to
seeing school reformers described as conservative. Meanwhile, education reform
advocates tend to describe their own efforts as centrist. So which is it? Turns
out, it’s neither. In a new study, we analyzed political contributions from
the staff at hundreds of the nation’s leading school reform organizations, and
found out that they were overwhelmingly Democratic by a margin of nine-to-one or
more. This rivals the leans we see in famously Democratic precincts like
Hollywood. It turns out that reformers are more uniformly democratic than is
the National Education Association! A coalition so wedded to one political
party will inevitably suffer when it comes to forging alliances, finding
converts, or speaking to many parents and educators. Its members may not appreciate
or even much care how their proposals and rhetoric are received by those to
their right. Put simply, a monochromatically blue school reform movement is an
unhealthy one. Do you think school reform can be bipartisan when politics is so
polarized? Let us know in the comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d
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