The President and the Vice President Join Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at a School Choice Event

Secretary DeVos: Well,
good morning, and welcome, everyone. Thank you for coming today
to this important event. This administration
remains committed to serving all students,
especially the most vulnerable. As we’ve seen in states
around the country, these students particularly
benefit from school choice programs. This week is National
Charter Schools Week, and right now, there are more
than 6,900 charter schools in the United States, serving more than 3 million students. Of course, there are
millions more families on waiting lists for charter
schools, hoping their child will be able
to attend one. Parents want their
children to have the option to attend these
schools and others that fit their individual
needs, for the simple reason that they’re not satisfied with their current school. And they believe access
to options can give their child a better opportunity
to learn and thrive. I believe this should be
a right for every parent, not a privilege. We shouldn’t restrict
parents’ choices based strictly on a family’s
income or zip code. We have some great
witnesses to the power of parental choice
here today. By shining —
The President: I’d like
you to finish, I found it so interesting. (Applause.) I’ve been listening for
two minutes here; you’re doing a good job. She’s doing a
great job, right? Would you like
to finish up? Secretary DeVos: I want
you to go ahead, please. (Applause.) The President: This
is very exciting. So, yesterday, I said that
our spending bill was a win for the American
people, which is exactly what it was —
an amazing day. And this is what winning
for young children and kids from all over the
country looks like. The opportunity
scholarship program that we’re funding allows
families in the inner city of our nation’s capital
to leave failing public schools and attend a
private school, making an extraordinary difference
in these incredible young lives. You’re so lucky. (Laughter.) Great. You’re happy about it? Huh? (Applause.) That’s great. The results speak
for themselves. Ninety-eight percent of
scholarship recipients represent their high
school diplomas, and they’re really
very, very special. They go into
tremendous successes. So, I think you’re going
to all be very, very successful. You have a big
start, right? Great start. This is a beautiful event,
and I’m thrilled to be here. I congratulate the
families in the audience. Our families are very
proud of the children. Are you all proud of
children, I hope? Anybody not proud? We’re very proud of you. During my campaign for
President, I promised to fight for school choice
— very important. It was featured in my
Joint Address to Congress. And today, I’m calling on
all lawmakers to work with us to help extend school
choice to millions more children all across the
United States of America, including millions of
low-income Hispanic and African American children
who deserve the same chance as every other child in America to live out their dreams and fill up their hearts and be educated at the top, top level. (Applause.) Every child has the right to fulfill their potential, and, if we do our jobs, then we will never have to tell young, striving Americans to defer their dreams for another day or for another decade. We’re not going
to do that. I’m honored to be here. I’m so proud to be with
these wonderful families and wonderful children. And I’m deeply excited for
the amazing things that lie ahead for these truly
inspiring young Americans right here in Washington,
D.C. — our capital. And I will say that I’m
very, very proud of all of you. You know, I wasn’t
supposed to be here. It wasn’t on my schedule. When I heard what was
going on with Betsy, who’s doing such a great job, I
said, well, I’ll come in and I’ll interrupt Betsy,
and maybe I’ll be allowed to say a few words. (Laughter.) But she’s a great woman and doing a fantastic job. Congratulations to all of
you and to your families. Congratulations, everybody. Congratulations. (Applause.) Thank you. Secretary DeVos: I am
going to — I have the opportunity of introducing
this young lady, Tseganesh Tadele, who is a recipient of a parental choice program, and who has done
so much in her years in high school to help share
this with other students, but she’s going to tell a
bit about her story right now. Tseganesh Tadele: Thank
you, Secretary DeVos, Mr. Vice President,
and Mr. President. I’m honored to be here. My name is
Tseganesh Tadele. I’m a senior at
Georgetown Visitation. I was born and raised in
Washington, D.C. 20 years ago, both of my parents emigrated to the US from Ethiopia. As a first-generation
college-bound student, I’ve earned the
opportunity to fulfill my dreams and the dreams
of my parents as well. Without the opportunity
scholarship program in place for me and others
like me, I would not have been able to move forward
and pursue the academic dreams. This fall, I will be
attending American University to study
international relations and public policy. (Applause.) I will always take with me
the attitude to achieve and to succeed. Through our school
community’s outreach program Saturday school,
I am able to inspire and encourage young 7th grade
girls to be the best possible versions
of themselves. Because of the quality
education that I receive at Visitation, I’m able to
mentor 7t grade girls in the Washington
Metropolitan area. Having obtained a strong
education from an all-girls school, I feel
strongly about the endless possibilities that young
women can achieve, given the opportunity to
have an education. Whether or not one decides
to attend atraditional public or private school,
I believe that each and every student deserves
the chance to obtain an education that best
meets their needs. I would like to thank all
those who make the program possible, and hope that
the program wiwll continue to serve more and more
students to come. Thank you. (Applause.) Secretary DeVos: At this
time, I’m very pleased and honored to introduce the
Vice President of the United States. (Applause.) The Vice President: Well,
on behalf of the First Family, it was going to be
my privilege to welcome you to the White House today. (Laughter.) But then the President decided — when he heard you were across the hallway, he decided to come by and say hello just to tell you all how proud he is of you, how proud he is of your parents, and how proud we are to continue the D.C. scholarship program. (Applause.) And we’re so grateful — we’re so grateful — to have someone who has been so dedicated to opening doors of opportunities for American children and families all across this country for so many years as the Secretary of Education. Would you join me in
thanking Betsy DeVos for her wonderful leadership? (Applause.) Secretary DeVos is fighting every day to give America’s children the world-class education that every American child deserves. And on behalf of the
President and families across America,
Betsy, we thank you. We thank you. Today is just an early
installment of the impact that you’re having on
expanding educational opportunities for
all of our children. And to Tseganesh Tadele, wow. What an impressive young lady. Give her another round of
applause, will you please? (Applause.) She actually rewrote a little of her speech right at the very beginning. (Laughter.) She added greetings to the Secretary, to the Vice President, and to the President, which I thought was very impressive on your feet. And congratulations on
all your great success. You really are a wonderful
example of why President Trump is fighting so hard
to expand educational opportunities for all
of our families in the country, and we thank
you for being here. To all the advocates,
to the administrators, especially to the parents
who are here — the parents of these
wonderful, beautiful children who are gathered
here, to all the great teachers who are here,
Welcome to the White House. You are making a
difference each and every day in the lives of all
these wonderful kids. Give yourselves a
round of applause. (Applause.) We have here leaders and students from K-5 grade school, middle school and high school; from three private, one
charter school and one public school. And we’re proud to have
all of you kids here. St. Anthony’s Catholic
School, Georgetown Visitation, Basis D.C.
Charter just to name a few. And all the way from
Indianapolis, Indiana, we have Thomas Carr Howe
Community High School. Let’s welcome all these great kids and these great schools. They all represent (inaudible). (Applause.) And all the adults here, thank you for caring so much. Thank you for caring so
much about your children and every student’s education. Thank you for the late
nights, for the early mornings. Thank you for the everyday
acts of love and sacrifice you make on behalf of
these kids, giving them the best shot in life,
the best future for them. And lastly, you heard the
President say today again that he’s proud of you. He’s really proud
of you, and so am I. You are America’s future. You keep at it, you
keep learning, you keep striving, you keep
believing in your dreams. Don’t ever let anybody
tell you you can’t. Then you will. You’ll live out
your dreams. And thank you for
believing in your dreams and working so hard at all
of your classwork today. Give these kids another
round of applause. (Applause.) Now, we’re here today because this week Congress is poised to pass legislation that President Trump will sign into law, a spending bill that will give new life and funding to the D.C. Opportunities Scholarship Program, which is the only federally funded voucher program in the country. It’s a case study in
school choice success. This spending bill will
extend the Opportunities Scholarship for three
years, funds it at $45 million for the
rest of the year. It is a victory for
families and students throughout the
District of Columbia. Since its creation in
2004, the Opportunities Scholarship program has
given parents and families hope my giving them a
pathway to take their children out of schools
that too often are failing to meet the needs of
children here in our nation’s capital, give
them a chance that other families have to put their
children into a private school. And over the past 13
years, the results have been impressive. Nearly 20,000 students
have applied for the program, 7,500 students
have been accepted. And more than 1,150
children are participating in the D.C. Opportunities
Scholarship program at this very moment. While only 69 percent
of D.C.’s public school students graduated from
high school last year, 98 percent of D.C.
scholarship students walked across the stage
and received their diploma last year — 98 percent. (Applause.) And get this, 86 percent of those kids were accepted into college to continue their education and climb the ladder of success. (Applause.) President Trump could not be more proud to extend this crucial program, but his commitment to school choice doesn’t end there. I have to tell you that
this is a President that truly does believe that
parents in America ought to be able to choose where
their children go to school regardless of their
income or their area code. And in the days ahead,
we’re going to continue to work each and every day
to give every family in America the opportunity to
choose the school that’s best for them. So, with thanks again to
our Secretary of Education for bringing us to this
moment, with thanks to all of you for all the hard
work that you’re putting in to all of your
schoolwork today, on behalf of the President
of the United States of America, we say keep dreaming, keep striving. And I have a feeling we’re
going to see one of these kids back at
the White House. (Laughter.) Thanks, everybody. And God bless you. (Applause.)

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